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  1. That's exactly what I just said.
  2. It's even more funnier when you realize Lucina is a character archetype herself.
  3. Lucina as a character is a blank slate, and I don't like her very much. Her sole personality trait is her survivor angst because she's from an apocalyptic future, but that's a stereotype that I've seen on 2 different characters (Future Trunks and Silver the Hedgehog, there could be more), and she's mostly a glorified messenger, so her character is redundant to me. She's only popular because she's a pretty face, she's in Smash Bros., and her portrayal as "Marth" caught everyone off guard when Awakening was in it's baby steps. I'm new to this fanbase and all, but seeing fans foam at the mouth from the sheer sound of her name makes me angry. I believe her popularity was an accident, and I despise her for such. But that's just me, I despise any character or game that's popular and hip for no reason.
  4. Try not to derail the thread, anon. What if there were 2 Robins? One male and one female.
  5. See picture. What if Awakening was rated E for everyone?
  6. >mysterious appeal Maaaaaybeee >good looks Marth in a drag isn't all endearing >ties to a popular Smash character Very true that she's piggybacking on the popularity of a character that made us care about Fire Emblem in the first place >She's heavily invested in the plot You lost me. Lucina's mostly a plot device with a few scenes of relevancy and is barely relevant for the half of the game other than being a good unit to use. And her nonexistent personality makes her less appealing. Engaging how?
  7. You need to be one hell of a gentleman if you can type Thine_shitposter with a straight face and an amiable attitude.
  8. I don't think Lucina is a good character and her popularity is unjustified. Awakening was released 4-5 years ago and to this day I still don't get the appeal of her character (other than being a decent Smash character to play as, thanks to the patches).
  9. Tharja would be significantly more annoying. What if Cordelia was actually well written?
  10. We need a series' equivalent of Kefka from Final Fantasy. Not just a villain Henry.
  11. MY friend introduced me to Fire Emblem because he wouldn't shut up about it ever since he started playing as Corrin when he first got into Smash.
  12. *ahem* Awakening split the fanbase. Fates shattered it.
  13. Send him to the vet and we'll see how much he'll be barkin' now.
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