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  1. I am still torn between Blue Lions and Black Eagles as before... Empress of Savage... this does not make it easier at all DX. At least Edelgard does not look like the overhyped one anymore.. so I might tend to go there. But Dimitri, what happened to you? I guess I should try to look how many of the characters in each house I like to see growing..Petra could turn into that kind of character I still miss in the game, but I have the feeling that Blue Lions might have such a character more.
  2. I have to say I find the rabbit ears quite fitting on Kagero. Also because she has a similar hair color to the Taguels.
  3. Actually there is one SRPG of Valkyrie Profile on the DS. Covenant of the Plum. The battle is like typical VP battle system, but you have a map like in SRPG and the positioning of the characters decides which characters help in battle. xD Damn it was so long since I played it. Also has one of my favorite characters.. Ailyth.
  4. Just finished with Trails of cold Steel 2. Damn did I rush through the game xD It came out here last Friday. But still need to do the second playthrough to prepare my save file for Cold Steel 3. And think about Zero and Blue if I just read through it or find a playthrough. But now I can take my time, still some months left... And now I read about the "bad news" DX Sometimes I wish that the games would be not too focused on carrying over the save files instead pick some choices at the beginning. I know it adds much but dang.. Cold Steel 3 even needs the second playthrough from cold Steel 2 for some things... and I am not a fan about forced NG+ runs. Well I could also leave it. But something would be missing...
  5. Somebody said it. I won't mind if the game is 10 years out I don't know it and can read about it. But if its new and I know nothing about it I want to get to know the characters before they have value. I mean I find them all interesting but if I will like them or not will be decided later.
  6. Also hyped about it, really hope it gets more accepted in the west. And they put more into it then Secret of Mana. Almost played all games from the series, even Rise of Mana. And the Combat system looks better. I am interested in how different they could play. Maybe that Riesz has some nice air combos. I might start with Angela though. Cannot wait to play this game.
  7. Gosh, I thought such knowledge would make my choice easier. They all 3 have something nice DX. Dimitri looks really interesting, also wonder what happened there that he gives another aura. Edelgard is also nice as an Empress and Claude gained some points for me. This game will really take some time..almost have to hide myself away until I played through everything there before discussing with one about it. xD
  8. Love timeskip. This will make things different for me and I could imagine Byleth pairing with others. Also could love some of the students more if they are aged. xD I just like older characters that's it. But this makes decisions more difficult DX.
  9. Used up all tickets and did not get Kjelle. With that I am gonna skip on this one. I like Kjelle and Brady, but I find it better to summon on a different banner for them. And I am still set on saving up.
  10. Kagero's dart is not something I expected. It will give me a headache but I will build her. As I merge her she gains a little more bulk. Sadly I do not have Fury 4 for now... but if the time comes I might give it to her. I guess Null Follow Up might be good for her..and some team partner with something like Sabotage Atk... And I think HP/Atk seal might be a choice for her... if it comes out of course. I almost want special cooldown - 1 on Camillas axe after seeing Oscar.. For the rest yeah, not my choices. But overall this is ok
  11. The japanese text says the same. It will work like a Spur skill, which is kind of a bummer for the skill. At least in AR it will be difficult to setup. Just cannot imagine it. I don't know if there might be a way to setup a double supertank team with this C skill which are clinging to each other and both survive any threats..
  12. Glad that Deirdre one, finally a Round I was on the winner side starting Round 1. And that it was Deirdre. xD
  13. As said Brady and Kjelle. I am happy about them. I have almost no hope for a demote. Thanks to Nanna maybe a very little hope that Brady will be demoted. I will target for them with the Tickets. But I won't go overboard.
  14. Are there any 4* Staff users with 2 Passive skills. Yeah he looks tame with his staff and healing skill.. I would be glad if he drops. I almost would say the same applies to Kjelle, but BF and an AR related skill will block her from that I guess. Either way I might spend some orbs but will not go overboard. At least we have Forging Bonds again. Also good that Nah is a stand in fodder for Legendary Roy. If she ever might be a pity breaker of course.
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