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  1. Hey everyone I'm searching for the comiket promos as well as the Expo promos. Pm if you have any for sale or trade!
  2. +1 TDD25 +1 nekogami92 Both trades went very smoothly. Quick responses from both.
  3. +1 TheVinceKnight Really chill dude, lots of cards and quick responses.
  4. New to this game, up to any offers so don't be shy. Have Box 2 B02-012SR Sakura B02-014R Saizo B02-026R Hana B02-028R(+) Subaki B02-028R Subaki B02-030SR Felicia B02-043R Asugi B02-047R Rhajat B02-054R Azura B02-056SR Xander B02-060SR Leo B02-066R Peri B02-070R Selena B02-072R Odin B02-095R Soleil Box 6 B06-010R Ethlyn B06-012R Finn B06-031R Raquesis B06-033SR Lewyn B06-040R Bridget B06-045R Mahnya B06-047SR Arvis B06-062R Beruka B06-072R Flora B06-082R Siegbert Box 8 B08-019R Kellam B08-059R Larcei B08-085R(+)Tinni B08-081R Ares B08-091SR Altena Want B07-051SR(+) Ryoma B07-054SR(+) Hinoka B07-060R Saizo B07-062R Kagero B06-051SR(+) Xander B03-076SR Corrin B03-051SR Corrin B02-006SR Ryoma P02-005PR Hinoka P02-006PR Sakura P02-007PR Corrin P07-015PR Xander P06-004PR Charlotte P07-014PR Ryoma and other promos
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