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  1. What Book 3 needs: - Marth What I expect: - Not Marth as the main character
  2. It's a gambling game made to be psychologically manipulative to get you to spend more and more and more and once they sap all the money out of their victims, they shut down the service and that's that. That is the state of the gambling game.
  3. She's cool, I guess. Kinda worthless like FE6 in general
  4. >GameFAQs hahhaha nice joke Marth is technically the strongest, Roy is closer to Marth, and Lucina as per usual is on the ground dead.
  5. Just get rid of marriage, be done with it. It's awful, it's been ruined from the original intent, and at this point it's only going to create more entitled people thinking the game is bad because they can't have an old man date a child...looking at you, awful reviews.
  6. Rondo of Blood, Aria of Sorrow, and the good DS game are pretty fun for beginners, just SoTN can be a bitch, especially the second half.
  7. Persona 4 Golden reminds me of Sonic 06. It real bad but the music is alright, not amazing, but it's okay. I dislike basically everything in this, but that's also due to my bias for Old MegaTen. Old MegaTen used to have life and now we have waifu wars and a fanbase that has no respect for the classics. Also Atlus is a stupid bitch.
  8. I was talking about both but even then she is still trash, 0/10 worst unit needs more bench in her diet
  9. Clair to FE6 so I have an even better reason to bench Clair
  10. For legal reasons, probably but I doubt it's any sort of deal at all. Just don't release a commercial product w/ the same name, that's a prime way to get a lawsuit going.
  11. In Book 2, to get the real ending, you must collect ALL the shards, spheres, and save the priestesses that were kidnapped. So you have to use specific units like Julian, Sirius, and so on. Not that that is an issue...in FE12. However in 3, Dismount exists and dismount was made by satan
  12. I was wishing the video was a Spider Man and Elsa video just so I could laugh but alas, I guess not.
  13. Lute. Obvious reason is obvious. She is simply the best character period.
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