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  1. Thank you, thank you, and thank you Aethin. I really have no words for this. TearRing and Berwick are two of my favourite entries not only of the series, but of videogames in general, and I have been able to experience them in English thanks to you. For people like me who love Kaga's works but can't understand a word of Japanese, this is incredible.The work you've put on this is enormous considering you have been doing it by yourself, and I cannot stress my gratitude enough. I hope you enjoy your well-earned rest and I wish you all the best. You're a legend of this community. ❤️
  2. As Zelgius would put it: "Impressive! Most impressive!" Thank you very much Aethin! Your dedication is commendable!
  3. The genealogy of this game is not short of amazing. I find really funny how Holmes is both half-brother to Attrom and cousin to Renee, who are at the same time adoptive brother and sister. There are even a couple more ones if you think about it. Katri and Plum are also cousins (via Lionheart and Maria) and so are the three pegasus sisters to Katri (via Robert and King Dagnell). This last one is particularly amusing considering they are also cousins to Holmes through their mothers. I'm pretty sure you're right about the first one. Don't know the answer to the second one, but they clearly knew each other well enough, they must had convived for an extented period of time. I mean, as far as I know it's never stated if King Dagnell is the heir to the throne or just a consort. If Queen Maria was the one passing the Salia bloodline maybe a descendant of Plum/Lionheart could bear the brand of Yutona. And about Katri and Holmes: after the desert chapter in Berwick Saga, Tianna talks about a very old story her grandfather told her about a blond treasure hunter and his consort, which would tie well with the ending of TRS. Take this with a grain of salt, of course.
  4. This game isn't very hard in general, so I wouldn't worry too much about that. Most main missions are quite easy, with the harder spikes being chapters 9 and 10, but at that point you'll have plenty of ways to circunvent them well enough. Sidequests can be difficult, and a couple of them require character-dependant strategies to beat, but almost all of them are completely optional, and none of them make you miss out on characters. I'd say getting softlocked in this game is as unlikely as in any FE games.
  5. I don't remember exactly what loot you get via hidden items (I believe a Wyvern Pearl at the very least?) but it can be quite useful for crafting. Promoted Czene is really useful for this map, as she has great movement on heights while mounted and in the desert while dismounted. The most effective and simple way of dealing with Thor is using Pallas Leia with Enid a couple of times, but you don't need to deal with him at all if you don't want to/can't do it with your units. He doesn't even drop anything aside from 99 XP. I believe the Dragoncaller guy on the cliff drops a Vanishstone, so it's just a matter of infiltrating with your preferred sword user and picking the Raze Etoile. You can go for a Vengeful + Crit with Dean too if you feel like trying a bunch of times. Remember that Light Infantry units (as well as thiefs) don't suffer desert terrain penalties in this game, so as long as you mostly use these kinds of units you can take it pretty quickly, outrange enemies, etc. It's much less of a pain than other desert chapters in FE/Kaga Sagas.
  6. Hahaha, the madman, updating on New Year's Eve! Thank you very much Aethin, this is a great way to celebrate 2020! 😙
  7. Been playing the patch for the last couple of weeks and I'm impressed, both by the game itself and your translation! It's being a marvelous experience (I'm currently stuck in chapter 10 with its invisible enemies, but whatever) and I cannot thank you enough. Eagerly waiting for when the full release comes around, and very, very grateful!
  8. I'd have put my bet on Hicks maybe. He is a very forgetable unit if you use Brighton (and you should at least during the Manster arc), and both design-wise and personality-wise is not memorable, but not as much as to become a meme like Ralph, like someone said above. I wouldn't have imagined Glade being the last one either. That wife and that leadership star. And at least Robert was a BS/FE12 character and a decent unit, but I didn't even considered Glade scoring worse than Alva and Kain.
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