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  1. Package released. Get from opening post.
  2. That was for the download link itself, not the thread. Klok told me to do this.
  3. Hello. Because the animation topics on both Serenes and FEU don't have all available animations, we at FEU decided to make a new master repository which includes everything. It gets updated very frequently, and it uses Google drive, which means you can preview everything before you download, and the download links will never be broken. Everything in the repository is free to use. It also includes map sprites, portraits (not complete) and item icons (also not complete). If you have animations which you want to release, post them here or on the FEU thread. One more thing, some animations don't have credits yet, but we are slowly working to fix this. Here's the link: http://feuniverse.us/t/the-ultimate-graphics-repository-for-febuilder-fexp-and-fexna/3326
  4. Circles has given me permission to do this, so let's do it. Time: February 18 until February 25 Goal: Make as many free-to-use mugs as possible GET THE PACKAGE HERE ------------------- All right guys you know the drill - same as the Chapter Creation Blitz and the Mapping Blitz, our goal is to make as many mugs as possible in the space of a week. At the end of the week all of the submissions will be released as a package free for anyone to use in their projects. Guidelines: All skill levels welcome - DON'T WORRY if you've never made a mug this is the perfect chance to start! Splices are allowed, existing characters are allowed keeping in mind your submitted mugs will be free to use and edit by anyone Images should be GBA insertable format (including eye/mouth frames and minimug) Please no TLP style minimugs (lazy face cutouts) Submit by posting in this thread, the corresponding FEU thread, or directly sending it to me Useful Resources for Beginners: Ti
  5. All of these issues will be fixed in the next update, along with player (and maybe boss) palettes
  6. This is ridiculous. Your project started about 2 years after SoA. You could've saved yourself from a lot of drama if you spent 15 seconds checking dates.
  7. Hey. Here's an edit of the animation above. It's a hoodless version which uses SD9k's bow assassin and Keks_Krabs' hoodless assassin. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qgyxl3k3zngnrh0/Bow Assassin Hoodless.zip?dl=0
  8. Mugging blitz is an event where people submit completed portraits whichwill be released and free to use at the end. It's still going on. Post your mugs in that thread to submit (I've sent like 7)
  9. Banned for being a newer member than me.
  10. Banned for having a quote in signature.
  11. Banned for supporting procrastination.
  12. P33RL355

    Elibean Nights

    In Hector's tale, the Hector-Lisbet conversation plays twice, when Hector visits the village, and when the Talk command is used. Also one of the houses to the north (not the one with Astor) doesn't do anything, it just says "Show objective" in a glitchy font. I think it used to raise the drawbridge? Also when you suspend-resume in Tale Select, Athos, Igrene, Louise, Kent and Rath disappear. Probably because of GBA limitations.
  13. P33RL355

    Elibean Nights

    Gigais (Karel's tale map 2) uses this portrait from Igrene's Tale. Also, in Igrene's tale, none of the characters trigger a game over, so you're stuck if everyone dies. Edit 2: In Rath's Tale, game freezes if you (or the enemy rogue) open any chest.
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