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  1. Entirely possible, crappy quality but the best I could find. Definitely says Steel. Makes me think he's gonna start smashing people over the head with it
  2. Well in terms of the type of magic used yes but the tome Robin has is apparently a 'Steel Tome' and that was definitely not a tome in Awakening so that's not exactly true.
  3. Good on you! I wish I had that kind of luck with this game (Though I got Brave Roy and a second Brave Lucina yesterday so I shouldn't complain) But yeah now that the free first summon is a thing I probably would. Just didn't wanna spend my orbs on it at the time.
  4. Oh right those were a thing, I completely forgot about those. Probably because I was too busy trying to summon for new characters whenever they came up
  5. The Sacred World Banner with Tana, Innes, Amelia, and Seth from Sacred Stones.
  6. Don't forget spoiling Ghirahim's final form in his Focus Spirit. Though to be fair I don't think it was entirely because of spoilers. I distinctly remember hearing in Fates case it was because y'know nobody's dead at the route split. Can't say for Awakening though.
  7. Hence why I said I was expecting as much, and I'm honestly glad they don't in this case. If Garon gets in as the Fates villain like I expect him to it means I can probably count on them using some amount of his different forms which would be interesting, in my opinion anyway.
  8. Very nice GIFS, characters are looking more fun the more I see them. And holy crap Takumi is pulling a Conquest Endgame on us. Seems they won't be caring about spoilers in the attacks but I expected as much.
  9. Looking at the page it seems it was delayed an hour or so
  10. Ah okay, sorry I didn't mean to sound aggressive or anything just thought I was going crazy for a minute. It's a 24 hour stream but it doesn't start midnight of that day it seems.
  11. If you mean East Coast United States then....no? No it won't at all, it'll start at 6 AM on the 31st for us if it starts 7 PM JST since Japan is 13 hours ahead of EST...? Unless I've messed up the time conversion but I don't think I have?
  12. If there's anything I've learned from Heroes is that nothing can make you hate a character more than pulling them multiple times as a three star
  13. The bio for Leo says he "can cast a variety of spells, specializing in lightning magic" which seems a bit odd considering Brynhildr
  14. Sadly it seems neither team even knew what the other was doing. Though on that topic I wouldn't actually mind seeing some of the Heroes OCs in Warriors eventually. Especially Bruno since he has that ice tome which seems like it could make a cool moveset in my opinion
  15. True, but even Hyrule Warriors got a basic website in English so I'm expecting one for Fire Emblem eventually
  16. As others have said at the rate they're releasing information it seems like they're gonna have to. Do the same thing the Hyrule Warriors one did with a basic overview of the characters, side modes, any playable villains, etc. Since it seems unlikely they won't reveal those kinds of things before release in Japan but who knows at this point.
  17. Yep, which is even weirder considering it can't really be any later than Europe's since they'll have an English version ready. So unless they're releasing it earlier I'm not sure why we don't have an NA release date
  18. Nope, just a page for the game on Nintendo's official site. You'd think we would have one by now
  19. Has anyone figured out what the new stage is? Not sure if it's a castle in the Warriors verse or from one of the three games, it looks like it could be either, and the architecture/courtyard reminds me of Ylisstol but it's hard to tell.
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