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    Lots of video games, obviously, wouldn't be here otherwise, i'd imagine. Books, lots and lots of books.
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  1. Lilina x Wendy, too easy. heh... alan x lance and eww... marcus x merlinus or wolt.
  2. nyet!!!! russian/slavic Sergei! tch... i don't really care but for the sake of arguing.
  3. i think that a lot of us didn't even get him, although i am going to go that route (logan's) on my second playthrough.
  4. a lot people on this site use mediafire, and i rarely hear of problems with it. (but then i rarely ask about problems so...)
  5. all i'm getting is this... This file does not exist, the access to the following file is limited or it has been removed due to infringement of copyright.
  6. your patch has been removed from depositfiles
  7. i did, but it was on v1.0 but i've played about 3 hacks since then, and my memory sucks.
  8. This s*** was evil... i loved it. what was that about a password? what's it for, it said look at some info i couldn't find. still awesome though.
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