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  1. I have recently downloaded this to have some fun with a Randomized FE 8 playthrough. However, no matter what, I cannot seem to open it. FERecolor, Nightmare, and just about every other FE hack-related program works on my computer, so I have no idea why this refuses to work. My computer uses Windows Vista, if that helps at all. Any help would be greatly appreciated. EDIT: Wait, nevermind, it's Windows 7 that my computer uses
  2. I like it! The only problem I see with it so far is the return backflip. The character just suddenly zips back to the ground almost at the peak of the jump. It works well for the leap, but not for the landing. A good example is the Rogue's return animation, in which he leaps in a blur, then he falls down to the ground without the use of blurring. I do like how he leans forward before the leap. A very nice touch. Reminds me of the Rogue. Also, I just went through this whole topic, because it looked interesting. Your skills have definitely improved, and it's awesome seeing this gallery going from mediocre at best, to genuinely good animations and mock-ups. Keep it up :)
  3. Thanks for the welcome. Yeah, art, like many other talents and skills, can only really be improved by practicing it constantly, so that's understandable. Hopefully, I can find some pointers and tips for scripting animations before actually having to make a topic, haha
  4. Hello. How's everyone doing today? My name is Talon Reiif, as you can all see. It's been my username for years, and I go by it for any social media/forum/sign-up sites I join (so it's easy to tell who I am). I was introduced to Fire Emblem at the age of 6, with Sacred Stones. I didn't play Blazing Sword (FE7) until a few years later, haha. I am a bit of an artistic and creative fella. As such, I will most likely be seen around art and other media-related topics. Recently, I've been getting into battle sprites customization, so I will also most likely be over in resources and others, asking many questions about the mysteries of animating (mostly scripting, and making playable standing animations). Lastly, I think the introductions forum is a neat idea. I guess that's that. I hope to be able to discuss many interesting things with others.
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