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  1. Macuil is Wind Dragon, so he is an eagle Indech is Water Dragon and he is a turtle Seiros aka Rhea is Sky Dragon https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Crests#Crest_item_availability
  2. For Edelgard route, Dorothea Otherwise, always Flayn for dancer
  3. I like the turnwheel, saves me time from having to restart the game due to unlucky RNG
  4. Lol JP audio is better especially for the "I am Ferdinand Von Aegir" line
  5. Sylvain hitting on a scarecrow in English translation when it's supposed to be a crossdresser in Japanese Treehouse is at it again
  6. Nope, the mages and Brave weapon users will tear him apart
  7. Lol I think Ignatz should be Dancer for Golden Deer
  8. Hey at least no one here is unlucky as me as to witness Lorenz' dancing
  9. Jeralt is already the captain of the knights He doesn't have free time to play teacher so Byleth has to become the professor
  10. I notice Byleth doesn't seem to grow in SPD as Enlightened One But That is their only weakness Levin Sword Byleth can wipe out all enemies without high RES and anyone with RES can be killed with normal swords, pretty OP huh?
  11. I like Male Byleth more but I'm voting Female because IS is starting to prefer Female Avatars like Corrin Also better fanservicešŸ˜
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