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  1. Shadow Dragon: Marth/Caeda Gaiden/SOV: Genny/Zeke Genealogy Gen 1: Tailtiu/Lewyn Genealogy Gen 2: Tine/Arthur Thracia 776: Finn/Sara Binding Blade: Lilina/Rutger Blazing Sword: Ninian/Hector Sacred Stones: Eirika/Cormag Path of Radiance: Jill/Tibarn Radiant Dawn: Sanaki/Naesala Awakening Gen 1: Robin/Tiki Fates Gen 1: Nyx/Artur Three Houses: Lysithea/Felix
  2. Oh yeah she is. I just auto added the female part on impulse because I’ve been discussing that part of her on other FE places. I’ll edit it.
  3. Let's go with my top 3 Lysithea I think she's an admirable person with flaws. Fact is that I would never have been that strong in her situation. Just imagine someone forcing something into you for an experiment and giving you a sort of cancer like disease in the progress, it's so unfair. I would 100% break down and I think it's very admirable that despite everything she still manages to pull herself together, learn and improve herself so she can accomplish her goals in her limited time that she has left. Edelgard My favorite lord. She's a likable pro active protagonist that pushes forward with her ideals no matter the cost with a very good backstory. It's also incredibly satisfying to see a lord that for once decides to break the nobility. She's also an Armor Axe lord which is so goddamn cool. Felix Felix doesn't care a lot about honor, Knights and the like. I don't care about those things either and am glad that we finally get a character that calls out some of the BS. He's also kind of awkward which I kind of like.
  4. I don't think she's a slitherer. I think she's a woman who loved Dimitri but simply loved Edelgard more wanted to be with her daughter. Sadly the game doesn't tell us what happened to her which is quite annoying but my first guess was that she outlived her usefulness and she got killed by TWSITD.
  5. At this point you haven't played on Maddening, have you? There are some mages that are really good there like Hubert and Lysithea. 3H unlike most other FE games is more a player phase game than an enemy phase game and Lysithea shines as PP unit. Give her Thyrus, train both her reason and faith (for that sweet warp spell) and she'll become an invaluable unit to your team that becomes so strong that she does more damage against Falcon Knights than your resident Bow Knight. Now you could say that anyone can use the Thyrus relic but she's arguably one of the best users. She also has really good growths which helps her grow in the long run. In my experience (we don't have stat sheets for 3H units yet) Lysithea's growths help her doubling and avoid getting doubled on hard while still hitting hard. On maddening I think I vaguely remember her doubling a few times but because the enemy has a ton of speed that didn't last long but she still manages to avoid getting doubled, which is still really good if you know what you're doing. ---- Of course a lot of what I just said is based on personal experience. I'm curious to see when we'll get statsheets that show the average stats of units. That way we can compare those to the enemy units. Then things could become a lot clearer. I actually think that the part about Faerghus is done on purpose. The writers went out of their way to make the "knightly" kingdom a lot more questionable than other similar places in FE. Just look at the way they handled the tragedy of duscur. When Lambert, one of the most honorable characters in the game Lambert is dying his first reaction is to tell his son to take revenge for him. Then there's also Dedeu's paralogue which is all kinds of messed up and wrong.
  6. Even though I don't care for the new Pokémon game, the anime certainly does interest me! LOL at that dance
  7. I've heard this too but when I heard what happened in the finale I didn't want to continue watching that season. True Fact. Personally I didn't even mind the Gen 5 pokemons like Trubbish, Vanillite etc. but Applin looks like it doesn't even have the expressions those pokemons had. Ah, makes sense. I also got Mercedes and she's a better healer that's for sure. Flying units are better than mounted units anyway.
  8. Just got a mail for my usual online place where I buy games that I get a €5 discount which is cool but it only lasts till 19th december and it has to be at least more than €50. Which means I'll take a good look at the switch games that are out there. Wish there wasn't a limit on it though, otherwise I would have waited for the release of XB1 or Trials of Mana. I still used Dorothea in my CF run because she gets physic and training her and Linhardt was super easy. Healers get a ton of exp in Maddening. I did throw away Caspar. His damage output was very bad and he couldn't tank anything.
  9. I want to point out that in the CF route her using them does work out. It's not very clear because of a mistranslation but Edelgard effectively manages to take out Cordelia and weaken the TWSITD. I mean sure they do strike back immediately but Cornelia's death quote implies that TWSITD were not ready for her betrayal and expected her to 100% focus on the church/Alliance/Kingdom in the same way they used Nemesis to fight Seiros. See here:
  10. Huh, I didn't know about the Spongebob move till Keanu Reeves got featured in a trailer and the internet jumped on it. ------------ @Caster Tamamo is the best Caster!
  11. I decided to replay Pokemon Explorers of the Sky, this time starting with Vulpix as the hero and Riolu as my partner. I've always wanted to replay the game and now is as good as time as any. I also considered looking for GtI and Super but both of those have flaws while Sky doesn't. I also happened to find this when I started it: This sounds sooooooooo good.
  12. Imo that's part of the problem. Mario, Zelda and even FE have had Switch games that change things up. The last big Pokemon change was 6 years ago and that was going 3D which is something most other franchises have done a lot sooner and even better. As for the Wailord thing, yes that's a small thing obviously but some people wanted more from the first mainline console game. Mind you, Wailord actually looks good in Pokemon Battle Revolution and that was on the Wii and made by another developer.
  13. I never had this issue with my 3ds but one my Iphones did have this issue and luckily my dad knew a guy that could replace the battery. Which brings me to this... - Are there any dangers I should know about from playing with a possibly swollen battery? STOP! A swollen battery can catch fire and even explode but even if that doesn't immediately happen it can start to leak and destroy your internal circuitry from your 3DS! - Could I keep using this one until I replace it, or should I throw it out? Get rid of it ASAP. Don't use it anymore.
  14. Same. Personally, I really disliked SM/USUM because of its tutorials and awful pacing and I was ready to jump off but I really did enjoy let's go Eevee so I was willing to see where SwSh goes but eh it's not for me. Yikes, that's bad. I mean depending on where you live having to redownload games already sucks but at least they're not permanently lost. And yeah it's kind of funny how the FE Fanbase has improved while the Pokémon one is going nuts right now.
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