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  1. Happy Birthday Jingle Jangle! Hope your birthday went well, lol
  2. Oh, don't bother suggesting Mimikyu to Ana, she doesn't like it and won't use it ever, regardless of how good it is. The advice is all solid, but she's not gonna take it lol Oh, and progress wise I'm still being indecisive about who all I'm gonna use. I think I'm finally set on using Mimikyu, Lycanroc, Ribombee, Zoroark, Raichu, and Kommo-o
  3. Holy fucking jesus I made a lot more progress than I thought I would, but goddamn trying to wrack up so many points before the deadline was so stressful. Thankfully I already got 2/3 Roro before starting this nightmare, so I'm not gonna be too worried about not clearing infernal.
  4. got 20k finally. It might be possible for me to gun it to 30k for the 5* but I'm so fucking tired of the grind
  5. Made it up to 14k so far, gonna see how far I can get before the event ends Hopefully they give us another chance for the Quickened Pulse seal, 'cause there's no way I'm getting it with what time I have left
  6. I have just under 10k because I just can't play the game all the time, and clearing Lunatic is such a painful drag that it makes it hard to play. I'll be incredibly lucky if I can even get 5* Masked Marth let alone Quickened Pulse
  7. I've been tempted to feed my own Takumi to Wrys personally ;9 I got someone's Priscilla a lot in the first round, but I've had pretty good helpers overall
  8. Both Robin I tossed before inheritance was a thing, otherwise I would've had them devoured. The Tharjas got fed to Raigh and someone else
  9. I hate Robin, but I joined him anyways because I hate Tharja even more. I don't even care how good they are, I immediately tossed them when I summoned two 5* of each :V
  10. Oh crap, I misclicked and spent all my flags dammit orz
  11. Oh, I didn't think about that actually. I'll still use 100 to contribute, but I'll save the rest for the finale
  12. I've got 300 left until 3 am rolls around, but I'll be damned if I don't blow them all for the multiplier lol
  13. I'm having trouble with clearing Navarre's GHB map with RobinF in my party. Any advice? I've got plenty of good units, I'm just terrible at strategery I guess orz Here's my highest leveled units, for reference. I can provide their IVs too if I need to
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