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  1. So the nickname for Marieeta in my first FE5 playthrough was "balistic missile", and thats because she had 12 move from promotion and movement level ups
  2. It seems i have fixed my own problem by preforming a soft-reset, which is when you hit A, B, START, and SELECT together
  3. okay so in my FE7 randomized playthrough, i ran into a rather bad issue. When i beat chapter 15, and i did with a green solider alive to give me the option to go to chapter 16x, I would- upon getting the option, have either yes or no. Now this is normal but it would become a black screen forever. any thoughts and tips on how to fix this? thank you for reading this if you have. i think the only thing that could have lead to this glitch could possibly be that Lucious became dart and it messed up, but i find that highly unlikely to be the cause of the glitch I have learned that even if i try to suspend the game, then it goes to a blackscreen
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