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  1. If Armored blow would actually increase defense by 10 or 12 it could actually work along with Armored Strike to add some Mt. A def Stance Version with higher rate than just 6 def could also work I think.. For most players EP isn't attractive anyway in the game. So they could kind of push it a bit. Miracle as someone mentioned, we have a gambit which gives Miracle effect with 100% on 4 units! They should have Miracle made in a way that it works exactly like this. Just limited to 1 Time per Battle. And you would have something to setup Desperation, Vantage and even some of the Defiant Skills. But even if they would improve Miracle, I think one unit using with Miracle Gambit is better then using a skill slot for Miracle. Sometimes they really give the feeling that some skills are not thought out well or at least how these skills are available for some characters. This also applies to combat skills...
  2. You still do this. I don't say that you are wrong with saying that its more viable in GBA Games. But you are not bringing out any point why dodgetanking is ineffizient in Three Houses. You NEED to point out why Dodgetanking is not viable IN THREE HOUSES, not that it is more Viable in other games. And I can throw the attention phrase right back at you. You totally ignore what I have written about dodgetanks. That they can dodge to 100% and they don't need woods. You are also not forced to use a flier. At the bare minimum increased weapon skill, with a Battalion which grants 15 Avoid or more and Alert Stance. 2 of these things come almost with the game itself. Anything else is almost flexing on how good the Avoid Skill is compared to the hit skill. Outside of the Death Knight and some Bosses you will not meet many enemies which have a Hit stat over 130. Which is kind of laughable compared to what Avoid can reach. And there I just wanted to point out to take a look at Sylvain and Ferdinand. Especially Ferdinand skilled right can be a Viable unit and he is potentially the best Dodgetank in the game. He should not be stuck in an Armor he should take the Sword and get the base for dodging everything as early as possible.
  3. And again, you just compare to the GBA game, without even revering to the way Avoiding works in Three houses and why it is not effective. The only point where Dodgetank really is just RNG try of luck may be against Death Knight in chapter 4, he has a hit rate of 142 and unless you play New Game+ its impossible for you to get the hands on Alert Stance. So you can only hit around 90-100 Avoid on the Tiles which would make him hit to 40%. But that still has to be tested on how far you can get with Avoid at this point. It could be possible to have more Avoid there. In the Mid game to late game, you have the opportunity to stack the right Avoid Buffs. The Formular for Dodgetank is really easy in this game. It is Hit - Avoid = True Hit rate. Most of the enemies have 90-120 Hitrate at most, in Lategame they even do worse sometimes because of the bad hit rates from stronger weapons. Any Character who is above 120 Avoid has a a good likelyhood to be hit with 0%. Its so easy to stack up Avoid in this game, which is why its so effective. I don't need to tell you that with 120 Hit rate the enemies will not hit a Unit which has 140-160 Avoid with Forest even up to 190 or more, which Ferdinand can easily get. You can just put your Falcon Knight/ Wyvern Lord everwhere and Archers do miserable, because they just miss. No protection against Arrows needed. While the Formular itself may not be that nice compared to the GBA games, the opportunity to stack up Avoid in massive and just overbearing. And I don't know what Dodge rate you want if Dodging with 100% does not satisfy. Also you get Jeralts Mercenaries very early in the game which Add 15 Avoid to your unit. Ferdinand can already hit 50 Avoid with investment into Sword just in Chapter 3, which grants him to at least get only hit every second hit. Some enemies only have 90 Hit at this point. In a Forest he gets additional 30 Avoid and already has 80 Avoid. So he gets hit by a mere 20% or less, and this is just the start of the game, without anything of the tools to come. And only Sword Prowess Lv 2.
  4. Felix and Bernadetta. I am actually kind of glad they had an Ending together. Because they are one hilarious paring I can ship. Hubert and Ferdinand. This one was random. I actually intended to setup Dorothea and Hubert. But his bond with Ferdinand was bigger. Petra and Claude. Also their A support is priceless and I was happy to make them a good ending together. So far with Byleth I saw, Manuella, Hilda and Edelgard. This time I am really struggling because I think Dimitri and F Byleth is worth it. But I am still fighting to make Marianne and Dimitri happen. But somehow Dedue just has a too high friendship with Dimitri by default. I don't know where I messed up... Also I want to make Ferdinand and Hilda happen.
  5. What do you mean with more than reasonable setup? Do you mean that its that difficult to let a unit learn Alert Stance, have an Evasion Ring and having a weapon Lv 4-5 Skill and at least Level D in Authority? It may not come with the beginning of the game, but with the right investment possible in Midgame to Endgame. The only thing that may be an unreasonable investment might be Sword Avo +20. Because you might drop your dancer. And as I said I didn't even optimize. Ferdinand may be the most reliable Dodgetank in the game and I did not use him much. A Dodgetank done right can easily get around 110-140 Avoid which makes it almost impossible for enemies to hit you even without using Tiles which increase your Dodgerate. If that is not reliable I don't know what it is. The only true unreasonable setup is Defiant Avoid. Which is more difficult to setup. Of course I assume that the player using Dodgetank knows from the beginning to target building a unit like that. And preferably Ferdinand is the choice if you want to start as good as possible earlier. He even can look over not having access to Avoid Stance +30 for quite a while. Also it might be totally possible for any additional Difficulty to make them not reliable anymore if enemies get way more hit rate.
  6. I read this statement often and I can only object to this. Clearly you did not really try dodgetanking. Its damn reliable in this game. Really try it to the utmost before you doubt it.
  7. I don't know about making a Tier list, but I want to add to some characters because I think they have been sold short for now. At first if Lunatic or any new difficulty arises we can talk again about Dodgetanks working. But for now I used Dodgetanking in the game pretty successfully. And I find it very reliable if done right. It even did go as far as me sending of Falchon Knights alone in the Endgame which enemies couldn't hit. 17% was the most hitrate I saw at that moment, with ignored Tiles. I didn't even optimize there and had around 130-140 Avo at that point. I actually think that Sylvain is made bit short of. He can work really well as a Mage. While having not a huge Magic growth he is actually able to be a Dodgetank Mage. With Black Magic Avo +20 a good gambit he is likely to doge many attacks. Being able to be a Dark Bishop gives him 2 times Fiendish blow which can make up a bit for his lack in Magic growth and he is bulky enough to take some hits. Manuela, my only true regret with her is not being able to learn Sword Avo +20. Because while she starts of as a Healer I think she might be better in physical classes. Warrior would grant her 45% amount of strength growthrate to her good speed growth which is at 60. I also think Wyvernlord would give her the best growth rate after Warrior or Swordsmaster (Not being able to be a Grappler hurts her a bit). Downsides are that she is competing with Leonie who has kind of better growth rates in the core stats and is available earlier in the game. If one really is a fan of Manuela its reasonable thought to think about her going the physical path with some investment. Any classes with Sword might be an easier Setup for her then later transitioning into a Flyer class. Of course she is only an option if you prefer using her over Ingrid or Leonie. Because both of these are available earlier. Marianne is an interesting one. I think she is a really interesting Magical Swordfighter. Her Speed growth is quite ok, so being a Swordfighter or Assassin for a while will help her in this one, there are some important things she needs in these classes though. She has access to Frost Lance and Soul Blade quite early in the game and she needs those skills to work until she get her hands on Levin Sword. She is also a candidate for the Dancing Tournament so she can get Sword Avo +20. Overall the good part about her is that Magic classes tend to have a better hit rate. She can block these and dodge other units easily. A candidate for being an Endgame Falcon Knight. Ferdinand.. oh boy another one who might like to dance. Yeah, not being able to be a Pegasus Rider/ Falcon Knight hurts him. He still can be a viable Dodegtank with his Personal skill. He also has a good Speed growth and with Wyvern classes he can easily get Alert Stance with some time. Which could make him probably one of the best Dodgetanks in the Game. And while I think for now that Dodgetanks are really good in the game, this might change with any new difficulty if they care more about the hit rate of enemies. I think he might be a choice when the time comes. Additionally he can start of quite early and may be the only unit to Dodgetank the Death Knight "reliably" on Chapter 4 without any New Game+ cheese. Mostly my Ideas have been about Dodgetanks. This is out of my good Endgame experience with them. I even Dodgetanked the Death Knight in Chapter 4 with Byleth on my first run. (Thanks to the Tiles), I confess the hitrate from the Death Knight was around 40% with the Tiles and there are better options you just have to know, I was pretty ignorant about Gambit at this point. While this early in the game Dodgetank my not be an option Later on it becomes more viable. And Falcon Knights profit from the fact that the hitrate from Archers decreases with Distance.
  8. I know that Micaiah might have been better. Still Camilla was worth it. Now its up to make a perfect team with her and the Retainers. I feel like this Camilla can actually be very helpful for Selena and Beruka. Also its finally an Camilla alt which has some style and is not Seasonal. Adrift Camilla would not be such a nice fit with Selena. I really hope that they will add new Push 4 Skills later. I could imagine working them on Selena. But Fury 4 might be a viable choice thanks to healer Camilla for me. Also intend to add Azura as a back up Dancer for the Team, but only the normal one to not cheese with L!Azura on this team. And lastly Azura can help out with Tactics skills here. Which would be more difficult with 3 fliers. So far my long term project with her retainers finally hits a fine milestone here.
  9. I just realized one thing today. Its possible to make an Arena Assault run and using 1 Camilla on each team. Now that sounds like a goal. But I don't have Adrift Camilla. What a shame.
  10. Messed up. I wanted to summon Colorless/Green until I get either Micaiah or Camilla, but after a little pause I picked the wrong banner. But I picked Camilla and I will leave the Brave Banner there. I need to save up anyway and these units don't run away. On the good side I realized that I finally can put a long time project I had into the next step. I don't want to use Summer Camilla in my team with Beruka and Selena, because a Seasonal feels a little out of place there. And I realized that this Camilla might be actually a pretty good fit for Selena and Beruka. So I put these 3 together and now I have the last step to pick a Blue unit which works together with these. My biggest options here are normal Azura and F.Corrin. I have no 5* F Corrin so I added Azura to the Team, now a little few tweaks and this team is complete. Also Beruka still needs 3 merges. The good thing is that temptations for this banner have gone. Now I just will save further.
  11. Golden Deer: I picked Hilda, because I had no idea how good Sword Avo +20 can be. BE: I picked Petra, and she became a good dodgetank thanks to that. Almost 100% certain dodging. BL: I did the same with Marianne, she is some kind of a magical Swordfighter for me and she is worth it. Love it that she learns Forstlance and Soulblade. I intend to try it with Ferdinand next time, because his personal skill gives him +15 Avo and with some skills he could be one of the best Dodgetanks in the game and maybe viable in later modes. But I never used Dancer as dancer, I just pick them for the skill. Of course he may need some investment in Speed. I don't have it on view. But I actually think with all the Avoid buffs, high speed is not that necessary. I mean Ferdinand... Lets say he has 40 Base Avoid. +15 Avo (Personal Skill) +20 Avo (Sword Avo) +15 Avo Battalion +10 Avo (Evasion Ring) +20 Avo (Sword lv 5) +10 Avo (Wyvern Class ) +30 Avo (Avoid Stance skill) This would make 160 Avoid. Maybe I still missed something. Of course the one skill Defiant Avoid could help out. But That would need the unit to get some damage. Ferdinands upside is that he can have such Avoid at 100% HP. And he actually has 50 Speed growth rate. Not that bad.
  12. dislike -> like: Raphael, not gameplaywise but some of his supports a really nice. Bernadetta, her Supports are priceless. Bernadetta and Felix really have been something worth seeing. like -> dislike Catherine, quite a shame I would have expected to actually like her more. But I still have to see anything good here...there is still some hope but yeah... Actually these characters are the only which changed quite a much for me, the rest almost remained the same as the first impression. Still have to play through BL and Church path. Playing Blue Lion for now and keeping the Church path for last. Seteth you have something to do. xD
  13. Love that they took Sigrun. I really cannot complain about it. Even if its just another blue Flier. But hey all have at least one favorite blue Flier. If the next New Hero banner is Tellius at least Rinkah has an increasing chance for far fetched if Jill is out of the way. And we don't need a new Fate banner for that. Win win. But for now its better to keep expectations low there. But I wouldn't mind them separating TT from actual banners a bit. So that they can add random missing heroes. Not that there is a big chance. Also sturdy Blow seal? This can be actually pretty nice. Will not fodder Sigrun and also use her on this TT to grind her HM.
  14. I don't know about my luck sometimes its really going up and down. Today I got my second Edelgard merge just for free. Really nice. On her next banner I really might try to +10 her. Of course it also depends on if they meanwhile release Rinkah. Which I am still skeptical of. My next hope is the next Farfetched. But I just think Jill will be the green unit there, unless they prepare a RD/PoR banner. Or they go just the other way around. I would not mind a fate banner with Reina, Orochi and Rinkah. Well anyway. Edelgard is looking good for now and I think she is a unit worth merging. But I should really think about merging at least one Charakter with Cheerleader potential...
  15. Ogma and Tibarn. Well that is some combination. And was totally random. Next time I will be more picky here.
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