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  1. Aren’t the votes between academy and war phase tallied up?
  2. Like I said a few months ago, I’ll vote for Eirika till Midterms and then change to Edelgard/Lysithea. Today’s vote has gone to Eirika.
  3. Nope, she has 10% less (Lys has 60 and Marianne has 50) so if anything Lys doesn't like that you didn't recruit her on the BL route!
  4. That will be a small break considering it releases 13 February.
  5. I decided to watch the entire Smash direct because Byleth is the first character from all the FE Smash characters so far that I really would like to play and wow Sakurai is such a wholesome guy. I feel bad that people are being so harsh on such a cool dude.
  6. Glad to finally meet our new characters! I really like how they look, can’t wait to meet them and play the new content.
  7. I’m kind of neutral on Byleth but I like how they gave him multiple different weapons + he’s the only 3H character + Sothis FS make me kind of tempted to get Byleth. Do I need to buy an entire pass or can I just get him?
  8. 3H has a lot of fantastic voice acting but if I was going to go with the best ones... Lord: Chris Hackney as Dimitri: He does a fantastic job with his role. Tara Platt and Joe Zieja do a very good job as well of course but when the emotional Dimitri moments happen Chris just nails it. Supporting: Chirami Leigh as Rhea: She does a good job as Rhea but she really knocks it out of the park in the Crimson Flower route. Black Eagle: Allegra Clark (Dorothea) There's the singing but there's also some of her sassy moments and her support with Ferdie where the VA does a really well job. Blue Lions: Lucien Dodge (Felix) Really love how he pulls Felix's tsundere like personality and especially that DEATH quote. God that death quote is voiced so well. Golden Deer: Janice Kawaye (Lysithea) I'm obviously biased here but I really feel like Lysithea's VA does a really good job in the supports where Lys ends up revealing her backstory to a support partner.
  9. You guys ever got to the S support choice in FE 3H and
  10. Whoops, I meant to say ponies instead of mounted. - Cavaliers, Paladins and Dark Knights are fine but even they get nerfed in a lot of maps whereas fliers don't have an issue in those maps. (Think about the Lava maps or the exclusive Crimson Flower map) and from those three classes Dark Knight is the only master class. - Holy Knight is bad because you're putting in a lot of riding and Lance rank in order to promote to a class that doesn't heal as well as the bishop class. (but you already mentioned this). - Bow Knights are still really good that's true. But all of those classes pale in comparison to the god class that is the Wyvern Class. So yeah your ranking is correct.
  11. You don't need to use Stride for that. It's almost crazy to say this about a FE game but horse units (except for BK) are really bad in 3H.
  12. Alpha Protocol: People that play the game complain a lot about the gameplay but as long as you don't use Shotguns or SMG's I really don't think the gameplay is as bad as people say it is. Sure, at the start of the game your aim is pretty bad but the moment you start upgrading your skills that becomes a lot less of an issue. Everything else about the game is great. The story is great, the characters are amazing, the dialogue tree is the best way of handling a dialogue tree I've seen and the choice and consequences are also handled incredibly well and very subtle at that.
  13. Yeah, both work and depending on what interests the player more they can go with either. My final route was SS and at the time I kind of regret that because I enjoyed VW a lot more and at least that route ends with a "Bang" instead of a whimper.
  14. Personally I'd go with CF > SS > BL > VW but really no matter what route you do first the most important thing is that you don't follow up the SS route with VW or the other way around because those two routes are very very similar.
  15. Yeah after my third route I had to wait a month before I started my final route, the SS route. I recommend that when playing another route that you don't do any side battles and always try different classes for your units to keep it fresh and somewhat challenging. Luckily every house has different units so you can try a lot of different things.
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