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  1. In the older games characters could still get a paired ending even if they only had an A support. Could be the same case here but even if it isn't I was never all that invested in making everyone in my roster a couple so I don't care that much for this. Still find it funny that we can S support the equivalent (or at least pretty close to it) of a pope. Anyway, I just hope that by giving us less supports they've at least improved their quality.
  2. Actually Let's pray for the best. EDIT:
  3. Yeaaaaaah, this isn't the kind of news I ever wanted to see when coming home from work. No matter the reason this is absolutely unforgiveable. So many deaths lost in the most cruel of ways. Absolutely horrible. I wish the best to the families of the employees.
  4. I prefer Male Byleth. His looks somewhat fit those of a teacher and I also like his stoic look. Makes him seem a bit more mature. FByleth's is already missing parts of her armor and of her clothes but even putting that aside her eyes are just disturbingly big. I would have much preferred it if they made them both similar to each other.
  5. I actually expect MByleth to be the more popular one this time around if only because of their design compared to FByleth.
  6. This is my take on it as well. If one lord was going to get more routes/a bigger role it should be the female lord.
  7. You bet! When I saw the start of the battle I definitely didn't expect Seiros to be so savage that she would just strike Nemesis down without her weapon and then pull a knife. Not what I expect from the woman when we first saw her. Kind of makes me wish we also had a similar cutscene for Altina and Anri.
  8. Blood in your fire emblem game?! More likely than you might think! That looked awesome. Cool to see Seiros and Nemesis in action.
  9. I preordered the SE and hope that I'll get it on the release date. I've already payed a deposit so here's hoping they'll send me message/call me close to the release date. Can't wait to play it.
  10. Black Eagles. For Edelgard mostly, because I'm hoping that IS has given us a good female lord character.
  11. Revelations is easily the FE game I despise the most. It's golden route existence turns CQ and BR in essentially a bad route choice. I hate the maps and some of the map objectives and the unit availability is also whack.
  12. Heard about this. I only saw Etika in compilations or random meme videos but from what little I know from the guy before he started having mental breakdowns I have to say that he seemed like a genuinely nice guy that had a lot of passion. People need to take mental health a lot more seriously and need to realize that when you're saying something on social media or hell the internet it can still have an effect on another person. Rest in peace Etika.
  13. Definitely getting this when it releases. Never played this game before but I've heard of it (and Riesz for that matter) and only good things about it so I'll give it a shot. Not sure who will be in the party but except for Riesz. Japan seems to love her.
  14. Sothis was actually my nr. 1 followed by Edelgard and Dorothea.
  15. Ferdinand wtf xD. I know it's an anonymous question and all but that's still some really dangerous ground you're threading on there.
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