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  1. The guy on the bottom, 2nd from the left looks odd. Might see it you can rework it. Also you might want to fix up the walls, they seem off and out of place.
  2. I can't remember on what route (Thinking it's siding with Edelgard) , but it is mentioned that there Was a Southern Church, but it was wiped out by the Empire at some point before the Insurrection of the Seven. Also, looking at the Seros Mural, there is 21 Crests, but there's 22 in the game. Notice how the image in the mural is shown, you could put the shape of The Crest of Flames over it and see it's been hiding there all along. So, by going around clockwise from the top we have the following: Seiros, Cichol, Macuil, Ernest, Dominic, Fraldarius, Noa, Daphnel, Blaiddyd, Gloucester, Goneril, Aubin, Gautier, The Beast, Charon, Timotheos, Riegan, Chevalier, Lamine, Indech, and finally Cethleann.
  3. Why not make it a Fog of War/Nighttime battle. The party having to go through a wooded valley that are lined with some old ruins giving it more of an Ambush feeling when the map begins.
  4. Hey, Sire. I'm not one for making maps but maybe you could use this map layout I cobbled up for chapter one: It might be an FE8 styled map, but it should help you out.
  5. Thought I'm also indifferent, why not have it as such: In his attempt to change Serenia into his own vision, Anonymous plans to corrupt the Ban Hammer, the sacred relic of Serenia, then use it to cause a Time Crash event. However, no one is quite sure as how much power the Ban Hammer truly has, as no one would dare use it to the fullest.
  6. Pity that the other project didn't go on. But I'm still game, but with a little twist.. Character Name: Kale K. Forum Name: KKAfterbrun Class: Thief Affiliation: Protagonist Recruitment: Talk with "Lord" in Chapter 7 (Green Unit) Recruitment Time: Early-Game 96 x 96 Face Portrait: Other Notes: Well rounded speed and skill growth with an abnormally high base Res. Good base Strength but low Strength, Def, and Luck growth. He's somewhat egotistical, thinking of himself as a master thief, but falls short. More mischievous then dangerous, he's more known for sharp remarks, bad puns, and simple cons then killing. He does have a kind heart, as he works out of a ruin settlement filled with orphans. Will fight to protect them, even at terrible odds. Shows up as the Boss in Chapter 4: Far From the Forest, paid by an unknown client under the premise that the hero's are child slavers.
  7. I have a theory that needs some timing issues worked out. When did the experiments on Lysithea take place? Was it one or more years prior to the story? Whatever happened to Randolph Sister?
  8. I know during the first battle at the monistary, Caspar notes that Randolph looks like someone he should know, but it seems he's too caught up in the fight that he doesn't notice. Randolph however realizes this and calls Caspar a traitor. Also if you have Ashe after the Gronder field map, during the time skip, He asks about Dudue, to which he does have a quote with during that map.
  9. I can't recall if it was with the avatar or someone else, but in one of her supports, Lysithea mentions that she and many other kids were tested on when House Ordelia was under Imperial rule. Most had died from the experiments and they continued till Lysithea's hair turned white. As she said "One day I woke up and all the pigment in my hair was gone. They quickly tested me and they saw I had two crests." This whole two crest thing, as I see, is a case of 'too much' power for one to handle. It's an overload on one's lifeforce like having a Nitro booster on a car, it gives lots of power to the engine but wears out the inner workings at a far faster rate. If a child was ever born with two crest, it may not have lived long enough to have been proven that it would have two crest and as such is thought to be impossible. Lysithea could have been the 'proto-type' for Eldegard as their had succeeded in their experiments on her and the other kids of House Ordelia, with Lysithea being the only survivor.
  10. You probably need to recruit him pre timeskip first for that to work Good god, I got luck that I got Ashe just in time, I snagged him on the last map before the time-skip. I was wondering why Petra showed up and not Ashe after the first map after the time skip. (I had Petra on my team after chp 10. ) But does that mean I could have gotten Ferdinand on the great bridge map? It didn't give me the option to spare him. Did I have to kill the other boss first?
  11. Just a quick question. If there isn't enough bosses, would I be able to submit a second boss?
  12. I'm going to post something a little different, a recurring Sub Boss (Mini Boss) during the early mid game. Name: KK Afterbrun Class: Merry Man Main weapon: Killer Bow Secondary weapon: Steel Dagger Items to drop and/or steal(in order of preference): Skeleton Key, Boots, then Unequipped weapon. Personal Skills(in order of preference): Re-Action, Avoid +10, Wrath Unit stats: High speed and Luck, good Res, but low Def. Average Strength and Skill. Unit details: Shows up with thieves on a village map, then the following castle map. Shows up once more, but as a green unit. Character backstory: An opportunistic, snarky conman, he works with other thieves to steal whatever isn't nailed down, only to stab his 'allies' in the back later. He come off as just another thief, but subtly hints that he's a good person. His true intentions are show in a later part of the mid game when he tries to protect a recruit-able unit. If he survives, he gives the player a Wrath Scroll, but does not join. Battle Quote 1: "Eh? Who are you?" 'Retreat' Quote 1: "Guh… Not going to fall here, time to book it!" Battle Quote 2: "What you guys again? You following me or something?" 'Retreat' Quote 2: "There's just somedays you can't bust into a castle to rob it. I'm out of here!" Battle Quote 3: Hey Ugly! Why don't you pick on some one you own size!" Death Quote: "Egh..Looks as if I was good for.. Somethin'..." (I adjusted my portrait to fit the 16 color as the feather would have been a problem)
  13. Priscilla joins up as a Thief, has a Slim Sword and Lockpick, and has the following bases: Hp: 21 Str: 6 Skill: 7 Spd: 10 Luck: 3 Def: 9 Res: 2 Con: 6 Swords: D Her new Growth Rates are as follows: Hp: 75% Str: 50% Skill: 20% Spd: 80% Luck: 85% Def: 5% Res: 15%
  14. … All but one is right. Well, Looks like someone did a lot of digging. The irony is the Extra is who you got wrong. It Guinivere. But anyways, Welshie, you got it. (The extra was a bonus, I didn't expect anyone to bother with it)
  15. With X-mas on the way, I thought why not have another Who's Who challenge. However, I wanted to make it a little harder this time. So this is the roster you have to figure out: Yep, it's FE6 your working with this time. Once more there you got to figure out this mess of recruitment. You've got till the 25th to get the roster sorted, and you can work with others to get the answers. One word of note: The person who get the most, if not all, right might get a unique reward. But they need 75% or better. Good luck, you might need it.
  16. As peppy from Star Fox said "Never give up, Trust your instincts!" Just because you lost the cartrage, doesn't mean you should give up. If you can't find a cart, search for a rom and an emulator.
  17. Well, times up. Pity that not many people jumped in to this, but then again most have other things to do now. I e: School But it's now time to show the answer to Who's Who: Hector - Fiora Eliwood - Karel Lyn - Lyn Matthew - Hawkeye Oswin - Dorcas Serra - Kent Marcus - Pent Lowen - Heath Rebecca - Lucius Dorcas - Farina Bartre - Nils Guy - Jaffar Erk - Erk Priscilla - Guy Kent - Serra Sain - Lowen Florina - Nino Wil - Marcus Raven - Louise Lucius - Dart Dart - Geitz Canas - Harken Fiora - Hector Legault - Legault Ninian - Matthew Isadora - Athos Heath - Rebecca Rath - Wallace Pent - Rath Hawkeye - Wil Wallace - Oswin Geitz - Bartre Farina - Raven Louise - Priscilla Karel - Eliwood Harken - Isadora Nino - Florina Jaffar - Sain Vaida - Canas Karla - Vaida Nils - Ninian Renault - Renault Athos - Karla So 4 of them just changed jobs out of all of them. I may do this again later this year, so keep an eye out for it. Congrats to AnonymousSpeed for getting more then a few.
  18. Tomorrow is the last day for you guys to figure out Who's Who. I was hoping for at least one or two more posts before the big reveal...But there is still time to place your guesses.
  19. With 16 days left, it's glaringly obvious that no one is closer to finding the full roster then AnonymousSpeed. Still I like to see more ideas of who you guys might think of who's who. As stated, on the 28th, I will reveal the full list. I do encourage working together to figure it out. Good luck and don't give up!
  20. Eh, I'll give it a try. But I think I'll start the day 3 archetype Archetype: Day 3 - 'Brash' Horseman Name: Rygar Class: Axe Cavalier Appearance: Rygar has short Emerald colored hair and eyes, standing around 5'6" and around his early 30s. His armor is a deep burgundy with green trimming, however it's full of dents and dings from his training. He is often see riding his black maned , grey and white spotted horse. Always seems to have a smirk on his face. Description: Rygar is every bit a dreamer. Son to a Militia man, Rygar quickly learn how to fight dealing with bandits and dreamed one day to serve a lordling. At fifteen, he became the captain of the militia in his village, the youngest ever in his home land of Gwental on the island kingdom of Akavir. However, Rygar looked for a way out for he knew that he'd go nowhere. That time came five years later when a friend convinced him to join a troop of sellswords. It would be another twelve years before he was accepted to become a knight of the Lazarn, another region of Akavir under the rule of Lady Oderra. It was there he was assigned to serve under her daughter, Lylanis. However, Rygar is not without his faults. He uses his spare time trying to pick up young maidens and practicing Axe throwing on his horse at full speed, to impress women, often getting hurt in the process. He also doesn't take care of his weapons very well, often needing new one. Almost always smirking, Rygar is rarely seen to loss his temper or become upset, but if such happens, many are taken back as it's never like him to do so. He also tends to be gullible towards beautiful women, often getting himself robbed or made a fool of, but he shrugs it off as if it was nothing. The one thing that Rygar doesn't like to speak of is his time as a mercenary, as some parts of it haunts him to this day. He's caring for his family, but not in the traditional way, but the people he trains with. He himself has no family to speak of, or so he saids. Crit Quotes: "Here, Catch this! The girls are watching me." "This is as good for scrap." "Either be more careful or try harder next time." Death Quote: "I..I bungled that hard...Sorry little.. bro…" The Crunch: Rygar boast great strength and skill with an axe, coming in with a 'c' rank. His speed and Defense bases are also fairly well rounded for his class. However both his luck and Res are poor and his defensive growth is quiet shaky. Additional Notes His parents were killed during his time as a mercenary. He's got a younger brother, but he hasn't seen him in six years and is believed to be dead. Part of his character inspiration comes from Laslow(Fates), Sain(FE7), and Kieran(PoR and RD).
  21. Good guesses, but I won't reveal until the 28th of next month. You might want to rethink who you've got as who, as I do spot some wrong ones.
  22. So I was going through a randomized Hector run of FE7 when I got this little idea. So here's how it works: I'm going to post my roster with the name of what my units became. But Who's who? Some will be obvious while others not so much. Using their respected portraits I did some recolors. So here's what my roster came out like: Now it's obvious for at least two of them but let's see how you do. I'm give you till Oct 28th, quiet generous time line, to tell me who each unit is by their pallet. I'll only look at a full list and not just a name here and there. So good luck and we'll see how everyone does.
  23. Wow...It's been a while since I posted some sprite work. Both my Trapper sprites and my Female Poacher Sprite got a redo as well I have a new pair to show off: First, I reworked my female poacher. Much like her male counter part, this is her fourth design. Though I only showed her third design here's what it started out as: Next is my Trappers: I simple reworked the hat to make it look cleaner. And finally my latest: I call these Tracker and Vire classes. Basicly my own interpretation of a Female fighter and warrior classes. (Though the latter do not use bows) Once more I'd like some feedback on them so I can better my sprite skills.
  24. This seems like the Mysterious Island topic in the DS Fire Emblem section. I can see the similarities to both Tellius and to Silesia as well as the differences. But one can argue in favor or not doesn't mean they are not the same. First, do we know when Three Houses happens in the FE Timeline? If Genealogy and Thracia are the first in the timeline, then it can be argued that some time after FE 4 & 5, the landmass shattered into the different lands that we've seen through out the series. Much how Akaneia and Valentia would become Ylisse and Valm in Awakening, it can be said that the Kingdom of Silesia becomes Fódlan and eventully becomes Tellius. If that is the case then if we look at the map of Jugdral, a case can be made that Miletos would become Magvel and Fates would take place in the regions once known as Isaac and the Yied Desert. Grandbell would become Elibe and Agustria and Verdane become Akaneia and Valentia. However, there is no hard facts so there isn't a reason to jump to a theory and praise it as fact. It's quiet possible that Fódlan and Tellius are the same lands, just hundreds or even thousands of years apart. There is just no way of knowing at this moment.
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