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  1. I don't think anyone was suggesting that Claude and Hilda were getting alts anywhere in that statement
  2. Part of the reason I think the normal timeskip looks will be a normal banner is also because of Dimitri. Legendary Dimitri is almost definitely going to be Endgame Dimitri because that's the trend with legendaries but "Feral" Dimitri is a big part of him that they will certainly want to capitalize on. And he certainly doesn't qualify under Fallen Heroes because no possession or evil magic here.
  3. Nah I think Emperor, Great Lord, and Barbarossa will be their Legendary versions and they'll do their normal timeskip versions on a regular banner. I can't see them making their normal timeskip versions Legendary only and people would absolutely pull on a banner with all 3.
  4. I shoulda expected Lysithea to be this high in retrospect, I'm just happy Rhea and Sothis got higher than expected, would love for either to push into the Top 10 at least-
  5. I dunno who's gonna be in the next 3H banner but Dedue better be in it, not because he's my favorite character or anything but just because he really got screwed over being the only second-in-command not in the last one. I like Mercedes and Petra but one of those really shoulda gone to Dedue. Outside of that the unit I want most is Rhea but that's not likely to happen on a normal banner, even if I wish it would only for the sake of her talking to other people in Forging Bonds-
  6. Sothis is the last 3H alt I expected but I won't complain (well only complain in the "I was hoping there would be no one I want") Good to see Elice get acknowledged at all I keep forgetting she exists and feel bad about it- It's interesting how the silhouettes misled, it was Jaffar and Zephiel and the former isn't even on the banner itself-
  7. I feel they're trying to avoid an Echoes situation where they put like half the game's cast in the first few months (looking at those dual Echoes banners) and now we barely have any left to use-
  8. She didn't make it easy for me but I got her....with a RES bane- (Also Twin Blades is NOT inheritable as expected)
  9. No, the voice actor's name is most definitely Robbie Daymond, not Draymond
  10. It's actually the second time you see her in the Prologue, right after you learn her name she says that.
  11. Another voiced line from M!Byleth in this trailer so someone can try to deduce that if they wish
  12. That sequence at the end is definitely part of the cutscene not the GX outro, which raises a lotta questions Also Seiros is absolutely Cherami Leigh, I'm certain of that, so theorize with that what you will
  13. Well now that the English site is up I can say with certainty that Bernadetta is Erica Mendez, Hubert sounds familiar but I can't place him
  14. Honestly upon first viewing it sounds like Yuri Lowenthal to me
  15. After listening to the new PlayerEssence video I'm 99% sure that Lysithea is Janice Kawaye, definitely sounds like Nemesia from Radiant Historia
  16. I've been trying to figure out who Male Byleth is, the first quote we hear (though admittedly it's hard to tell while being spoken over) made me think Xander Mobus but the later ones don't really sound like it to me.
  17. Serenes finally lives again, rejoice because gods that was a long time-
  18. I mean looking at his official art I guess I can see how you can get brown but I always saw it as black myself (I would put it up for reference but Serenes won't let me-)
  19. What do you mean? Berkut's hair has always been black in all of his appearances.
  20. The GHB is Fallen!Delthea from Act 3 of Shadows of Valentia, don't know what weapon type as of now.
  21. I don't think they've every not had the trailer the day after the silhouette teases so there's 99% chance it's tonight
  22. So now that the title properly indicates spoilers how about that Hel!Gustav-
  23. In terms of Fire Emblem he's also voiced Reyson in Heroes, in terms of other stuff according to IMDB he's known for playing Starscream in some newer Transformers stuff.
  24. After getting a grand total of 4 Summer Lindes and a Loki I finally get Duma....as +SPD, -DEF.....game why-
  25. I'm surprised but not unhappy to see Bruno in the Top 10, and I'm more surprised that both Zelgius and Black Knight are in the Top 20 somehow, not that I'll complain. As for the Top 2s, Alm and Marth is exactly what i expected, not surprised to see Micaiah but am surprised to see Camilla in first. I'm neutral on her so I'm more intrigued than anything.
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