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  1. ayy im making a fe8 pme all you guys need to do is just ask what character you want changed and what animations you want ini hope this is enough info but if it isn't ill edit later on so edits shall be done let the pme commence
  2. Azlin

    Fire emblem epic

    its a spelling error ok ill fix it later jesus
  3. Azlin

    Fire emblem epic

    ah ok i just edited it i think its fine for now
  4. So basically making a hack with many people would be easy but its pretty hard knowing that school starts up very soon making this was a little unexpected my friend gave up on this hack like years ago but we helped him so its back online if any changes should be doe notify me this is still a early build so i hope you like it feed back and or help is appreciated. Edit: the game is a hack of fire emblem eight the sacred stones easy game and balanced but this hack should be more harder than sacred stones on a fairly small scale sorry for the little amount of info so Ricardo is looking for his brother Tobin be warned Tobins animation is glitchy as fuck we don't have much experience either do i so were starting off slow for my first hack once again im sorry for this little amount of info if i can gather up more i will we have some new animation like Ricardos as Ephraim class but uses swords instead of lances one again i happend to make this hack alive again and more feedback would be nice oh and this hack is still in early "test" i would call it im going to post the growths ad back story later Azlin should be added in the next few patches and she will be a replacement for lute. Version0.05.ups
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