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  1. That's true, my only counterpoint would be that Bow Knights have to be a lot more careful to not get piled, and when they kill on EP, they may have to take even more attacks. Hunter's Volley costs them a noticeable amount at 8 HP per use, and they're more liable to be doubled.
  2. I've contacted @ajmiam through Reddit, hopefully they can rehost it. I believe it's possible to edit in any changes to the skill tree with thane98's Paragon tool. It would just take a minute to edit everything manually, not to mention that it seems kind of unwieldy for a simple edit like this, but hey, if it works it works.
  3. FEFTwiddler. I guess they never got around to adding MyCastle editing, but it has pretty much anything else you could want.
  4. Easy publicity without harming the brand name. 'whoopsa-daisy, we understand how that could be easily misconstrued.' Meanwhile everyone thinks it's funny and sees them as less air-tight and lifeless.
  5. Hmm, ive never played that one. I would check the ReadMe included with the patch. Just a tip, make sure you [@] me, or quote my post, otherwise i may not see your reply! Edit: the creator of that patch has said that it's outdated and breaks with the new translations. https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/88308-recommend-remove-my-fe4-patch/
  6. You mean the "Binary" hack? Some units in FE4 are pre-promotes and don't get a second promotion (Sigurd, Cuan, Brigid in gen 1).
  7. @Barren, glad i could help. I remember when i first started playing, i paid a lot of attention to class growths, and as i started playing I realized that I didn't really want to sacrifice movement or flying for better growths. Ingrid does have some protection from the RNG with her auto-levels and high bases. Wyvern classes have solid base stats to boot. If i come across an enemy that i missed a speed benchmark for, i just make a note that I'll have to take it out with combat arts or chip from distance. If i sacrifice performance for class growths, i usually feel like I'm handicapping myself and the payoff isn't worth it. Just my $.02, this is something i didnt realize until i actually jumped in and started playing.
  8. I didn't find the end of CS to be that far-fetched, I don't really see it as a triple-cross - more that he didn't want to double-cross in the first place. He was forced to, and had to make it convincing enough to fool Aelfric. It was a fake double-cross. I'll admit that the writing was fairly corny, but I can see what they were going for. That aside, it definitely does bother me that Yuri is written as an arrogant edgelord where it wasn't necessary. This might be more of an issue with him being written into the monastery than with CS itself. I feel like they probably tried too hard to make him a 'tough guy' since he's effeminate - I'm thinking of his supports with Byleth. It's kind of the opposite of how they messed up Leon in SoV. (btw, couldn't they make them look different at all??)
  9. She can jump back down to Soldier/Noble if she REALLY needs a battalion for a battle during the month of Chapter 6, and still keep the nice stats that she gets when she's recruited as a Pegasus. Personally, I don't really pay any attention to class growths in general, although since my first playthrough I've always played on NG+ with the Holy Tomb for stat-boosters. But at least in my experience, I would much rather have the extra 2 move and flying than the extra speed growth, especially for Ingrid since she should have Darting Blow and pretty good speed by the time she's at Advanced classes anyways. Swordmaster's strength growth is nothing special, it's the same 10% as her other realistic options for Advanced. I generally like to have my fliers focus on lances/axes more than swords as well. Just to clarify, this is assuming non-NG+ (no statues), Maddening, and no sauna. If she has full motivation before she's instructed (twice), and has Authority as one of her goals all month, she will always hit D by mission day. I didn't actually know this was possible, but I wanted to point out that none of this depends on any bonuses or RNG.
  10. See this method: Does anyone happen to know if you can get the 3 weapons across different save files, or do you have to actually have all 3 at once? I had 3 Sol's and a Luna from my Blitzkreig run. I have the file backed up, but i would probably have to re-do some other medals if i restore that save.
  11. Yes, class growths are always added to individual ones. I think as far as raw stats it's always better to wait, even for mages. It's just a matter of whether or not it's worth it.
  12. I agree, i usually recruit during chapter 6 for anyone I've waited for. I do think their auto-levels use fixed growths rather than probability though. Agreed, i definitely don't do this for everyone, especially for units where Fortress Knight certification makes some of the higher growths unnecessary. I just wanted to share how this actually works and why it is recommended by some. I just used code tags, i didnt actually intend for it to do that lol.
  13. I couldn't find a comprehensive explanation for why this was recommended, so I'll share here what was explained to me.
  14. When i played through CF, I didn't talk to her at all until i was ready to end the last explore session, and i was able to attend the coronation. I think if you talk to her and turn her down, you miss the event, but if you don't talk to her until then (motivate with meals rather than gifts), you can still go at the end of the month and not miss any tutoring. I vaguely remember having to backtrack to an earlier save to avoid talking to her that month. When you get to chapter 6, students you haven't recruited reach level 11 and are auto promoted into their intermediate class. They actually use enemy-unit growths, and those are applied retroactively for every level they gained. Enemy-Pegasus' growths are way better than Soldier's, or any player classes', so Ingrid's raw stats get better than usual the longer that you hold off on recruiting her, the same goes for most physical units. The major downside is that they are stuck with their default skill goals, and you can't tutor them (or obviously use them, outside of mission assistance). Magic users don't get significantly better growths, and most have sub-optimal goals, which is why you might as well recruit them ASAP. You can find out what class each character will promote into here: https://serenesforest.net/three-houses/characters/other-data/
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