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  1. Also happy that we get more new hero banners... This kind of gives some hope for certain characters to be added and lately I am just not sold on Seasonal banners. Unless there is a top favorite there which I might want to merge. Which won't be the case for most.
  2. At first I was a bit unhappy about Athena,s refine. But again its just better to look at it calmly and see what opportunities it gives. The good thing is that I have just the right skill with Wrath on her. The game punished me on the late Nullify Follow Up though.. 360 orbs spend on that banner and only 1 Hilda as a consolation..so that is not a chance now for me. While Luna and Moonbow look like the obvious choice I try to play around with a blazing skill and wrath. +20 attack is nice to have on this, it makes her more likely to get through blue units. As long as she does at least 1 damage after the blazing skill though. And I just want to see how far she can go on the next Abyssal map. The lacking cooldown hurts for this, but I will see what I can do with it. That my Athena is atk+ might even come in handy for Wrath setup.
  3. Also belong to the faction which wants it reduced. It would become more of a shore and I guess those players who would love that are only a few. A good Gacha has challenging stuff but also takes time into consideration the players need to spend on it. While they definitely want you to play frequently the content should be manageable without investing too much time per day. I still see those games as a mean to be played while going to work and using them to kill some time. If a mode needs you to be active for a long time and not to mess up in that time this could work against this concept. Also as said, the more units you have to manage the more you have to be careful about it. On my 5* barracks I feel like I am overflowing there and there are a lot of units which I am simply shoving aside. And theoretically the mode would increase more and more with new banners.
  4. Athena finally gets her Refine! I am so happy for this. Now lets see...Special Dmg +10.. I played her often with Slaying sword as a speedy Sword Tank or Galeforce user which can use Galeforce on more Fragile enemies like Mages... Null Follow Up would be cool. Any cooldown improvement would be nice. But I kind of don't wont it to be another sword with just Cooldown -1 and Special Damage +10... so I wouldn't mind it to be entirely different.
  5. SMT:Digital Devil Saga 1-2 Serph - > Siegurd Sera -> Deirdre Heat -> Arvis Gale -> Lewyn Kind of fits really well.
  6. Overall I would love to have more Antagonists in smash in general. They are still way to scarce... My unpopular opinion is that I find a certain amount of randomness in this game on competitive basis viable, I think a lot of player underestimate that adapting to unexpected situations is a skill of its own.
  7. I get really tired of saving up orbs for nothing.. 250 orbs gone. Not even one Focus unit.. I am so done today.. And there I just wanted Null and maybe flashing blade 4 for Edelgard... I am even skipping debut banners to have a better chance and this game just pulls of those things.
  8. This forging bond makes me realize that Tatiana without Zeke could turn out interesting later for one reason. They could take this chance and maker her interact with Sirius which I would highly welcome. Also a fan of the lots of helmet they surely will be distributed.
  9. I think a lot in fire emblem has to do how you are ready to deal with frustration and "memorizing" and time you are ready to trade for the game. In older fire emblem it was a lot redoing the maps for me at least. Which goes faster in 3H because of the Divine Pulse. "Turn Wheel". Otherwise maybe you can look at what do you struggle. Is it setting up units in a manner which makes it more easier, with the right classes and right skills and such. Or is it more that you struggle with thinking about solutions for the maps. There is also the right management of items and in case of 3H battalions and such. Which also can overwhelm a bit and made less efficient. Overall I would say you should not feel to bad though. Personally I think the players who are really good are less than you think. Many of us just can deal with frustration while pushing through and take a lot of time. Especially in old fire emblem games, if you sit for an hour on a map and something fails so you have to reset, can be really frustrating.
  10. Just wanted to look up Sirius final decision. And they surely are vague at some points.. To me it just is like that he disappears and returns to Tatiana after the war. But it could also be that Nyna still follows him though.. I always saw Sirius more as someone who wanted to come to terms with his past and put some things to right. But haven't played Mystery of the Emblem thanks to non localization.. Only read some things up. Wish they would be more clear about some points. But maybe they just love to see the ships battle each other. Or maybe he has gone the harem path. To me, Zeke shows much devotion to Tatiana, it would kind of grind me if he goes back to Nyna after all things. Also as said this is something which makes him more interesting of a character. They also reflect much on the possibility of Zeke getting his memories back. That aside Nyna sure has been unfortunate..and her love for Camus is still there. As she only pretends to love Hardin. Which is a reason for Hardin to fall into depravity. We got so much into this discussion I don't know if spoiler tags cut it anymore. xD
  11. At least at 490 orbs. I give it a try in merging Legendary Julia. But somehow for now I feel like its quite a big challenge I try.. She is at +1 at the moment. Pushed around 550 orbs on her last banner) And kind of feel there this could go with all the Legendary horror stories. xD Of course Rinkah would be a certain orb stash breaker. And Nailah soon is also bait. Also next line up with her is Fjorm, L.Tiki and her.. Which is a bit meh. depending on what happens I might want to thing to maker Fjorm more efficient...
  12. Unless they really have a RD/PoR banner in planning I think Jill is likely there...So I don't have much hope for Rinkah anymore. She is a bit on a lower spot anyway. Still I hold my orbs on for now.
  13. At least if there is ever a next Valencia banner there is a good chance for Luthier, Atlas, Zeke and Tatiana. xD Not many characters which are missing here. And if they consistently add one character in the 3-4 star pool. At least for Echoes and Fates I really suck at picking my favorites. Also Silque without Jesse is a bit empty. Wish they would have gotten more build up. But I guess Jesse would be likely another red sword Infantry..
  14. Just knew it. Of course Tatiana gets blocked out. With Sirius appearing lately and Silque preferred she just stood no chance. This is ok.. But I take this chance to just save up further.
  15. Ferdinand boy made it quite high. Love this, really one of my favorites. Otherwise, Mercedes, Shamir and Marianne also have not a bad placement. And Felix is also good. Wished a bit for Rhea and Manuela to place better. But in case of Manuela I kind of get it that not all like her. But sometimes we can give more love to our Zealot Rhea.
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