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  1. Ah, good to know I was right. Thank you for the confirmation and clarification!
  2. Hey guys, I was wondering when Bond Skills can be used. For instance the Sigurd (B06-003HN) has the following Bond Skill: Would I be able to get the card back to my hand at the start of my deployment phase? I'm thinking that this can only be used during the Action Phase, because it has the ACT symbol. But there are cards with Bond Skills that work when the are added to the Bond Area, so I just want to be sure.
  3. Hey guys and girls, Super late to the party, but seeing as Cipher has stopped and all I might as well see if I can make someone happy with the cards I've collected. The cards will be shipped from the Netherlands and I am willing to ship international. You can find my list here. Apart from those cards, I also have a lot of N/HN from yellow and purple. Thanks for taking the time to look!
  4. Hey guys, It's been a while. Hope you're all staying safe. I've acquired a Sigurd SR+ (B22-003SR+ SOLD) from box 22 and am looking to trade or sell. Please contact me if you're interested.
  5. +1 Interlude37 Very patience and understanding. Great packaging as well.
  6. +1 to Kirie and +1 to Jiayejoe The cards were well packaged, like always. Thanks again.
  7. Thank you Whase and TheVinceKnight. Glad to hear the effects continue and also a bit (pleasantly) surprised that Cipher is so lenient.
  8. Hey guys, I've got a question related to potentially missed timing. It concerns the following cards: Eldigan: Agustrian Paladin, Deirdre: Maiden of the Spirit Forest and Julia: Imperial Princess of Grannvale Deirdre and Julia both state that: "you may choose 1 card from (the retreat / your hand) and play it into the Bond Area.", and then the effect continues. My question is: when used with Eldigan which states: "When this unit is placed in your Bond Area", can you use Eldigans effect and if so in what order? I think it's either of the following three options: 1. Eldigans effect does not trigger, because it's placed in the bond area halfway through another effect. Meaning it misses the timing. 2. Eldigans effect goes on a chain and resolves after the effect of Deirdre / Julia 3. Eldigans effect takes priority and the goes off immediately, stopping the effect of Deirdre / Julia Thanks in advance!
  9. +1 Jiayejoe Good packaging and fast shipment as always!
  10. Hey, I play in real life with my friends, so I'm limited to the cards that I have and can get on a budget. But this is the deck that I used to play with Roy as a main: ----- 04 B09-055N Roy 04 B09-054R(+X) Roy 04 B11-003HN Eirika 04 B11-002R(+) Eirika 04 B11-006HN Ephraim 04 B11-005R(+) Ephraim 04 B05-028N Clerine 04 B05-027HN Clerine 04 B05-023N Shanna 02 B05-022R(+) Shanna 04 B05-047N Juno 02 B05-046R(+) Juno 04 B05-039N Thea 02 B05-038R(+) Thea ----- Roy's 1 drop has the fate emblem effect of he wins, so he can help you with hand management and setting up for Eirika / Ephraim plays. Eirika and Ephraim are just strong 3/2 units, both being 70 power in this deck and can heal each other. Clerine is here to help get your Roy's promotion, which should be your number 1 priority and her 3/2 can heal for 1 flip. Roy's 4/3 can move enemy units so that why there is a lack of ranged units. And the Pegasi are in here because Shanna's 1 drop has an ok effect and Thea's 1 drop helps with Roy's 1 drop getting his effect. Juno is not very handy but needed to get the Triangle attack off, which is unavailable even for mains. Nice way to end the game of it works out, but hardly ever used because of the setup. Hope it helps!
  11. +1 to jiyajoe (actually +4 because the trade was with 4 people, we only merged the order to drop shipping cost), cards arrived swiftly and save. Also very understanding! Thanks again.
  12. +1 breademic, fast shipping and great packaging!
  13. So I've looked over my cards and sadly I don't have a viable MC. So now I'm looking at Leif (5/4 from set 10) or Eldigan (5/4 from set 12). And I would like to hear your opinions about them.
  14. Thanks for the information guys, it's been really helpful. I'll look at my collection and see if I can find a good MC using the tips provided.
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