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  1. That feast is to celebrate the ending of the War of Eagle and Lion, which is what the mock battle commemorates. Not the mock battle itself.
  2. I just want to hop in and say the Lysithea is one of the most busted Mages I've ever used in Fire Emblem. I just finished the Golden Deer route and holy christ. She's worth getting, make her a gremory. Dropping ~60 damage at 4-5 range reliably is insane.
  3. That would work, but I highly doubt we are ever going to return to that simplistic of a system again, barring Echoes games.
  4. If that was the case, then any old shmuck who could read would be able to use the tome, which doesn't make any sense. It's one thing to know the stories and the miracles, it's another thing entirely to emulate them. Additionally, if every light tome had that kind of effectiveness -- effectiveness against classes that, due to their stereotypically evil nature, are very prevalent as enemy units in most FE games -- they would be either super overpowered (see: Sacred Stones w/ Slayer) or the might of the tomes would have to be even weaker to balance. Alternatively, it would require a LOT more effort on the map design front, because this effectiveness would need to be accounted for in potentially every map in the game. By contrast, if you lock it behind a class skill in the vein of Fates or Awakening, then the cleric/monk/priest would have to achieve a certain level of experience (or perhaps piety?) before they could shift from merely protecting the weak and healing, to actively crusading against evil. If you lock it behind ideally level 5 promoted (late enough to both keep up with enemy scaling, and early enough to actually matter most of the time), then the skill and tomes themselves can be allowed to be powerful. A good example of how this could work is the specifically Awakening incarnation of Beastbane (in fates you get the skill earlier than I think is perhaps balanced in a vaccum, but the enemy phase nature of most of the game means that the beast units aren't optimal anyway, and therefore need that power earlier). Specifically in Awakening, your Taguel get it at level 15, because they don't promote / cap at 30, like your Manaketes*. You get this skill earlier than is fair in a vaccum, but if you use Panne often, like I tend to, you can somewhat easily get the skill 2/3rds of the way through the first arc of the game -- when the enemy has practically zero units that Beastbane affects. In terms of the timeline, the skill becomes actually useful in arc 2, right as a lot of cavalry units start to appear -- and this is about the time where you are starting to promote your units, and your earlier promotions are about to hit level 5, which is what I'm recommending for this kind of Cleric skill. This is also the point in time where promoted enemy stats start to become more than the Taguel can reasonably one-round, and as an offensive unit, that's necessary. Light magic users are famously weak in lategame combat, with few exceptions, so they would need that kind of effectiveness to continue contributing, but they cannot have that effectiveness early, because they will become a centralizing unit. And as fun as they can be, centralizing or overpowered units like Seth, Camilla, Robin, Corrin, Pent, Milady, Niime, Titania, etc are not, in my opinion, good for a balanced and variable game experience. *I don't use Wyrmsbane as an example because it's too narrow for this kind of comparison -- it works on only one class line. I chose to use Beastbane as my example because it affects multiple class lines, without breaking the game (too much), and it's locked to the same level limit.
  5. I actually like this idea -- the fantasy cleric archetype is both a healer and one who smites evil. Evil is not restricted to the inhuman, so getting a small bonus of some kind against those kinds of classes could be good. However, I think that concept would much more appropriately be implemented as a class skill and not a weapon attribute. I also think things like offensive Staves could be a cool new addition, treat them kinda like staves in FEH. Low as hell might, and completely outside the weapon triangle, but have a supplemental effect that triggers out of combat. Build chip damage like Savage Blow into a staff for example, or maybe aoe debuffs, or that movement lock ability you mentioned.
  6. Somewhat, but RD also had the same philosophy dedicated to the fire, wind, lightning triangle, which makes it all messier. In a simplified Light/Dark/Anima triangle, we could accentuate upon these differences.
  7. The identity of each form of magic should be expanded upon. We have hints of this in the GBA Light - Dark - Anima triangle, where light is faster but almost always has some crit, dark is gimmicky but strong, and anima is consistent. However, due to balancing issues, one has always been the standout over the rest. In FE7, with the exception of Luna, Anima magic is just better. It's more consistent, which is all you need in a game full of weak as hell enemy units. In Sacred Stones, Light stands supreme because of the monster-heavy second half, and Bishop's slayer. Now, these advantages are due to the games less than the magic triangle itself, which is the problem. I agree with everyone that says that magic users should be more prevalent in the franchise to make the magic triangle more relevant. I also think we should better clarify each form of magic. Double down on the crit nature of light tomes, make dark tomes (aside from maybe basic flux) have some form of additional effect at the cost of accuracy -- due to the described (in supports) nature of dark magic as chaotic and hard to control, and have Anima magic fall in the middle, no crit stats on tomes, no special effects, etc. However, unless the classes that use this triangle are properly adjusted, most players will still primarily use Anima because of that same consistency -- assuming every playable mage from each part of the triangle is equally powerful. Alternatively, we could take the Tellius approach, and have each class of Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light, Dark tomes have a unique effective-against bonus. Someone above mentioned terrain-based bonuses, which I think is an interesting idea, BUT it will inevitably shaft a class of magic if one of the target terrains is less prevalent than the others. With the Tellius effectiveness, we could have Fire affect beast units (not horses, that would be far too powerful) if relevant, lightning affect dragons, wind affect fliers, light affect monsters, and dark be a gimmicky mess like always. This of course also comes with a mess of balancing issues, again based on enemy unit diversity. It also requires a net nerfing of the might of almost all tomes. No matter what happens, for the love of god do not go back to the Fateswakening removal of the magic triangle. Especially in fates, with all tomes being "red". That was extremely stupid. I feel like the easiest/laziest way to adjust the weapon triangle is to just copy the normal one. Light = Swords, Anima = Lances, Dark = Axes. Then copy the traits more clearly, where light weighs nothing and also doesn't have much might, make Anima consistent, and make Dark heavy and hard hitting. Maybe in the future certain kinds of tome effects would be totally locked to certain parts of the triangle. Make anima the only part of the triangle with Seige tomes for example, or something. There are a LOT of ways to address this, and all of them have problems.
  8. I recently got into the game, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it. The art style is good, the combat feels pretty good, and I like the VA. The story is acceptable for a mobile game too. Has anyone else given it a shot, and what is your opinion of it so far? Experiences? MVP Characters?
  9. Getting help -- if possible -- is the best option. I got diagnosed after telling myself I didn't have it for four years, and after letting myself believe that I was actually depressed I went to a doc. Get an official diagnosis, the meds can help (I no longer have random, trigger-less panic attacks due to the meds), but above all just keep trucking. Someone earlier mentioned avoiding substances as an outlet, and I definitely agree with that. They will invariably make everything worse. Ironically, the things that best help with the symptoms are the things the symptoms make difficult to do. Going outside, socializing with friends, trying a new activity, all of these help a lot more than you'd think -- but they take more energy than it feels like you have a lot of the time. Try to force yourself into it sometimes. I lay traps for myself to force me into it -- I let myself fall into obligations to do things with my friends, and even if i'm not feeling like it that day, the expectation that i'll be there pushes me into it. I generally feel better afterwards.
  10. On Hard, I'll absolutely agree with you. I feel that CQ!Hard is one of the most well balanced FE games currently in existence, if I must be honest.
  11. You've never played Lunatic Conquest without turtling, have you? Jakob with an early HS absolutely annihilates the early to mid game, especially if f!Corrin has wyvern as a talent -- super early Trample is strong.
  12. Why not include Caladbolg, Lughnasadh, and Tarvos from the start? It doesn't make sense to force arbitrary wait times
  13. I've found that playing hella aggro is better than playing defensive on Ninja Rape Cave. With some planning you can get a Calamity gate mage, a forged throwing axe for Camilla, and maybe a decent archer. With those, you can bumrush the MNs and kill them fairly safely. Playing defensively is asking for a slow, protracted death.
  14. I'd rather have the Fates exp curve than have the Awakening experience of feeling punished for using more than like, 5 units besides Chrom.
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