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  1. Here is my FTP/F2P story playing Fire Emblem Heroes. . Having seen many Reddit posts about spending money to buy orbs and still not getting their Ike's, I realized there is an extra sense of satisfaction in being FTP/F2P when one does pull an Ike (Insert any super character). . Since the launch of the game, there have been countless banners tempting me to buy orbs. It took extreme self control not to, especially when having saved up FTP/F2P orbs and still not rolling the 5 star units I wanted. I remember the Bride banner and the 1st Hero Fest banner absolutely left me devastated after using a lot of saved FTP/F2P orbs, 150+, and not even getting any one of them. Instead got some duplicate Seliphs, Marths and Jaffars. . However, luck evens out in the long run and I feel satisfied with my character roster now. Whilst still being a determined FTP/F2P player. I have 107 of the 159 characters available(67.3%), with 35 unique 5 stars (32.7% of my roster) and 4 duplicates. . This coming from a FTP/F2P player just goes to show how generous the makers of Fire Emblem Heroes have been. I am so grateful to IS and Nintendo for creating this game as it is. It is the only game I play now, and each day makes me feel a bit brighter just logging in. I love this game. To the people of Nintendo, thank you so much if you can see this post. You give people hope for a better day. . Whilst everyone has their own goals to achieve within the game, let's all share it here to give everyone more game project ideas that are FTP/F2P. My project within the game is to continue being FTP/F2P whilst building my Catalog of Heroes roster to over 80% in a year's time. All my units are original with no SI and will stay that way. While doing that, I use the feathers to level to 5 stars the characters that are given to us that can't be summoned, thus lowering duplicates in the future. All 3 and 4 star duplicates are sent home for feathers. IVs and merging are not the focus for me when building my Catalog of Heroes roster. . Eight 5 Stars (Given in the game, had to feather) Alfonse, Sharena, Anna, Michalis, Camus, Zephiel, Xander, Ursula (All Feathered) . Five 5 Stars (Summoned 4 stars, had to feather) Nowi, Marth, Cordelia, Kagero, Nino (All Feathered) . Twenty 5 Stars (Summoned 5 stars, no need to feather) Jeorge, Merric, Clair, Eldigan, Julia, Reinhardt, Seliph, Raven, Ninian, Rebecca, Jaffar, Eirika, Sanaki, Summer Tiki, Bunny Lucina, Hinoka, Bunny Xander, Summer Elise, Luke, Ike (No feathers required) . Two 5 stars (Given in the game, no need to feather) Tobin, Masked Marth (no feathers required) . My only big mistake in the game so far is to have feathered a 4 star Marth to 5 star, and in my next 5 star summon, it was another Marth. 20 000 feathers wasted! . I just want to say again. I LOVE THIS GAME and the community! Videos, Art, Discussions, all so awesome. And since this month is about trying to entice new players to join us, I felt new players can read this and take heart from it in creating their own quests in Fire Emblem Heroes. . How has your experience been since game launch? Please also share some tips and advice for the new players joining us. Also share some thoughts on what you would have done differently and some of your biggest satisfactions playing this game.
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