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  1. Tinny is my favorite! The whole Freegian royal family situation is sad.
  2. Fire Emblem is mostly maps. So, one could argue that the most important part of any given FE is it's map design. So here is a video talking about one of my favorite maps in the series! This post is moderator approved thanks to Eclipse!
  3. Either the GCN/WII era or the 3ds era. GBA never really did it for me, and the SNES era, while fun and memorable, just didn’t hold my attention like my above choices did. The DS era is whatever. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.
  4. FE6 player phase battle theme and the dawn brigade battle theme are my favorites in the series. Honorable mentions to alight (storm) and the devoted
  5. FE9 Rolf. I love the bow triangle attack, but raising Rolf is a pain and a half. Being bow locked is a biotch. Also, level 1 in chapter 9 is hard to deal with.
  6. Looks dope! I will give it a shot!
  7. So many pessimist here! Have a little faith friends! 2020 is a ridiculous estimate. This isn’t a ground breaking game like Breath of the Wild. If IS is changing the FE formula in a similar manner to Zelda, then I would be more inclined to look at a holiday 2019 release. They aren’t though. I think spring is still going to happen.
  8. “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” -Wayne Gretzky -Michael Scott In all honesty, March 22nd is pretty realistic. I am pretty sure Reggie said something about all the games shown at E3 being released by March of 2019. But I could be misremembering. It’s probably just hopeful thinking.
  9. Some form of fan service will be in three houses, whether it be partially nude character art or characters fawning over the avatar. That does not mean it will ruin the gameplay experience. IS will make what they are going to make, but I have faith that they aren’t going to ruin Three Houses.
  10. Overall, Birthright has my favorite soundtrack. Echoes has some my favorite songs though. SOV suffers from having to much ambient sounds and music to go under dialogue to have my favorite overall ost.
  11. It’s fire emblem so I will love it. That said, there is nothing to be worried about yet. The only thing you could actually worry about at this point is the art direction, which honestly seems just sterile enough not to offend anyone.
  12. I have become a fates apologist as of late, and I would like to say that conquest, birthright, and even rev have some of my favorite gameplay in the series. (I feel the need to mention that I have been playing the series since the release of FE7, and now have completed every game in the franchise) To say that these games didn’t work on a mechanical level is objectively wrong. Sure the story was poorly written (though beet for beet it is not a terrible story line, it just needed some help with writing conventions and world building) but replay value and gameplay are at an all time high in my opinion. The reason players think it is bad is because people misconstrue fates’ poor storytelling as a bad gameplay feature. For instance, players see children characters as a bad addition to Fates, often citing narrative reasons for why kids should not be in the game. That does not mean it is a poor gameplay element. I would offer the opinion that children characters add depth and replay ability. I hope three houses borrows a lot of elements from games across the entire series, including fates and awakening. But whatever happens with it, I am sure it will be a good to great game.
  13. Mega Man X is by far my favorite one sitting game. The whole game takes less than an hour if you know what you are doing! I have beat it dozens of times and I love it every playthrough.
  14. People talk about localized names and stuff a lot, but beyond that, the writing in fates was choppy and off putting. Nothing flowed well. I have a hard time reading the story at all because of poor writing conventions. Sure the events that happen in fates are silly, but so are the happenings in most other video games. If you look at radiant dawn..... The reason most of that doesn’t sound really dumb in game is because the writing takes itself seriously. It is obvious that those localizers had a strong grasp of the English language. As long as whoever is localizing three houses has a team of solid writers who really understand English, three houses will turn out fine. On another note, localizing is a team effort at treehouse. The teams change per game. So the team that did fates may have done poorly, but it does not mean that every person or team in the company sucks.
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