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  1. Thats what I am using. PPf-o-Matic30 is the name. Any other avenues I might have messed up to cause this?
  2. Got you psyduck. I regret scroll abusing, Shiva and Olwen (I think) destroyed him the old fashion way but I do feel as if I cheated. He was a cake walk for me w/o berserker or status ailments. The moment a new patch comes in ama replay it w/o scroll abusing.
  3. atleast you can do iron man. I was to much of a bitch to go throw with it in FE6 HM when Lilina dead. Good luck.
  4. Save button negates the point of the challenge tbh. Same thing with save states so yea. Idc what you do in your own spare time. Not gonna take the dildo out of your hands but lets not beat around the bush.
  5. It got out of hand because I am not used to a community that is so thin skinned that would get trigger over some one saying that its rather casual if you cant handle difficulty or something I forgot my original quote. And I never said thracia was perfect but alot of the complaints are down right not an issue. And I love it when people say you need to respect others opinions. I have stated many times to lets agree to disagree so I dont get that point. Also not once did I replay to a poster saying they did not like thracia and try to convenience them to like it. It was to posters who said, thracia sucks because of x y and z and telling them x y and z arent a big deal.
  6. Nah thats you and others projecting tbh. Ill be the first to say I suck at FE. My score in Thracia was god awful. And only 5 units lived the first time I played FE6 on normal. And you said that fathers and sons was challenging and that chapter was easy even on hard with no grinding. You can call me a casual thats fine. I just dont get what kind of community gets all triggered one somebody calls another a casual for playing on, casual mode. Or plays a game on easy, or complains and wants difficulty to be downgraded etc. And also not to back peddle but its been a while since I played PoR. So maybe I got gud by that time.
  7. The difference is I dont care enough to point it out. And no I dont think I have't. And I dont care either but lets not beat around the bush now. If you play games on easy mode, you are a casual. And it seems to be true if people get all high and mighty when some one calls some one else a casual.
  8. I mean you were being a smart ass by typing "LOL" and giving an example that is not comparable. And honestly Its not a big deal dude move on. And its also because you missed my point about the gaiden chapters in SD. It goes against FE type of game play. Iron man does not. The fact that you can skip them is ok. But What I was going on about is that how to unlock them GOES AGAINST FE. If you want to unlock them kill of your units that you dont use. Thats what I did because I was curious about the maps. And I wanted more bang for my buck. I kept 15 great units and killed the rest. In a FE game I should not be actively trying to play bad to unlock them. I know its meant to help up new players but it should not do that by rewarding bad play which goes against FE and really any game. No game should reward you for bad play. Its the idea that annoys. Not so much the maps themselves like you and 24x. Seriously is this forum just filled with a bunch of paper thin skinned vaginas? Any other community I could say, if you play games on easy you are a casual without being called an elitist. This really is new to me. If you play NM or Awaking on Casual or god forbid, phoenix mode in fates you are a casual bite me.
  9. Thats the thing, the game should not reward you for that. Those characters, the pre pomotes like Nimme and yodel in FE6 exist for those reasons.
  10. No I meant that, in FE you, the player, shouldt want to kill your units. You actively try to keep them alive. Only for SD to make it that, if you want to have all the content, you have to kill off units instead of beating a chapter withen x turns OR keeping a unit alive. When you Iron, you still try to keep them alive you smart ass. It does not go against FE at all since, you still care for your units instead of sending of "useless" ones out to die to unlock a chapter. You missed my point completely. That example is competently different.
  11. They are skippable sure but they reword you for playing bad which is what I dont like in video games. They incentive's you to kill of your units which is odd in a FE game. In FE you WANT your units to live, you shouldt wanna to kill them off. Its not just that they are dumb, its that they go AGAINST FE principles. Also honestly it being ugly as fucking sin is a bigger reason. SNES and GBA FE games looked better. NES games looked better what happend IS? Basic difficulty is when you make things tougher yes, but if you make it tougher by artificially inflating the states to an absurd amount and add no new moves/enemy placement/reinforcement etc, then it became artificial.
  12. So I followed the steps and when I use epsxe 2.05 (followed the steps you linked as well) to boot up the game, its all black. and does not play any sound or anything. Where did I goof up? And is this the place to ask these kind of questions or should I make a thread?
  13. Everything you mentioned is not artificial. Artificial difficulty is a term used when describing a game thats difficulty is based around higher numbers and thats it. Ex: Normal mode has random dude with 5hp, hard mode has the dude at 50hp or something to that effect. (Ever since dark souls came out people have been using that term incorrectly I swear). Its pretty much just numbers and everything you mentioned has nothing to do with numbers other then Guaranteed hit and miss (by one) and heals can miss which, like is really not a big deal. Fatigue teaches you to resource your units as you would items, leaf having to ascape makes escape maps, actually escape maps since before and after its more of a seize the throne. Every should make it out first before the chapter ends. Warp tiles suck but are miss able/skip able so whatever. No guaranteed hit and miss sucks though but its by 1%. unless you just walk by a black cat, under stairs inside a house with an umbralla and broke a mirror, you wont be noticing that much. Honestly, maybe because I was scroll abusing Karrin, I never felt Ballistats were any more scary in FE5 then other games in which they kill instead of just damage (fuck you conquest). I find them more scary in FE6 because some of them can crit (Killer baliisatas really IS?)
  14. False just false. The one thing you might have to look up is what do scrolls do since, translation error but other then that not really. Yea there are some bullshit maps that everyone says are a bit bullshiti but every FE games has a bad map or two. We aught to look at the game as a whole, the sum of its parts. And yea the capture mechanic needs to come back and is one of the many reasons why I loved Thracia. Like, I cant wait until it gets a new/better translation because I wanna mug people again. Hopefully in the remake, since EVERYONE loves Rienheart because of the gacha game, they make him recruitable if you capture him or something, like Shiva. And have some crazy elaborate way to make him join like Michilies in NM.
  15. And actually I did try hard 5 in SD when I first played it and I thought it was weird that my units got doubled so early in the game so that led me to assume it was like awakenings lunatic/+
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