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  1. This was pretty good. Like really good, haven't seen many Bloom fics
  2. Tried to use My Boy!'s auto patcher (works with every .ups I've tried so far) and I get the default translated game. I used the 0378 rom thing and it gave me the normal first chapter.
  3. I liked the start, I would like Storch to have maybe an Iron Sword as well. Esfir's battle animation is slightly glitched at the end (black spot). I've only been playing 15 mins, but it seems like a good idea. Portraits are a little confusing but I'll live, Storch still has the female looking Eirika sprite and battle animation (those are hard to do, maybe a mercenary instead). The Gaiden Alm theme sounds good but wierd with the pulsing noise in the background, the modified FE7 attack was OK, the Verdane Army theme starts off as just horns, no melody, and the defense FE4 theme sounds a little off. Other than that, excited to keep playing this!
  4. I want Sanaki because her weapon will be OP in the Special Training maps (even at 5* Lv 40 getting SP still makes me feel accomplished) and Chain Challenges because speed and attack. With 3 allies within 2 spaces the weapon has 23 might and gives +6 speed. Also has Draw Back which are on none of my good units and I can't find anyone bad to fodder. Other brides wanted as well ofc.
  5. Yeah, I was hyped for Falchion in Shadow Dragon because FALCHION, but I got it and the only thing it was good for was Manakete slaying in the last 2 chapters and unbreakability. It also had annoying Legendary flashes even though it was unbreakable. Was it because it was a late-game weapon? In Awakening, Chrom has the Falchion the whole game so obviously no flashes (Awakening had no Legendary extra stuff anyway), but after about 10 battles the thing got annoying. No custom animation either :(
  6. In Sacred Stones, I grinded (ground?) everyone until they were about equal with my Lord (maybe a couple levels below), because I didn't want anyone to die. Post-game, I just did it for fun and also to farm Gold. In Awakening, I did some grinding, but there's not a lot to do unless you have Reeking Boxes, DLC, or are fighting player teams on Casual. I don't think it's wierd to farm unless you get 20/20 people before the last 2-4 chapters in Sacred Stones, and I don't have standards for Awakening.
  7. I tried to download this to my Google Drive, but when I downloaded it onto my tablet, it didn't appear as a game on John SNES. The English ROM that is now a part of this worked as a game but no translation
  8. There are no stores in FE7 in the convoy. I figured that out on Chapter 27 of my first playthrough. I had money but no weapons :(
  9. Looking forward to watching!
  10. On fireemblemwiki, it shows the prices for forging. It says Rusted Sword to Astra is 1 Gold Mark. Does it tell you what item you make, or does it forge the weapon and charge you after?
  11. I thought it was holding A... Anyway, is it more efficient to farm Silver Marks to convert to Gold Marks to make Sol, Luna, and Astra or faster to farm this way?
  12. Alright, thanks! I'm having trouble finding a clean one, and I'm not that experienced. Any help/tips?
  13. I downloaded it but I couldn't open it on my emulator. What emulator should I use? It says it doesn't recognize it as a GBA file. I have Midnight Sun on another emulator but I'm worried about the updates, so what emulator should I use?
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