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  1. Alright everyone sorry for the delay. Had an unexpectedly busy weekend. Stats below. The (+#) are the boosts from things like passive skills, yato, etc Corrin Lv 6 Paladin 34/23/10/12/24/23/20 (+2)/12 (+2) Jakob Lv 22 Butler 29/19/11/20/17/22/12/15 (+2) Azura Lv 21 Songstress 19/14/6/23/26/16 (+4)/8/12 Camilla Lv 11 Wyvern Lord 37/29 (+2)/11/28/24/17/27/17 Beruka Lv 7 Wyvern Lord 33/23 (+2)/1/30/20/22/30/14 Peri Lv 3 Paladin 31/22/2/15/24/19/17/19 Leo Lv 6 Dark Knight 37/15/24/16/18/17/18/24 Xander Lv 8 Paladin 41/27/4/20/16/24/25 (+4)/14 Shura Lv 6 Adventurer 32/19/12/21/26/15/14/25 Elise Lv4 Strategist 26/5/28/13/25/28/10/27 (+2) Silas Lv 2 Paladin 32/20/1/22/22/12/18/12 Effie Lv 21 Dark Falcon 28/19/8/12/21 (+2)/19/15 (+2)/21 Selena Lv 1 Falcon Knight 30/12/8/15/24/17/16/21 As far as backup units obvious Gunter could get Sealed into Wyvern Lord for support abilities, Niles is a Lv 16 Outlaw, obviously the Maids could be immediate staff bots, Flora almost looks like she could seal into a decent melee unit oddly enough. I just feel like I may need to restart. I have a save at Ch 6 but I feel like my initial choices for Corrin were bad. What boon/bane/talent do you often use in your playthroughs? I thought the durability would help but apparently the +10 or 15 bonus just isn't in the RNG's favor for me >.> Also as for getting children, what pairings would be recommended? Either from what I have or from the get go (should I just give up and restart)? I actually didn't let Corrin learn Hex and I think I'll go back to base and get it since I totally forgot about it. I went Cavalier as soon as I could for the mobility and secondary weapons. Why do you think Effie is so bad as a DF? Her base growth is 35% that's not too horrible. I know she gets no more from her current class but the added mobility has been a life saver in some instances actually.
  2. Ummmm I can't fully answer the stats until tomorrow once I can fire it up again. Corrin is about a lv5 Paladin though with roughly 35HP, 22 Str, lol 10 Mag and 12 Skl, 23 Spd, 23 Luck, 20 Def, and 10 Res or so. Camilla is Lv 10 with most of her clutch stats at 25 or higher with like 35 HP. Beruka is about Lv 4 with 32 HP, 20 Str, 28 Skl, 20 Spd, 18 Luck, 28 Def, and about 15 Res O.O Peri and Silas are similar with about 34 HP, 20ish Str, no Mag, 20ish Skl, 20ish Spd, 16 Luck, 18 Def, and at least 15 Res. As for the others I can't fully remember... In my Normal run I did use Charlotte. She was hilariously useful at times as a Berserker. I think she'd shine if she could find a way into the Wyvern Class for a while to help boost her weak points (cough Def) before turning her back into a haymaker on legs. Thanks for the welcome! I ran Effie as a Dark Falcon (sorry if that maybe got misinterpreted as a Dread Fighter) cause flight plus her insane Str, Spd, and Luck naturally then the class boons where they matter make her great for picking off enemies in a safe environment. Sure her Mag side is a bit low but you can't have it all. As for Mages I'm not super keen on them. They seem kind of underpowered in this game but I could try maybe Felicia as a witch? Nyx is horrible and I have none of the kids cause I don't know who i want to pair up with who. Or who spawns what for that matter Outside of Xander, Corrin is decent as well as both of my Wyverns (save the mobs of Kinshi and Snipers). The other cavalry aren't too bad. My current Peri has as much Def as my Normal Peri did at Lv 20/20 Paladin so that's pretty neat. I could try Silas as a GK instead. He certainly has the Str and Def growths to abuse the class.
  3. Hello All, Thanks for taking the time to read the rantings of a rather mediocre Conquest player. I've beaten the game once on BR and Conquest and then almost beat Rev and then got mad for some reason and wiped all my data! SO now I'm doing Conquest HM and I am at the mercy of the RNG constantly. Currently at Ch. 20 or 21 before I snapped my 3DS...whichever has the wind gusts. Team: Paladins Corrin, Silas, Xander, and Peri, Songstress Azura, Wyvern Lords Beruka and Camilla, Magic Nuke Elise, Staff and Support bots Shura and Jakob, DK Leo, and Fliers Effie and Selena (DF and FK respectively) for my core team. I don't really wanna have to boo camp my team up to snuff but I feel like my team is just not cut out and don't wanna restart after trucking it THIS far. Recommendations for reclasses or something that may help? On another note, when I do wander into other people's castles how do they have these Lv20 Ryoma SMs with like 90 HP?? And these skill setups that are beyond crazy. Just Einherjar stuff or how...? Thanks! My new 3DS will arrive Thursday so hopefully I can get some tips and help to calm myself and plan better!
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