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  1. I decided to replay Pokemon Explorers of the Sky, this time starting with Vulpix as the hero and Riolu as my partner. I've always wanted to replay the game and now is as good as time as any. I also considered looking for GtI and Super but both of those have flaws while Sky doesn't. I also happened to find this when I started it: This sounds sooooooooo good.
  2. Imo that's part of the problem. Mario, Zelda and even FE have had Switch games that change things up. The last big Pokemon change was 6 years ago and that was going 3D which is something most other franchises have done a lot sooner and even better. As for the Wailord thing, yes that's a small thing obviously but some people wanted more from the first mainline console game. Mind you, Wailord actually looks good in Pokemon Battle Revolution and that was on the Wii and made by another developer.
  3. I never had this issue with my 3ds but one my Iphones did have this issue and luckily my dad knew a guy that could replace the battery. Which brings me to this... - Are there any dangers I should know about from playing with a possibly swollen battery? STOP! A swollen battery can catch fire and even explode but even if that doesn't immediately happen it can start to leak and destroy your internal circuitry from your 3DS! - Could I keep using this one until I replace it, or should I throw it out? Get rid of it ASAP. Don't use it anymore.
  4. Same. Personally, I really disliked SM/USUM because of its tutorials and awful pacing and I was ready to jump off but I really did enjoy let's go Eevee so I was willing to see where SwSh goes but eh it's not for me. Yikes, that's bad. I mean depending on where you live having to redownload games already sucks but at least they're not permanently lost. And yeah it's kind of funny how the FE Fanbase has improved while the Pokémon one is going nuts right now.
  5. *Checks Metacritic for SwSh* *Sees user reviews* Yeah, no surprise there. Oh, I see. Still strange that someone messed up just when SwSh dropped.
  6. But then why did it only happen with SwSh and not any other Switch game?
  7. Finally Pokemon is released aaaand it has a very serious bug that can delete stuff from your SD Card. This is Fallout 76 levels of bad now. Oh so am I, no doubt about that.
  8. I saw the new Sonic trailer and I decided to watch the movie when it comes out with a friend. I mean I'm not expecting anything special but if it's at least as "good" as the pokémon movie then it'll be worth it and I also really appreciate that they actually listened to people's criticism.
  9. Wow, the IGN review is awful. The points the reviewer brings up are straight up contradicted by the footage shown at the same time at certain points in the video. Not like I'm going to trust a reviewer who tells fans of a franchise to "grow up". God I hate when game journalists act like they're above everyone. GameExplain's review on the other hand felt a lot better and informative and despite the fact that they still gave the game an overall positive reception the negative points mentioned are things I really really didn't like. Things the IGN reviewer didn't feel noteworthy to mention <_<
  10. Speaking off a good Pokémon game. I saw these screenshots on Resetera and they look pretty good, kind of the game a lot of people wanted. This looks pretty damn cool. Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky has some fantastic OST. I just love it. --- I honestly have no clue. Maaaaaaybe it's because it's the only DS game that has something like the pokewalker?
  11. I just took a quick look at the price of Pokémon Soulsilver/Heartgold and damn...they’re worth as much as FE PoR/RD.
  12. Right, and people jumped on it. I'm certain that if another developer had news similar to this, that the reaction wouldn't have been that big. It wouldn't surprise me. Maaaaaaaan, that game made me feel more than any of the stories in the mainline games did. I mean fuck when this started playing ;_; And then the events after that....the endgame messed with my emotions so much and when Eplorers of the Sky released they only made it worse by including Special Mission 5. Seeing Dusknoir's arc and Grovyle holding Celebi ;_;
  13. The "low morale at Game Freak" was never even fully confirmed, was it?
  14. The sad thing is that people are so obsessed with Pokémon that a lot of them don't dare to critisize GF. Bethesda, Bioware, EA, Ubisoft, Blizzard? Sure! THOSE ARE HORRIBLE but when GF messes up they'll get a #ThankYouGameFreak hashtag. Lol at people thanking a corporate company that just wants their money.
  15. So do I. I've already done a non-factory reset once a while ago, deleted my cache and made sure to turn the switch off a few times. It doesn't happen constantly, more like every few days depending on the game but it happens more than it should. Here's hoping it stops on its own or that a future Switch update fixes it. ------- Yeah I heard about that, the Switch version had a lot of issues and people had to wait for a patch. Yes but only the first route. I messed up in the first route and missed out on an item and because of that I couldn't access the third without doing the first run again which bummed me out.
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