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  1. Just drop any music you want people to be aware of my dudes Id like to recommend Dirge and Lovedrug by Rav, listen to those two songs if you're looking for something chill to vibe too
  2. So what I usually see is that people say that Johalvier(Lucharba) is the better unit stat wise while Johan(Luchar) is beloved for his character, but I would like to argue that Johalvier is the better of the two in terms of character. When I first played the chapter where you can either of the two I decided to go for Johan because I thought his art was cute and I heard that he was a better-written character. When I recruited him I got a rather sour taste in my mouth, I found it weird that despite the fact that he was on a battlefield his focus was Larcie. I restarted the chapter to see what Johalvier's recruitment is like and I actually preferred it by a lot. I liked that even though he loves Larcie, his focus is on his mission and the battle. I didn't even feel that bad killing Johan since he seemed a bit crazy like right after Larcie talks to his brother Johan's first thought is that the only thing left for him to do is to kill both of them? With Johalvier I enjoyed that he felt a bit betrayed and that he had to complete his mission. Another thing I would like to add I that Larcie kinda convinces Johalvier to join her side by telling him that it would benefit the people and that Seliph's army could bring an end to all the violence. It gives him a good bit of character and ya that's why I prefer Johalvier over his brother (plus you get Nosferatu) Hope to hear what all of you think and who you prefer
  3. What I find interesting is that we both had Julia and Manfroy alive, I also had Ares attack Julius and use canto but other than that I don't think there was anything else though I may be wrong. I will try to recreate the bug and see if I can upload some screenshots. Actually, I now realize that I had Seliph attack Julius moved him beside Lene and had her dance in place. Instead of using Shannan I used Ulster.
  4. Thanks, man that's a good point I think I will play it blind first, it'll suck that I prob won't be able to get every unit but I'll get an interesting experience. much love thanks
  5. I will probably replay FE6 but that will be after I finish the Tellius games as well as Thracia. This is why I am unsure as to how to play the game since it will be a while since I play it again.
  6. So this is gonna be my first time playing FE6 and I just wanted to know whether or not to play it blind. I have heard that in order to get the secret ending there are complicated requirements that you need to complete. I don't wanna miss out on anything so I'm a bit torn on what I should do. I would be very grateful for any input you may have, thanks.
  7. So I was in the final chapter of Genealogy when I encountered something weird and wanted to know if any of you have experienced something similar. I used Altena to defeat Julius but once I was able to take control of her again her overworld was black and the audio cut out. Her sprite went back to normal once I moved her but still no audio and when I brought up the menu to have her wait a red line went across the screen. I had her wait and ended my turn and it moved on to Thracia's turn but it stayed on Arion. Like the game just froze but my units were doing that animation they do when you hover the cursor over them. That was pretty much it so I decided to load my save state and kill Julius with Seliph and everything was fine. Does anybody know what's up with this? I know there's a glitch that doesn't let you move beyond the player rank screen cause of the translation patch so could similar have happened here or is it just cause its an old SNES game. Oh ya and one more weird thing happened. When Seliph said his goodbyes to the rest of the army some default villager was also there and Seliph referred to him as Sigurd and just talked to him like he was a normal guy. Could it be the ROM I have cause I don't know man it's kinda weird?
  8. In almost every Fire Emblem it has been accompanied by an arena. As we all know the arena has a high-risk high reward type deal but this is not the case for Genealogy, rather you get a huge reward for very little risk. In the other FE games, your units will die if they reach 0 HP in the arena but in Genealogy your units are left at 1 HP. This allows you to heal that unit back to full HP and send them back into the arena for another chance to clear the arena and come out bags full of gold. There's really no reason not to send your units into the arena seeing as how you get nothing but gold and exp from it and it doesn't even handicap you when going into battle since you can heal all your units back to full before anyone even comes close to an enemy. This wouldn't be that bad were it not for the ridiculous amount of gold you get from the arena. In my first playthrough of Genealogy, I was easily able to cap everyone's gold and trade the paragon band amongst my army. By the time I was finished with the arena, all my units were wayy stronger than most enemies. What I would like to know is if IS were to remake Genealogy how would you change the arena to balance the game OR would you argue that the arena is balanced and shouldn't be changed. Some ideas I had in order to balance the arena was to have the enemies scale in level depending on the average level of your army. Another was to simply increase the arenas difficulty either by giving higher stats to the opponent as well as getting less gold from the arena. Thanks and would love to hear your thoughts.
  9. I would like it if they gave Roy better growths so that when I use him he doesn't feel like he's attacking with a butter knife
  10. I'm glad that most of my favorite characters are in like Eldigan, Quan, Ares, Michalis and Camus but it is unfortunate that some of my most beloved characters have been given unfortunate stats like Berkut and Finn. The only character that I would say I realyyy want is Marcus(either version of him is good for me)
  11. IV recommendations for Seliph? If I were to go for a DC or a weapon refine build what would you recommend? atm I have a +atk -hp, I feel that this works well for a dc build and that this bane is better than a -speed. But if I were to go for a weapon refine build I feel that a +defense -speed works best Thoughts?
  12. With Seliphs new refine he now able to be built in a multitude of ways from a mage killer to a brawler. But I was wondering, what are his best IV's? When it comes to boons I would say that it is between either attack or defense. With a boon in attack he is able to kill mages more reliably if you go for a DC build but on the other hand with a defense boon he becomes pretty tanky an is ideal for a refined Tyrfing build Banes are more complicated though. I would say that it could be speed, hp and res. The only issue is that with sacrifising one he is left very vulnrable in some way. For example with a res bane he retains some speed and won't be doubled besome units but the issue with this is that mages will wreck him and it can be argued that he willl be doubled either way. Hp is another option but with such high hp you could give him infantry pulse and that would work great on him. Though it can be argued that hp may be his best bane if you decide to go for a defense boon. I say this because you could then go and give him even defense wave and he will do great. So what are your thoughts on this and what would you say are Seliphs best IV's?
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