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  1. Agreed with gameplay but not with anything else. Yes Fates has more unique routes but since you pay for every single route that's to be expected and unlike 3H Fates released revelations which pretty much ruined both Birtright and Conquest from a story perspective. Birtright and Revelations are still worse than 3H when it comes to the gameplay part because birthright is bland and unlike 3H Birthright doesn't have the large customization, combat arts, better magic system, demonic beasts or battalions to make the more boring maps more interesting. Revelations has a ton of gimmicks that end up hurting the gameplay more than hurting it alongside a story that is just as bad as Conquest.
  2. ? We’re not supposed to question why things never changed in the hundreds of years before we took magical control of Byleth? As for Claude, look @Crysta’s post
  3. Oh I should’ve specified that I’m talking about their routes where they do have Byleth.
  4. Claude at one point in his route says that without the war he wouldn’t be able to bring his dreams to fruition. I’m not saying they wanted it, I’m saying that without it they wouldn’t have had the power in the aftermath to realize their ideals.
  5. Here’s the thing about that list of nobles, what makes you believe that those nobles would change things? Because ultimately a rich woman/man acting nice or doing their job like defending from invaders is nothing special. Bringing real change is what matters and the fact that even Byleth, Claude and Dimitri need the war to realize their ideals only reinforces that. Hell, why did the father, grandfather and grandgrandfather of all the nobles not change things in the almost 1000 years of Fodlan since the war with nemesis? Because it was the convenient thing to do and they didn’t want to bring real, significant change to the common folk.
  6. Rodrigue reinforces the toxic idealism that is at the core of Fhaergus’s problems and in the alliance many nobles don’t care about the common people and care more about money. The Martin Luther take is not a good one when the American people only just elected Trump, the whitest president there is. Speaking off Martin Luther King, he at one point talked about how his biggest roadblock isn’t the KKK clan but the white moderate voter who believes more in order than justice and prefers things to stay just the way things are so that they can preserve that status quo in fear of change. The church also refuses to change and it is only after Edelgard starts a war that they go through some reforms in the endings. The problem is that Edelgards’s war only happened waaaaaaay after the church was established. They had a long time to make reforms.
  7. Got my first real 3H game over in Ch. 3. Bah, really not a fan of chapter 3. If you're going to nerf our resources compared to the main game then don't put Kaga level troll gameplay plot twists in a level. Yeah I'm going from Hard to normal since I've heard people say similar things about other maps.
  8. How do we know that CYL is a male dominated poll? Not saying that what you’re saying is wrong but I don’t remember IS telling us the ratio of male/female voters in CYL. Of course I might I’ve missed it. I’m actually really interested in knowing what genders voted for what character.
  9. You can dislike a character without presuming that people only like her because she's a "waifu" you know.
  10. Faye: After seeing her show up in the new Heroes Valentine banner I felt really bad for her. I've never felt bad for characters who can't let go of their love but something about her inclusion was just really sad and it really drove the point home about how unhealthy her obsession is. I'm really starting to feel that her feelings are so twisted that she probably won't let go of them till she dies and that's really not healthy. (Mind you, I doubt that my take here was IS's intention.) Meanwhile a lot of the people in the fanbase are super angry at her for jumping in between Celica and Alm...even though it's made really clear that that's never gonna happen. Camilla: I'm still not a fan of her but the fandom was waaaaaaaaay too hard on her and that includes me. The hostility whenever she got in the spotlight was something I hope we won't experience again with another character.
  11. I started playing Azur Lane (and a few other gachas) as a time burner when I can't play on my PC or other consoles and boy oh boy am I glad that Heroes never had a "comment" option when summoning Heroes because reading the comments about certain Azur Lane characters made me cringe a lot.
  12. I was helping my dad move some stuff and while we were doing that I finally found my long lost SNES inside a big box from my dad. The little thing still works! Gosh, I’m having an nostalgia freak out.
  13. Brave Alt. Lysithea was going to be popular enough to get in the game no matter what, that much I was sure off but when I saw that she had a chance of getting a Brave alt I had to help out. Huh, if I have to answer I suppose I would have preferred Lys to be number one. I'm sure that most people would want their favorite character to be as high as possible but I'm fine with it either way. It's not something that even came to mind when the midterm results were released.
  14. I'd tell him strength because that's he wants to hear and that's what will give me support points.
  15. So looking at the official results and the amount of 3H votes makes it really difficult to predict what will happen next year since all those votes that went to Lys, El, Claude and Dimitri will go to other characters. Who I'll support will depend on who gets in this year. Tine has been rising throughout the years and this year she's been getting close to getting 1.000 votes. I might help her if she doesn't get added this year but if she does get added Eirika will get my votes.
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