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  1. Duessel is honestly one of my favorite Characters in FE altogether.
  2. Recently, i came across an amazing program that allows you to make custom Portraits using the parts of the GBA chararacters, so i wanted to show off some of the works ive made. link to the awesome program:
  3. heya Klok! i doubt you'll read this, but i really appreciate the work youve done on this! have you still been working on this (sorry if i sound needy)?
  4. *claps knowing im not the only wyvern lover*


    1. WyvernLover


      One question: manakete or wyvern knight?

    2. Wrys is best Waifu

      Wrys is best Waifu

      sorry i responded so late.

      also Wyvern Knight since most of the time Manaketes are pretty immature and it gets a bit annoying to read after a while.

      either way, both are cool.

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