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  1. Ferdinand wtf xD. I know it's an anonymous question and all but that's still some really dangerous ground you're threading on there.
  2. Yeah I feel the same way. When I saw the trailer and saw how exploring the wild area looked I was really interested despite being really bummed out on Pokemon because of X/Y and USUM. Now that I've heard about the Dex change? Yeah, forget it. They should've just delayed the game. FE and AC got delayed and yes, I know that those games aren't anywhere as big as Pokémon but if they really cared they could've released the game a few months later. Those few months aren't going to change the fact that Shield/Sword will easily sell millions like every Pokémon game before it.
  3. NO STOPS ON THIS TRAIN. --- I do wonder what difficulty they played on. Byleth especially seemed OP.
  4. Damn, Dimitri looks pretty messed up. Poor guy looks like he has been turned into a brigand...not that that is an insult in 3H I guess :p.
  5. Yup noticed it as well. It’s a nice change of pace.
  6. YEAH baby we going in hard now!!! I’M HYPED! We’re almost there!
  7. Not sure if this has already been talked about but the sword in the older Edelgard picture is Byleth's right? If so maybe this picture is from the routes where we fight her or we get possessed at some point in her route, both could work I guess.
  8. I never really thought about it but if they have a timeskip with the same characters (so no gen 2 characters) that means that those characters will also have to get a new design. Not just the lords but the other younger looking characters as well. Makes me wonder if that would have any impact on how many "extra" units we would get. Since every extra unit we recruit would also have to get a new design unless we only recruit them after the timeskip.
  9. I'll go with Wyverns Lords. I find them easier to use and generally prefer characters that happen to use a Wyvern instead of a Pegasus.
  10. Huh, that's a shame, she sounded pretty good. Seems like there's a complicated reason for it since she also doesn't reprise her role in an anime movie. Curious to know who will be voicing her now.
  11. Never played this game but I've heard a lot of good things about it and since I did like the first seasons of Spongebob a lot I would buy this one. I did own another PS2 Spongebob game but I'm pretty sure it wasn't this one. It was Spongebob curse of the flying dutchman. Never completed it. I just kind of got bored at one point of that one.
  12. I haven't read a lot of manga. The ones I've read and like are Berserk, Shingeki No Kyoujin and Majo No Ie. Helk was also a fun ride but dragged a bit too much by the end of the story. BokuHero I'm planning to pick up when I'm 50 chapters or so behind. I just can't find myself to care as much about BokuHero as I used to. From all of those Shingeki No Kyoujin is definitely my favorite. The story and characters are fantastic. Yams has done an amazing job shifting my opinions on characters from arc to arc and the plot twists are really well done. Can't wait for the next chapter, it should release in a few days.
  13. If I had to choose one I suppose I'd go with Drama but I wouldn't want to put the comedy part to the sides. Even FE4, which is considered the darkest FE game you still have some funny dialogue moments that enhance the experience a bit.
  14. @Ottservia 1. What's your favorite anime? 2. What's your favorite manga? 3. Is there any controversial character you like, and if so why? (don't know if you consider Severa controversial but don't say her xp) 4. What's your favorite Villain across all media? 5. How would you rank the four most popular Dere archetype?
  15. The open world look the game has is something I approve off. Not really interested in the Dynamax gimmick. We already have megaevolution and I quite prefer that. What kind of name is "Hop" xD. You'd have to do something crazy with the guy for me to take him seriously with a name like that. Did I understand that right... "Among some of these pokemon there are some you can only catch after you defeat them in Max battles" EUGH, that's definitely something I do NOT like.
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