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  1. As a fighter I think Byleth will be fun to use his moveset is on the more unique site of the FE characters. As a character well yeah. Not spectacular, was also a bit on the expectation list for some, but that is how it has turned out. At least I can also relate why there is quite a dislike. But at Fighter Pass 2 won't go like this. I kind of expect a Pokemon hidden in Fighter Pass thanks to this though. I might use him in future of course. And see how well I do with Byleth.
  2. Also can only say that this is a skip for me. Not a real Attachement there, also Anniversary is around the corner and also L Julia/Sonya are not so far away. L Julia will return next month though.
  3. With Fire Emblem we all had our first game. And I would not say all but many of us had their first crush in Fire Emblem. May it be the first unit which granted you success and did very good on the first playthrough. the writing about the character or the design. So I will start with mine. Unlikely to what characters I am boasting around now it was Guy from Blazing Blade. Guy was the first Fire Emblem character I truly liked and I still remember after all those years with Blazing Blade as my first Fire Emblem game he was a unit I had a lot of fun with. At those times I greatly preferred to use Myrmidons. I liked quick characters with a good Dodge rate and the Special animation they had was engraved. With Guy as one of my first units to fulfill that he has quite some place. Additionally I really liked his design, a guy with long green hair and a quick swordfighter? I was down with it. Sometimes taste in characters changes and you are getting to like other characters more, or they still have a special place in you. So for this thread it's nice to just remember what you liked first. But still I remember that he was the first character which I had taken a liking to and took great care of in my first playthrough.
  4. Oh yeah, I can see it already. But overall I will go the same route. Look if one of my most wanted unlikely units needs some support to be seen at least. After knowing halfway what is popular among the units on the top I might push one of the units there if its one I like. Overall I will go for Reina and Rinkah. I am even tending to give Reina some more votes, because I have the feeling that Rinkah might already be in preparing for the next months. And there is also Tatiana.. Personally I might see that Plumeria overshadows Loki this time. And there is also Thor on the list. Thor could be a dark horse here. On the other hand at least from what I read not that many are urging her to come out. And Book 4 has shoved her out of talk even more. Overall my take is that as long as the top characters are unknown people vote more likely regarding depth. As soon as the top scoring units are out you just have to decide and there it might lose on depth. Also I think some just love to see Insys being forced to push out some OC,s already they may have intended to keep away. Don't we also have Bruno on the list. While he had is Alt, he still is someone people want to see more. Funny enough, if Plumeria really gets the votes. And considering how well the timing is with her "outing" and background information we got it would feel like Insys played us. The votes are impersonating the desire. But enough. I will refrain from mentioning her too much.
  5. I have yet to see how well Plumeria will do. I think she might also get pretty high. I also can imagine at least one 3H character to get a top spot on each gender. But I am also with that we should not underestimate that there is a counterbalance. Especially after the mid term announcement. People who love a 3H character there will divide between 1-2 of the high scoring units. The rest might go for whichever hero has the biggest chance. If Anna, Edelgard and Berni would be the 3 top scoring units I can imagine Anna getting a push. Because while I wouldn't say there are 3H haters all over the place there would be a considered number of people who would maybe think that its a bit lame if we end up with 2 3H characters there..
  6. Cleared it with Mathilda, Clive, Gunnthra and Hrid. Worked out perfectly well. Still need to make some improvements to the team.
  7. Its also a more risky approach and better on classes with Canto for hit and run anyway. Would also use this more on new game+ to have some fun with her. On maddening I did play her like this though, only had the boost items thanks through the dlc though, so I could increase her HP and made her more durable. (Could even 1 hit Death Knight starting chapter 6). Also her good Skill growth helps a lot for a save hit. I also abused enemies having Poison Strike. Devil Weapons help her to get to 1 HP more save. And 8 more Mt would help her a bit. Sometimes it was pretty close on my run with her doing enough damage. Personally I only used Defiant Avoid until now. And there are just certain maps you don't want to have low HP. Personally I would go with these skills on her list would be Def. Str, HP +5, Death Blow. Lance Prowess, Bow Prowess, Lancefaire, Mov +1. For this approach I love her as a Paladin more and only barely use Bows if she cannot hit and run, while being save. If her Skill growth is extraordinary she might even drop Lance Prowess. I remember her having a hit rate around 170 at the end of the game. Thanks to Def Str she could be more useful with Bow again though. Problem is that it will take her quite a while to get it all. But overall its just about some ideas which are possible and in my eyes fun to use. Having a shield on her inventory also is not too bad, at least in the beginning..but now I got a bit too much into it.
  8. Well, this falls a bit out of place. But personally I would have liked Bernadetta to have access to Hero. But more because of Defiant Str, which would improve her Vengeance strat a bit more. And also has a bit of a sync with her personal Skill. Of course her having disadvantage on Axe and Sword drags this a bit down. The growth rate of this class does not hurt her at all.
  9. New Hero Banner. Nice, Welp. Farfetched would be cool. But it could be anything.. Jill and Rinkah not being in FEH is still something strange to me. But I guess either one of them could be around the corner. But I feel like I think this way since half a year. xD At least this year we have no beasts to block Rinkah.
  10. Alphonse becomes an ASMR junky. But to the topic. I have to say that ASMR is a thing. I watched those ASMR cooking/backing videos and listened of course and they are absolutely nice. Also a licking cat is something which really can calm down. So I can imagine that this one is also really good. But I also have a bit of "misophonia" in case someone would do a video with slurping and such things this would trigger me more. This does not apply to cats though. xD
  11. So far I kind of adjusted a bit in a better pull behavior less saltiness and a bit more controlled in how far I go. But still put in quite a few orbs on the good legendary and got all of the 3 units one time at least. And one merge for Celica. I don't force anymore to try to save only. Kind of wish I would already know what will be in the next banner though.
  12. Dorothea, Lysithea or Bernadetta would have a good chance yeah. I personally wouldn't like to see Bernadetta and Lysithea together though. As for males.. Sylvain, ma boy Ferdinand. Maybe Felix.. also depends on what themes they go with. Could be that they just go for one house exclusive to fill up. My unpopular hope to be added will be Manuela. But as far as I saw it she is not very popular. Even if we exclude all students.
  13. Summer Reina! Be daring Insys, but you are not when it comes to more ripe characters. They could make a younger version of her though. But not too young! Sometimes Insys likes to turn the time back too much.
  14. I have to endure till February. At the moment I have 300 orbs. And would maybe hit 800-900 until then and could merge Julia. But on the other hand if Rinkah appears or another "most" wanted until then the plan will be crashed anyway. But getting 1-3 merges of Julia there would be nice. Also green on this legendary now is still bait.
  15. This one was actually easier for me to do compared to other Abyssals. Edelgard, Ophelia and 2 Leg!azuras. I don't feel that much creative though with my setup. Maybe one day if they release Rinkah.
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