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  1. So today I was looking up FE16 leaks and came across a source that said that FE16 is going to be "dark" and "Gothic" theme. There was also stuff about new classes, two races, your avatar (but not the main character like Corrin), weapon triangle pre-Fates, and other things. I've never thought that this could be something Fire Emblem could be. Do you think this is a fake or accurate. In my opinion, sounds like fake news.
  2. Well, this is the first ever forum I have joined and I couldn't be happier being surrounded by FE fans! I'm still not used to how forums work so please tell me how things go around. I first played FE: Birthright as a treat for myself after finals last year. It was such a fun experience playing it alone, but when my closest relative had a copy of the game herself without me knowing, I almost died of joy. The summer of 2016 was probably the best memories I ever had playing FE. After finishing Birthright, I hit a period of intense depression and playing Revelation and Conquest helped me feel... happier again. I know it's silly, but Fire Emblem helped me through my toughest times. Right after finishing Conquest, the January FE direct took place-- you know how we all reacted to that. Days before Heroes came out I was so excited and happy I couldn't sleep at night thinking: "One less day before...!" That's probably found out there were other FE games besides Awakening I haven't played and where my curiosity for FE7 and 6 sparked. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Echoes on the release date since I was studying (I don't want to be distracted lol) but the thought of getting it afterwards motivated me to study harder (laughs). That's my story of FE.(LMAO) this is pretty cheesy, but I love this franchise.
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