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  1. FE6: Lilina (Cecilia) FE7: Lyn (Ninian) FE8: Tana (Ephraim) FE9: Ike (Soren) FE10: Sothe (Titania) FE11: Marth (Caeda) FE12 Ogma (Linde) FE13: Lucina (Tharja) FE14(C): Camilla (Niles) FE14(B): Ryoma (Kagero) FE14(R): Azura (Leo) FE15: Celica (Sonya) FEH: Anna (Sharena)
  2. Favorite: Disgusting. I lost my mind when I read that the day Ephraim joined heroes. Least Favorite: Thotja, Thotmilla. I love both Tharja and Camilla, and it has nothing to do with their "raunchy" character designs. Both have personalities that I feel compliment the cast of their respective games well and there is more than one reason for these character's popularity. The thot meme just turns them into something that they aren't, which is too simplistic for my taste. Really, if "bustiness" alone was all it took for a character to be popular, Orochi and Kagero would've been up there with Tharja in CYL. They weren't.
  3. Yeah, that's a good point. I'm fairly new here and wasn't sure whether we (members of this forum) like to argue where everyone can see, or in private. I agree that it's a bad look on my part and genuinely am sorry to anyone discouraged by this. Thanks for that.
  4. I wasn't initially going to respond, but that seemed a lot more aggressive. I'm just going to defend myself at this point, hopefully nothing more. I used "fuck" because I felt it established my level of enthusiasm. I used it once and at the start of my post. Others on this forum use it in the same way. I can give you a bunch of quotes, but i'd prefer not to get others involved and you already know this is true. What was that you said about dishonesty? It is for me to decide what I think best gets my point across - Not you. You can say I overreacted if you want. That's all good and I respect your opinion. I can do without the language policing, though. I already posted about how I'm no longer bothered about the Azura situation whatsoever. I WAS annoyed, but now I'm not at all. I understand why they would lock her behind DLC, and have moved beyond all issues I had with the game. I said what articulated my feelings at the time and stand by what I said. Again, you're trying to turn what I said about GameFAQ's into something degrading when it blatantly was not. It is a fact that GameFAQ's is known for being critical, and my post was highly critical. Again, critical is not a bad thing. I just didn't want to shift the tone of Serenes Forrest, which is a more optimistic forum, too much. My post was perfectly fine and your attempts to villify it aren't working out too well. I did not bash the people who use GameFAQ's even a little. YOU are the one who openly dislikes that forum, not me. I prefer GameFAQ's to SF BECAUSE they are genuine and don't mind critical opinions. In addition, I said NOTHING about the people there, so I'd appreciate it if you stopped acting like I was bashing the people who use my goto FE forum when all I did was acknowledge its critical nature. With that said, I absolutely stand by every word I made in that post, despite that post having been made in anger and now being made irrelevant due to a change in my sentiments, because I did nothing whatsoever to violate the code of conduct or hurt anyone's feelings directly or otherwise. You can try and twist it however you want, but you're only digging the hole deeper and it isn't (in my opinion) a good look for yourself. My post was perfectly acceptable, and I'll be sure to post something similar should I find it appropriate. EDIT: Should you choose to respond, I think it would be best to do it via PM's, so as to not (further) derail the thread.
  5. My intent with the statement about you being a mod had to do with what seems to be you having a tendency to hold others to different standards. You made no mention of anyone else who used taboo language, even in this thread, but it was wrong when I did it, for some reason. I appreciate that you're trying to keep things clean, though. Dishonesty is not a factor here. No false statements have been made from either of us, so I'm not sure what you're going for by saying you don't tolerate dishonesty. I didn't even come close to making a thread knocking GameFAQ's. I'd argue that I didn't even knock it at all. I said I didn't want to sound like I was from there (but I am). GameFAQ's tends to be very critical. This is NOT a bad thing! I think a lot of people applaud it's critical and genuine nature. I don't know why you're trying to act like my words were hurtful to GameFAQ's members. It seems more like a deserpate attempt to make my post into something it wasn't. I use GameFAQ's regularly. I like it more than SF, so I'm not sure what you're trying to say. Again, acknowledging the factually accurate truth that GameFAQ's tends to be critical isn't to say that it's bad. You're the one who said you "don't have a glowing opinion" of it, for some reason. With that said, I think it'd be best for us to de-escalate this. I'll give you the last word.
  6. My goodness, all I said about GameFAQ's was that I didn't want to sound like I came straight out of it - It's well known for being hostile. I don't know what's got you so bothered, but please relax. We're all friends here. (: Don't single me out with language taboos. I wouldn't say words I didn't see on here already. I suggest you think before you speak - Seeing a moderator behave in such a way casts a negative light on Serenes Forest. One I don't think it deserves. Honestly, you seem really cool, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were in a bad mood.
  7. That's a good way to look at it. I'm almost positive that they're not as stupid as the first statement seems to want us to believe. I'm guessing that it's not that she simply wasn't added, but that she was KEPT from being added for the DLC monies. Rena Strober also confirmed a little while ago that she was happy to be voicing Azura in Heroes "and other projects" which seems to indicate that the Warriors team has ALREADY worked with Azura. Not that they'd ever admit to this. We just didn't want too many Fates characters guys, honest!
  8. You may have seen my little rant from earlier, but I was pissed to the point of calling whoever made this decision dead to me, lol. I agree that it IS annoying, but *sigh* at least I get my water goddess, pay wall or not. In all honesty, their reason for not including her was probably bullshit and they made her DLC BECAUSE of her popularity. More money if the DLC is fan favorite characters than if they had made Hinoka DLC instead.
  9. Never mind y'all, (somewhat) false alarm. TGS Day 4 consisted of the announcement of 3 DLC packs. One for Fates, one for Awakening, and one for SD. Xander's VA asked for a hint as to who might show up in the Fates pack to which he was told it was someone who the Fates royals regarded as family. Azura is all but confirmed as the first DLC character. For those still disappointed, DLC characters have been confirmed to have bond conversations and their goal is for them to be indiscernible from characters that were in the base game. (: Azura is in good standing.
  10. To be clear: I never once told anyone else to stop complaining about the roster, or anything even remotely of that sort whatsoever. While I was personally OK with the roster up until now, I heard and appreciated everyone else's complaints, especially being an old school fan myself. I never forfeited my right to complain about an absolutely garbage decision that ignored fans entirely.
  11. She has dirt popularity in a RELATIVE sense. All other royals are much more popular and Azura is much, much, much more popular. As far as Fates is concerned, she has dirt popularity. Being the least of the 10 Fates royals is a big deal in a game that only has 3 Shadow Dragon characters. We're playing with single digits, not double.
  12. Sorry, but no, fuck this and whoever was responsible for this GARBAGE decision. You include Hinoka, a character with dirt popularity who is also a semi-clone that brings nothing to the table...To balance out the fact that you included Camilla, a popular character who is also extremely unique? To be fair to the Hoshidans? No. Just put in Camilla and Takumi (who beat Leo in popularity in CYL). The older brothers both had to be in, of course, but I wish they didn't. They're BOTH less popular than the younger brothers too. Make them DLC. Azura is way more popular than Hinoka. Hinoka is irrelevant. She was included for no reason. Why am I harping on Hinoka? Because she's the least popular of all the Fates royals AND the most irrelevant to the story. Filth. I'm actually fuming over a video game roster and I gave this game the benefit of the doubt from Day 1. Include JUST Azura and Corrin (F) and you'd have a better roster! Azura is more popular, more relevant, has better moveset potential, and isn't a sword unit like your Walmart discount Alfonse and Sharena. SURE, I'm an Azura fangirl, but I don't think that I'm being unreasonable. If that text legitimately deconfirms Azura, oh man. I will still get this game the second it releases. But I won't be happy. When I heard that they were focusing on Fates, I was happy for one reason: I knew Azura would be in. I could go on about this trash. I don't want to sound like I'm straight out of GameFAQ's or anything, but they just deconfirmed my water goddess and I'm not having it. Fine, Koei. Add Ogma and Navarre too while you're at it, yeah? And why not Sword Gray, Saber, Sword Tobin, and Sword Kliff too? Make sure they're all Marth clones! Whoever chose to not include Azura is dead to me. Don't care. Not exaggerating. No wonder people threatened to quit over this trash roster! Putting Hinoka in over Azura must've had something to do with that. Screw Koei Tecmo. Add Azura as DLC immediately.
  13. I've tried. I spent 2 hours on the Ultimate Tutorial before finally deciding that particular chapter only works for FE7, and can't be bent for FE6. I ask as a last resort. In fact, I've never even had to ask before, hence the new account. Arch never went into FE6 boss convos. Searching "FE6 boss conversation hacking EA" yields no results. If you don't know yourself, I understand. lol this one's a doozy.
  14. Sorry if I'm starting to tire you out. I'm asking myself how I got this down so well before. How would I code the conditional? Also, as I'm not making any major event changes, I should disassemble first, add my changes, and then assemble that modified text document, right? Assuming this is the case, should I be disassembling "Chapter Events" or "Chapter Changes"? I've been doing Events. Thanks lots and lots. (:
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