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  1. Thanks for informing me. I'd heard that the virus in general didn't transmit nearly as well in open air as it does in close quarters, so it's encouraging to see there's data strongly suggesting that to be the case. While keeping the country on lock-down inevitably hurts the economy, it's the better option when the alternative has been this ridiculous back-and-forth the administration has been putting the U.S. through has kept Corona around even longer, killing more people and causing even more long-term damage to the economy. A horrible situation like the one we're stuck in isn't going to have some kind of perfect solution that instantly makes everything better, and pretending this isn't a horrible situation hasn't helped anything. People on this forum have talked about how France's firm commitment to the lock-down/stay at home approach has massively curbed the virus's spread there. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/06/15/876953360/france-announces-further-reopening-amid-declining-number-of-coronavirus-cases
  2. That makes sense. My only question would be what the best way to enforce these bans would be. Considering how blatantly prejudiced and corrupt large swaths of the police force are, relying on them to ensure people don't break their stay-at-home orders and meet up sounds like a bad idea. Would the federal government have to send in agents to all U.S. states and territories to enforce it? That way, you have a better regulated body of officials far less likely to exploit their position to hurt people or fly off the handle and make impulsive and deadly decisions. Or would the government being on the same page and universally requesting people in the U.S. comply with the rules be enough to convince the vast majority? Either way, it just sucks knowing that the administration is not taking the resurgence of cases seriously. It's complicated, too, because people (rightfully) want to continue to protest the systemic racism and police brutality pervading this country and finally get officials from the state to the government level to take the problem seriously. But I can't imagine thousands of people gathering up in tight groups helps quell spread of the pandemic. Should people be allowed to use their right to protest to gather like that, even under/assuming the conditions of a stay-at-home order? I'm honestly not sure right now.
  3. I'm wondering; it's clear to me based on how cases have fluctuated in the past few weeks in the U.S. that the administration has done a bad job of handling the pandemic (cold as ice take, I know). That being said, how should the U.S. government be working with state governments to better contain the number of cases and mitigate the spread of the outbreak? I know there's only so much you can do to stop individuals from making dumb decisions, but since there's likely more U.S. officials COULD be doing, what measures should they be taken that they haven't?
  4. Banned for spitting straight facts
  5. Banned for deigning to downplay the significance of the relationship between waifu and her significant other
  6. Fails to realize the best Marianne is from Gilligan's Island
  7. Banned for forcing me to reconsider the definition of polygamy.
  8. I'm forever validated. Appreciates the criminally obscure Mother series.
  9. Banned for racism directed at fictional characters.
  10. Banned for not appreciating the value in espionage.
  11. Banned for dissing flame wars despite being an Edelgard fan.
  12. Lives in a Tellius location as well defined as the world-building in Fates
  13. Banned for banning on the pretense of self-defense being inadvisable. Edit: Ninja'd, lol
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