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  1. Forgot about this poll after the first week but here I am with a vote for Jill.
  2. Edelgard. I like her for her ideals and how far she goes to realize them to the points she's even willing to dehumanize herself for them. Combat? Sigurd.
  3. Claude. Claude is my second favorite Golden Deer and the only one who could give him a run for his money is Lysithea so this has been an easy choice ever since she got kicked out.
  4. Finally bought some stuff to improve my Wifi and now my Switch has smooth internet connection which is cool but I now realize I barely have any online games and the ones I have I'm not that good at anyway.
  5. Going with Jill and hoping that she and Micaiah are going to be in the top 3.
  6. Huh, then perhaps I misunderstood what that poster meant. Kind of difficult to understand what people mean when you haven't played the game itself. Pretty sure that I was Lv. 38 when I found the Sanctuary of Mana because I remember thinking "Damn, I still need an item to promote". You sadly can't rig what you get from the ??? seeds anymore. So while you do get like two per Benevedon dungeon you need to hope you get the ones you want. I got Kevin and Duran's items very quickly but it took me 4 or 5 Benevedon dungeons to get Charlotte's.
  7. TWSITD don't add to 3H and certainly don't improve it but Garon is one of the reasons Fates is such an awful story. 3H still has other things in the story to fall back on because -for better or worse- TWISTD don't have as big of a presence in 3H as Garon does in Fates. So I guess Garon's worse but both are wasted potential.
  8. Yeah guys I don't know, I'm just as confused. Game's also only rated 15+. Yeah seems like they changed the level balance? I saw some people mention in other places how it's difficult to get the final Lv. 38 class in the Original game because by the time you'll reach the final boss you'll be around that level. From what I remember in the remake Lv. 38 is also around the same time you'll unlock the ability to promote to the Lv. 38 class.
  9. Hmmm interesting. Seems like the remake is easier then. I've seen those Saber abilities you're talking about but I didn't have any need for them. Well there was one boss that would've been a lot easier if you put it in a confused state and from what I've heard from other people that's only possible if you damage it with a specific elemental attack/item.
  10. Today I went through my old ps2 games and... You guys ever get older and think: "Mom/Dad, why the hell did you ever get me this game and why didn't you take it away when you saw me play it?" I mean I'm glad my parents aren't the controlling type but... Seriously just look at the gameplay here I played this game when I was not even 10 years old and then I had no idea was doing but my parents should've at least raised some eyebrows xD
  11. Finished the post game content and unlocked NG+. From what I read about the game the post game content wasn't included in the Original? If so that's a bit of a surprise. Both Charlotte and Kevin's stories felt somewhat natural. Also fought the last Lv. 75 boss with my team that was 67-68 and it was still somewhat easy even on hard. I had to waste a lot of Cup of Wishes because the AI just isn't smart enough to dodge and my team almost got wiped out but I managed to go all out with skill attacks at the end and defeat the boss. --- I tried out NG+ but I saw right away that the bonuses you get from NG+ make the game even easier than it already and sadly you can't choose to take certain bonuses with you and reject others so I'll be starting a normal NG run. This time with Angela, Duran and Charlotte with Angela as my main character. I'll use Charlotte and Duran again because Duran and Angela are a story pair and I want to keep my final "story" run with Hawkeye and Riesz as new as possible although I might use Charlotte as a third member in that one as well.
  12. I haven’t played the original but I barely play action rpg games and I find the game somewhat easy. The only times I got a Game Over was when the companion AI went stupid. The AI really can’t handle bosses that use traps or a lot of dangerous AoE attacks. I think level 61 is around the end game level. I’ve been doing the post game dungeon and so far there the enemies there are in the high 60’s to almost 70’s. Of course my team setup might also be responsible for me having a somewhat easy time. It’s perfectly balanced with Kevin as the DPS, Duran as the healing tank and Charlotte as the full blown healer.
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