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  1. Is there any "path" for reclassing characters? Should I aim for T1 classes skills first?
  2. The problem is, as far as Hard go(I played until up chapter 16 so far) the game wasn't very hard, at the end I was just facerolling stages. Though I did grind other characters as well, which was dumb of my part. And I have a question, besides Armthrift, Vantage, Mov +1 and Gamble, is there anything else that I should be looking from T1 classes? I'm talking abou other characters, not Avatar. The hit/avd skills seems kinda useless since we get breaker skills and sometimes weapons with them.
  3. It was my first time playing the game, I checked on Gfaqs the parenting stuff and everything mentioned getting Galeforce but by the time I got it on Lissa and Maribelle everyone was overleveled and the game became too easy(playing on Hard). I'm restarting, but now I will do things sligthly different and pass Dual Support+ instead.
  4. I started playing this game today and everything was all fine and dandy until I saw not everyone have support with each other, so I decided to restart and try to do a proper progression. But then I just started to try to "optimize" strategies, like only trying to put characters that can gain support with each other, this made me reset some chapters because I wasn't paying attention to enemy attack ranges and stuff. However, my biggest wall so far is trying to put optimize who to pair with who because of bonuses, some characters are obvious but others are rather hard, since I'm aiming for the pairs with lowest points(like Stahl/Miriel) it's rather uh... useless to pair them up because of bonuses. So, how should I approach this? I'm playing on Hard/Classic with a future Lunatic playtrhough in mind.
  5. The game has too many characters and I'm only at chapter 4, I don't know who to use. I'm doing a Hard playthrough with no intention to reclass anyone besides MC(to see how they turn out) but I'm overwhelmed. What should I do? Who I should bother with? There are 77 playbale characters, man.
  6. I'll be direct as possible About two years ago or so, I tried getting into FE, starting with this remake... Not gonna lie, I loved it, but I did it wrong and it was frustrating, which made me not finish the game. I decided to give the series another try, specially because the later games looks much better. My mistake was that I started on H5 right of the bat, which was a huge mistake... Today I decided to try again, this time giving my pride a break and lowering the difficult a bit. However I still don't know which of the Hard difficulties are the more balanced one, I still want a good challenge, but I don't want to soft reset every chapter 60 times before one of my strategies works. Which difficult I pick? When I tried Normal it was a bit of boring because I facerolled tons of chapters. EDIT: Turns out I already finished the game on H5... I do have pretty bad memory(thanks meds) and I have vague memory of doing it, but I remember more the frustrations and billions soft reset than actually finishing it. Guess I'll move to FE12, which I confirmed I didn't play yet.
  7. Yeah, I already got my team complete though. Caeda, Cain, Abel, Draug, Ogma, Barst, Cord, Julian, Lena, Maria, Linde, Beck, Catria, Palla, Est and Tiki. I used Wolf and Sedgar for a while, but they made 4~6 chapters too easy, I only use Wolf if I need to farm Arena now.
  8. I just got done with CH14, who need archers when you have Javelins anyways? I do need more Master Seals, I only got 3 so far.
  9. Yeah, I saw on the simulator, I'll see when I promote him, Cain, Abel and Hardin. I'm in dire need of some archers though. There are 3 images in there.
  10. Are you guys sure about Navarre:Cavalier? Yes. I abused the CH3 boss a lot.
  11. I'm almost loading my CH4 save just to do the "Paralogues", even though I know the characters aren't that great and I'm pretty sure that reaching the boss with all those garbage tier characters will be a pain in the ass. And I also need to babysit Julian
  12. My problem with Cain and Navarre is leveling their lance rank to use Javelins, with Cain it was almost impossible because of Axe Emblem on the first 3 chapters, some even doubled me, while Navarre get a bit of a downgrade when you reclass him and stuff will double him no matter what.
  13. I'm already on chapter 9, with a lot of people 10+. I learned to grind bosses, I also spent a lot of time researching whom to use on my main party, I dumped Jaegen because Abel surpassed him by level 12. Only reclass I did for now was Draug because he sucks as Knight so I made him a Hunter and he doubles a lot of people with Irons, I'm also using the Horsemen from CH5 because their growths are OP, I'll probably dump Draug when Barst and Cord turn into Warriors, my only problem now is how Marth is getting behind everyone, almost all of my party except the pre-promoted are 10+ while Marth is 5. Also I don't know if I should promote on level 10 or 20.
  14. I enjoy the challenges, even if I need to take days to pass a chapter. I've softreseted a billion times already because I'm going deathless. Playing on Hardest difficult also makes me understand the game mechanics more.
  15. It's my first time playing Fire Emblem as well. I only play games on the hardest mode available unless there are NG+ stuff.
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