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  1. Tobias, I hated that guy, especially because his match came just after the Ash vs Paul fight.
  2. Even maddening difficulty can't handle the power of WYVERN RIDERS Should have happened in the previous season, there was a lot more hype back then.
  3. Ah, right. Oh well. I can't go back and so far Felix has been pretty good so I'll just have him hold on his godess ring.
  4. Doesn't it weigh a lot? I'd say that so far Spd has been the most important stat and I'd rather have Felix as high of a speed as possible.
  5. The Rodrigue paralogue I actually managed to do just a few moments ago. I used @Technoweirdo's strategy and had Flayn rescue Rodrigue. I also had Wyvern Rider Edelgard this time so that made it a lot easier too. Somehow pulling Rodrigue back a bit made him smart enough not to pull off suicide moves. Sadly, I didn't manage to kill enough units because of that and lost one villager but I'm just happy I finished this one. The shield isn't that important anyway.
  6. Hmmm, that might be a good idea. I didn't really think of using stride right away because stride isn't as useful on maddening compared to the lower difficulties because enemy units tend to hit super hard but this might be a case of where it might work well. I'll try to do it later in another week.
  7. I just started Felix's paralogue only for Rodrigue to get killed in first enemy phase. How?! How did they miss this and not buff every green unit on the map for maddening difficulty?! Even if my units had all been flyers at that point I wouldn't have been able to get close enough. After that, I had to retry one more time before he didn't die on the first EP only for him to run away to the other side of the map away from me and still get killed >_> God I'm at least glad I'm doing the BE route because in the BL and GD you need to protect green units in a main story mission.
  8. Edelgard has been pretty good in my first BE run. When you say that she's not good lategame do you mean that because of her personal armor class? If so that's no problem because I'm planning to promote her into a wyvern lord, the best class for the majority of the cast. I've also recruited Lysithea and Felix as main stay units. Felix hits pretty hard and will help out Petra on her road to Wyvern lord and Lysithea replaces Ferdinand. Ferdinand never managed to catch up. I might also replace Caspar, not sure yet.
  9. I'm recruiting as many students as I can in 3H right now so I don't have to face them. GoodguyHeks, keeping the future of his students safe. Yeah, I failed the map the first time. I used Edelgard or Byleth to one hit round the mages with Combat art Smash. Yeah the archers are a huge pain in the ass because even characters like Bernadetta don't have the bow range +1 ability at the start so they can't counter >_>
  10. Yeah chapter 5 has them and I've had to use huge coward tactics to complete that one. I had everyone but Byleth and Dorothea retreat to the chest area and then just waited till all the units came to me and used Edelgard, Bernadetta and Hubert in the "hallway" to the chest area while Byleth and Dorothea were outside out of it handling every archer that was trying to be smart and walk around it. It was really messy >_>
  11. Yeah BE hasn't been easy. Speaking off Maddening, anyone has done the paralogue "Sword and Shield of Seiros"? I swear on maddening it looks like the STR just does not stop. I tried to do it multiple times now but I'll have to wait a few months because I get overwhelmed by the STR eventually.
  12. I expect (and hope) that they'll give us a prequel dlc where we play as both Nemesis and Seiros at different points in the past. We need to see more of the backstory and we need to see more of Sothis.
  13. Ah, I assume you're playing on NG+? I myself am about to start ch. 5. Things have become a bit more bearable but ch. 5 is also the STR chapter.
  14. Yeah, you're masochistic 😛 At least early game will be easier on BL but if they upped the BS from the lategame I'll wish you luck.
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