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  1. Awakening is a boring fire emblem game imo. I beat it at first and then just never went back. It's way too easy for me tbh. I highly prefer something like fates conquest with its higher difficulty of gameplay and the many class options coming from different seals.
  2. Aren't they all adults though besides Kanna? And thats why Kanna cant marry them or anything. Besides theres a lot of dialogue saying their only adults and what not. Such as Midori mentioning shes only short and so on.
  3. I personally feel like the story might be a bit generic, gameplay looks pretty cool though with the whole blade system. I'm more excited to get into the meat and potatoes of the game and listen to the amazing music.
  4. Hahahah, I laughed too hard at this lmao... I think I went for witch Elise since her magic stat was pretty high, I dont remember what I did with Kanna though because I think that was my fifth or sixth playthrough and I stopped playing around that time lol.
  5. Yeah being able to actually walk around is a plus. The 3ds had limitations obviously but Id love to do that. The best part was the ost and the multiplayer capture functions.
  6. Midori's support is really sweet. I love how she takes care of the avatar while he's sick, Elise's is sweet as well. Something about their personalities just warms my heart.
  7. I thought it was pretty nifty. Maybe if they added more features it would have been better, but the whole eating thing was kind of interesting i guess. Would love to see it return in a future fe game with more stuff to do around the area.
  8. The gameplay is really good, especially in conquest. Theres just so many class options, I found myself doing multiple playthroughs to have each character be different classes. The music is phenomenal as well, road taken is defintley one of my favorite rpg songs atm. However the story is pretty lukewarm and a bit disappointing. If you're going to get it do it for gameplay alone.
  9. I like dread fighter because of the utility, I feel like its a class that gets overlooked too much. Valkyrie is also pretty neat, but I was sad to see what they did to it in fates. Maid and butler is pretty cool as well, I honestly hope it returns, having a staff class with a ranged weapon was just really appealing. Tactician was also very cool, I liked the idea of a foot soldier using magic and swords.
  10. Poor Elise. Eh oh well. Conquest: Elise and Midori Birthright: Female avatar married Yukimura male avatar married Caeldori. Revelation: I married Selena as a male avatar and Fuga as a female.
  11. Ah, basically reminds me of my own game idea, if they do this then they really are back to making great fire emblem games. Would love to make the main character, only to have the main character be killed at the end. I also hope the game can explore some pretty dark themes if they really are going for this gothic horror route.
  12. I'd recommend persona 4 golden. It has a lot more content that makes the game a bit more enjoyable as well. Don't worry about getting a vita for the game, just buy a playstation tv and persona 4 golden and you're all good to go! ^^
  13. I'm just saying let fates be fates and lets have hope for the new game. I'm sure they learned from past mistakes and will actually make a game with a real story this time and characters that aren't too one dimensional .
  14. That's what I meant but give them more character. Wouldn't you guys love to see another game like genealogy? Were the kids make a lot more sense? I'm just saying this game has the potential to be one of the best fe games and that marriage and children arent bad systems as long as they just flesh out the characters. If they get better writers this could be an amazing rpg.
  15. Back on topic though. I really like the concept of the main character being a villain, I just hope they don't make it really corny like some games do. Like I said they should play it off like the early scenes of Persona 5. I had thought that the main character was actually evil in that game. I do hope they bring back the dingeon crawling from echoes, it made the game a lot more fresh. Marriage and children units are okay with me as long as they give them more character. So I take it the day and night cycles would be like what we saw in fates but would be more important to the gameplay? Especially if the main character is a vampire. Also I noticed you guys were talking about how the game could have two paths, but why give us an avatar then have us control Alain? Wouldn't it be better to make an avatar for his army as well then?
  16. I guess I'm just desensitized to a lot of things, as well as I don't use the word cringe since it pretty much has lost it's meaning in this day and age.
  17. Camilla was a bit better than Tharja, infact I've seen some supports that give Camilla more depth than anything. I can see why people make sexy characters, it brings in customers just like the marriage and kids bought in those kinds of customers too.
  18. I never had problems with this to be honest. It would be nice to have a sexy character who isn't just obsessed with your character.
  19. So why are people cringing at the succubus again? At least give good reasons as to why. The sundial probably has something to do with the day and night cycle of the game so it would make sense.
  20. If it is true it gives off a persona 5 vibe. I'd really love to see them keep the avatar in but also make the game more interesting than fates and awakening. If this is real I'm going to make sure I can get a switch ASAP.
  21. I usually married a kid in my playthroughs because I wanted to get every playable character. I'm just a completionist tbh. There's also the Corrin sexuals as well.
  22. I liked fates more than Awakening and I honestly think it's better than it. The gameplay is more enjoyable to me and I see Awakening as being too easy. Conquest was really challenging and fun. I acknowledge that both games have questionable stories and plot points, but I still prefer fates due to it's gameplay.
  23. I really liked him as a bow knight, despite it being a meh class. His A support with Niles and support with him is great, fleshing out both characters well. I'm a fan of both men so it was fun to watch them interact.
  24. Hello there, I'm new here too. Nice to meet you ^^
  25. I'm not sure what my internet did, but sorry for making another thread. My bad.
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