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  1. Perhaps a skill engine similar to radiant dawn?
  2. Just a suggestion but you could have the form-shifting characters work like the laguz in Radiant Dawn (They shift forms outside of battle animations).
  3. This seems pretty cool I'll add all of these edits
  4. So my Christmas holidays start in 3 weeks and I thought it would be fun to play an increased difficulty patch over the holiday but then remembered the pme craze that seems to be going round after Mangs started playing them - so why not do both? I can do most of the hacking but if custom graphics are required then assistance might be needed. e.g. portraits are not my forte Here are some of the current edits: Circles' (and everyone else who helped) skill system Overlapping weapon triangle (Dark/Axe > Anima/Lance > Light/Sword etc) 2-3 range bows increased enemy growths - most likely 20% Seth becomes Kid Seth (recruit/squire class) If i can figure out how then level cap at 30 with promotion at 20 and no level reset upon promotion Link to the current edits: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1ZouXEcGKQ7lRJKMlYaDHSesNsJvgM7Z2D2pL0iJBS2Q/edit?usp=sharing EDIT: Updated as of 27th Nov In summary then if anyone has edits fun or hard leave them in the comments and when this is finished I will add a patch to this post. Coming Soon!
  5. Haven't had much to do recently so I decided to try some splicing. Please kill me help me with your criticism. This is Heather from Radiant Dawn - she's one of my favorite characters
  6. Thanks! Although I may just not use the map then because I'm still a noob at eventing.
  7. So while writing a mock up for the plot i've hit a rather annoying stump. How do i set out the world map? In FE8 i can not change the world map so do i just rename the countries to Greece and such or just ignore the map entirely?
  8. Well i hope you will forgive my terrible story telling
  9. If you mean the Trojan war then that's a pretty good idea, maybe i will make a mock up of a plot to see what this could become.
  10. So someone challenged me to make a roman soldier in FE style and now that i'm working on it i think it would be cool to create a smallish hack, maybe 10 chapters. with Roman and Greek styled unit. Any Ideas? Here is my current wip if the soldier (I still need to work on shading and colors): Edit - Here is a sheet and animation for the Legionary: And here are some possible kingdom names for the hack:
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