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  1. Another chance for Tatiana/Zeke and Sigurd/Deirdre down the drain. I think I can be happy if they add Tatiana/Zeke one day, no matter the circumstances.. Oboro did, she even made the one for Hinata. At least she helped in preparing them. https://guide.fire-emblem-heroes.com/en-US/11002011000521-2/
  2. Still needed to rely a bit on Sonya. But Overall I am happy that I could push Edelgard and Effie through. I hope that they give Effie an awesome Playerphase refine, she could have more potential there. As for Edelgard. I have gone with the Brave Axe/ Galeforce built. Which is really nice, finally an armor which is fun to use.
  3. Teacher: Reina Dancers : Zeke and Tatiana Villain: Aversa Detectives: Athena and Petra. Sibling: Naga What can simply go wrong there. But dang Zeke and Tatiana on a seasonal banner would be awesome..
  4. Spend around 300 orbs and Rinkah is +2. This is pretty nice. I try to get at least 1 more. After that I go back to saving and wait for her to appear on another Legendary or 3 hero banner.
  5. Yeah, this gives him another light. Its also sometimes a gripe I have with some other Villain. That sometimes they make them too cool, or give them something to emphasize, which can be a great thing. But overall it can turn out that we actually do not hate them or have negativ feelings for them. But rather respect them find them awesome and such. Even if they commit an act which is too hate. If everything else overshadows it this can also hurt the villain. It's also not an easy job to do so. Depending on the overall world building. And even in Wrestling, you have those kind of heels which are annoying. Some of them may be not so good with it. But some can really manage it to make the crowd going wild. And just having the moment to shut them up can work. Of course this also needs Screentime to work.
  6. At least this means that Lago did his job as a Villain didn't he?
  7. Yeah, but Lago is less relevant to Revelation than he is to Birthright for example. Of course this also would apply to the characters inside the banner and the title does not hold much outside of saying that this banner does not care about being Birthright or Conquest exclusive.
  8. Personally I would have liked to see Arete or Sumeragi as a GHB. Especially since its a Revelation Banner. But I got what I yearned for the most. And it makes it easier for me to invest my Grails into the Flame Emperor. Not so far away and we finally get the banner. Already prepared the orbs and did a lot of chain challenges these days which I saved for this very moment since book 2.
  9. Oh you bet. I have to say I almost missed this channel and didn't take it seriously as I first saw it and still thought it was the last one. xD But a good thing is that I got pinged. Of course I will go all out. And I even got assurance to get her. This is a blast for me. I really love that we finally get at least some sort of assurance. It was so frustrating going with 400+ orbs into a new hero banner and not even one copy. Should have been a thing for a while. But at least its here and really on time for me. I have quite a few things to do now. Will break my orb stash and do all the missing Chain Challenges.. I think I might be able to spend around 600-800 orbs in this banner. But might be happy if I get her to +1 to +3 and save for a 3hero banner with her after that.
  10. I am very happy with Bramimond as a choice. and is just really nice. They really got a hang for characters they add lately. Still will wait until next Banner announcement before I drop more orbs there Overall Colorless will pay off with any hero I get there. But I still have to save up more orbs. And there might be better times, for instance if Bramimond shares a banner with Leif. Almost totally ignored the other colors for now. But I just might go for colorless. Its almost lucky for me that he is a dark hero and not Anima. Because my Light team can do well against the Bramimond. But it will also depend on the stats.
  11. The story arc which is added hypes me the most. Its also teased at the end of the trailer.
  12. Hmm, Kenji Ito would be interesting. Don't know if he would fit though, in this case I guess a second Composer would be needed. For some Situations he could do some really cool stuff, but I don't think that it overall will fit as much as I like him. Hiroki Kikuta could be interesting if we would get a Fire Emblem which is more middle East oriented.
  13. Last Trailer for Trials of Mana. The tease at the end really got me hyped up about the game even more DX.
  14. 13,340 Lift. Almost could reach T21. But was a bit too short. -120 Lift loss on defense for this week which also was pretty good. But at least I know that I barely get there even with almost playing perfect on offensive DX.
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