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  1. So I bought Awakening a few years ago, recently I picked it back up and since I hadn't played it in awhile I played it all on Casual, I know, how dare I. But I figured with a long flight next week I should get another FE game as well, so I thought Fates would do the job. I'm not a die hard at the strategy of the game, I just play them for the story, as the plot, coupled with the character development makes for some good, deep story telling. So naturally I thought I'd get Birthright, but after looking more at the game it seemed really, not me. I like the atmosphere of Conquest, the characters look more appealing, and above all else taking down a corrupt system from the inside out sounds better than good kingdom vs bad kingdom. But that leads me to my main question, if I buy the game, and just want to get the story, is playing on Normal-Casual similar to how it was in Awakening? (Since the difficulty screen says Normal is more for beginners to the series) Or is it much harder than that? And if so, is Phoenix mode any better? Any help will do, Thanks.
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