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  1. Mass Destruction- Persona 3. For Chapter 5, :). (The Persona 3, Weird Masquerade version of course. Or maybe that's Wiping All Out...)
  2. I hope I don't get docked for spoilers... but here is my favorite pros and cons on FE Villians. Grima is interesting, but defiantly, needed more of a background and plot in Awakening. He pretty much was mentioned, but appeared out of nowhere. PoR, RD and SS have a final boss that isn't a dragon, and I give kudos for that. (If i'm correct, somebody may have to verify that for me.) Zephial's backstory helped strengthen his plans and motives. Most FE Villains don't have that. *cough* Ganon *cough* And I'm pretty sure Zephial took more action in fighting and such... instead of just barking orders and screaming. (Somebody might have to verify this too.) The multiple villains in SoV. It felt like everything built up to the final boss, which was nice. Berkut's story fit pretty much like a glove with the rest of the story line, even with the remake odds stacked against him. Fernand did feel underwhelmed. Celica's arc did lack more notable villains... Ganon needed at least A side-story, back story, SOMETHING. We know he is dark, ruthless and evil, but it just... happened. Nothing really built up to that. We honestly didn't need the Laslow, Severa and Odin backstory arc... I think it would be better if the DLC was focused on the events leading up to Ganon's madness and such. (The War before the main chapter. Lots of video games do that, so why couldn't Fates?)(Same with the Revalations final boss...) The Black Fangs seemed interesting... I've never played The Binding/Blazing series. I can't say for myself, but from my view... I think they are just like the Pirates in SD and Walhart's Empire in Awakening. But I need to do my research on that.
  3. I don't get it, but If I get flagged for this, I'm going to be sad.
  4. So weapons don't 'disappear' per say like in Awakening? That would be great, since Wing Spear is practically a Cavalier/Armor slayer. (2 in 1!) And I see SoV mechanics.... (Warp is broken. xD) What if I sacrificed Jagen in the Paralouge Chapters... ha, Frey. Well I'll see how that plays out.
  5. Hey, I struck gold the other day, and found a used copy of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon. I'm extremely happy that I found this game, and now I finally get to experience the Archanea story line... (Finally! So excited!) I am an semi-average player when it comes to FE games. I can determine what will be effective and different combinations of res, speed, attack, etc, but I am nothing compared to the pros. I know that the mechanics work differently in Shadow Dragon compared to more recent games, (Especially the no Casual mode... which I'm going to struggle with...) but is there any tips or tricks I should know about?
  6. I'm not a huge fan of romance. But I think the characters need a certain 'connection'. They shouldn't either be forced into one, or make it seem like the only way for the plot to advanced. If it builds up, and at a certain point, (Maybe the Climax, or the ending.) The 'romance' can occur without being forced. Lets put an example of a Hero protagonist and a female hero. Lets say they meet, and they occasionally joke around. They are good friends at this point. At some point, the relationship begins to unfold, where BOTH characters start to think more of the other. However, it is crucial that it needs to be BOTH sided. The most common thing in video game relationships is the interaction being 'One-Sided'. An example in Fire Emblem is Tharja. Tharja is obsessed with Robin, but Robin doesn't care. (Actually, if I remember, he finds it kinda creepy, until the S-Support? I haven't played Awakening in a while.) It also extremely common in anime where the girl doesn't want to express her feelings, but loves the protagonist anyways. The protagonist, of course, either doesn't know or doesn't pay attention. (Dull... that's the word.) Again, that doesn't build a real 'connection' between the two, and makes them seemed like their relationship is 'forced'. This can apply to video games, because you need a story to drive the game. (Like Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem.). And with gameplay elements (such as a conversation time or a support system), the two characters could build this 'connection', which would make the 'romance' part effective. To put it short, for a relationship to work within a game, you need time and connection, as well as have both characters bonded over time. (And building relationships shouldn't be one sided.) But yknow, relationships aren't needed in a story. (It's just extra to 'tugged on those heartstrings'.)
  7. I know, just outdated mechanics and such. Never got to physically play it. I can wait now that I think about it, games like Genealogy of the Holy War and Blazing/Binding Blade deserve remakes over the Marth saga... Uh.... xD Ha ha... Forget I ever said such a thing. (I understand, yes they have been remade but, I just haven't got to play them yet. Its kinda hard now, due to finding a copy, and how outdated it is, but I can wait on such a remake.)
  8. Thank you. Again, it's all about the execution. Your character shouldn't be perfect, and you character shouldn't be treated like god. It's like every Isekai anime cliche ever, which you know, the main character is so great that everyone adores him. Simple, I just want an avatar character who is there like every other unit, and doesn't get the spotlight through the whole story, and everyone wants to hover around them. That would be a good idea. I remember Marc having a role in the story, while little, it was still enough to satisfy me. The main spotlight there was Hector, Lyn and Eliwood anyways. xD But I would love to see a Blazing Sword remake! (The mechanics are outdated...)
  9. Chu chu.... This is what I'm good at. - The series is becoming more anime and fanservice-y by the minute. I swear most of the Heroes population is people who like anime and want to see characters that are anime. - Fates as a concept is actually quite interesting. The places and locations were good, and the start of it could have been entertaining if it was EXECUTED PROPERLY. Look, I may be alone on this, but I believe if more time was put into the project - Heroes shouldn't have become this popular. I have a bad feeling this is going to alter the series for the ill. I'm also not a fan of the power creeps and the unbalanced character tier that the game threw at us. In most system games, everyone was pretty balanced, at you could pretty much use everyone. Heroes, only certain units have those powers. (Also, the game needs to stop praising certain characters in Awakening and Fates.) - Marth deserve more respect. Look, he may be a 'bland' lord to some, but he started the franchise. He has an interesting backstory, and he is somebody people can look up to. A real Hero-King, perhaps. But I feel like he is just needs to be more up there and talked about. - We need Avatar units, but not in major roles. I like the concept fitting 'you' into the game. (Awakening sorta did that.) However, I don't want another 'Corrin' incident, because that was a disaster. Simple, avatar units, but not a major character. - Robin isn't a Lord. (But he is my favorite character so.)
  10. If I'm correct, I don't think the Fates timeline is canon, at least to the Shadow Dragon-Awakening series. One of the first Fates DLC with Chrom, Lissa and Fredrick, says something how Nohr and Hoshido are just stories and myths. (Or it was reverse I don't know.) However, this makes this confusing, because Anankos now can jump time and space (bring Owain, Severa and Inigo.). Now that we have the possibility, you really wonder what the heck is going on. Either way, we are starting to form a complicated multi-timeline... I don't think thats a good thing.
  11. Ooh nice. Well I haven't play Pokemon in forever, so I might want to try again. (But all I want is Zekrom.... xD)
  12. Thats a tough one, because most of them have their flaws. Personally, I like Act 4 of SoV, because it was quiet entertaining and had me surprised too. However, Awakening in general is good, I didn't like the first part of the story.
  13. Shadows of Valentia, hands down, mic drop, party and confetti. (However, I'm sorta a fan of Awakening's Final, and Radiant Dawn was quiet interesting too.)
  14. Robin wouldn't like movies... maybe. He would be more into books. Black Knight would probably like watching War Documentaries. Still I don't like the characters I like would be into movies.
  15. Hello everyone. So I've decided to ask a question every week now. (Ok I did two this week I'm sorry...) I'm always seeking opinions on why this is good, or this is bad, and why, because we all don't share common interest/beliefs, but sometimes we do. Thus, I want to bring certain topics into the limelight every week and discuss why you think about the topic. This week, I want to ask a question, more or less the game that 'Saved the Franchise', Fire Emblem Awakening. What did you find enjoyable about the game? It could be everything, or it could only be the music, the sprites or a certain boss in the game. I don't mind, but I would like WHY (As backup evidence, it's always good to strengthen a claim.) Same thing with what you didn't like about the game. I would like One Pro, and One Con, if possible... even if it was the smallest detail. Please also keep 'arguing' to a minimum, the last question I asked, it got a little 'out of control', so please try not 'go to war' with each other. Thank you guys, and can't wait to see your opinions! (Also Sorry if I broke any rules again Mods.... I'm still not use to forum posting...)
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