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  1. Woohoo Chugga is going to do a Xenoblade 2 let’s play. That’s going to be one long enjoyable let’s play.
  2. Aside from the ending there’s a few other things: - Needing multiplayer to raise your galactic readiness - Javik being one day dlc - Aside from Tuchanka and Rannoch the story didn’t really live up to my expectations - I wasn’t really a fan of the kid. I didn’t mind them giving Shephard PTSD but I didn’t like how they handled it. - Most choices and consequences from previous games were somewhat ignored or barely had any consequences -I’ve already mentioned the story but I also think that some characters were bad like Kai Leng. As far as I know he’s supposed to be a renegade Shepard in the books, in the gale he’s a saturday cartoon villain. Come to think of it, I also felt really meh about cerberus. That’s true. Dragon Age 2 is kind of a mess but given a lot more time it really could’ve been something special just like Dragon Age Origins.
  3. Fire Emblem Fates, Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2. Dragon Age 2 hurt the most. I love Dragon Age Origins and seeing the changes really dissappointed me but I’ve come to like the game after Dragon Age Inquisition. Not that Inquisition was bad but it made me like things about Dragon Age 2.
  4. Explorers of the sky was amazing "The important thing is not how long you live...it's what you accomplish with your life. While I live, I want to shine. I want to prove that I exist. If I could do something really important...that would definitely carry on in the future."
  5. But Pokemon HG/SS is the best pokemon game of all time. Way I see it Pokemon went downhill when they went the 3D route.
  6. Cyril, Catherine, Ignatz and Raphael. I just find them boring and Catherine reminds me too much of a bad cop.
  7. I’ll try to pre order both physical collection games but I really want to have the 3D one.
  8. A top 10 is difficult but here goes 1. Lysithea 2. Edelgard 3. Felix 4. Dorothea 5. Mercedes 6. Ashe 7. Ingrid 8. Rhea 9. Hanneman 10. Seteth
  9. I've played Fire Emblem: Three Houses: for 795 hours or more and I still don't regret it. I still love the game. Yes the game has flaws but every single FE game has flaws and the things it does well it does really well and they matter the most to me. It also has some of my new FE favorite characters in Lysithea, Edelgard and Felix. Still my favorite FE game.
  10. @Armagon and @This boi uses Nino Happy birthday
  11. I actually took a look at the wiki Rin FSN Archer Str: D End: C Agi: C Mana: B Luck: E Hakuno Fate Extra Archer: Str: C End: C Agi: C Mana: B Luck: D
  12. Oh I thought that you were referring to FSN Archer. I know that they're technically not the same character but I assumed you meant him because I only knew about FSN Archer's stats. I guess you can use his Extra CCC stats.
  13. Right, in Fate Extra you can build your servants the way you want, you can't do that in Fate Extra CCC. I remember building Saber in a standard Str and Endurance build while Tamamo became the biggest glass cannon ever known to mankind. Once she got enough mana through level ups she did massive amounts of damage with her skills. She could DESTROY boss servants. Problem is that if the enemy combo'd her she would get killed super quickly but that challenge made it kind of fun. I don't actually remember how I build Archer but I think that his cannon stats should be decent enough. He's the balanced option after all.
  14. Even with Fate Extra's weird combat system an Archer run isn't difficult even on a first run. Archer is normal mode, Saber is easy and Tamamo is hard.
  15. I hope the story is improved or more interesting than the Original and it's not just a straight up remake. I would have much preferred an Fate Extra CCC remake if that was the case.
  16. Do your best 🙂 You can do it.
  17. Most FE games don't really have great maps anyway. Only PoR, RD and CQ have really good maps. I haven't played FE1-FE3 FE12 but I've played every other games and people overestimate the map design from the older games. EDIT: Forgot Thracia
  18. Cool to see we're finally getting SMT V. I'm also interested in the Nocturne remake. I keep hearing good things about that game.
  19. The first time you hear that chant is just amazing.
  20. I ship Shirou with Kanshou and Bakuya! Those are way better than any of the Fate heroines!
  21. Altera's story doesn't get explored in EXTELLA LINK, right? Do you need to play Umbrella to get that backstory?
  22. Dolce is good as well. I'm not really sure why I didn't plan to include her as well, since I included Forte in there. I think I probably had a plan of sorts. It probably had to do with the fact that it takes a while to unlock Dolce. Clorica is fine but I don't really like her whole sleeping gimmick. Still a ton better than Amber. When I started playing the game again on the Switch I more or less had the girls ranked like this from my experience I had on the 3DS: 1. Margaret and Xiao 2. Dolce and Forte 3. Clorica 6. Amber Note that this all based on date dialogue, story dialogue, personality dialogue etc. but not based on anything after you're post marraige romance locked. Like I said, I never got that far. For all I know Margaret and Xiao have awful personal stories (I know that each marriage candidate has one of those) and they'll drop down. Tell Tamamo not to make reaction images. Shrimperor? More like the Shrimbully.
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    Welcome to the Forest, Jerbeari. What do you think about Shadow Dragon?
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