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  1. Bienvenue sur Serenes Forest, GuiDerGeek ! D'ailleurs, tout comme toi, j'ignorais totalement qu'il y avait une mini-communauté francophone. ^^'
  2. I just finished the demo recently, and I actually understand why so many people like the game. I'm really fond of the dialogues, not only that they're well written, but they also allow you to understand the context, the personality of each character and the universe, and that's what I appreciate the most about them. I sometimes think that Immortal Sword has the best writing compared to other Fire Emblem hacks and fangames. Also, all the new gameplay mechanics that you added (such as the training, the talk before battles, and the different objectives in some chapters) really make Immortal Sword an original and unforgettable gameplay experience. Not to mention all the new exclusive classes that successfully improve the diversity between each unit. The only issue I have with Immortal Sword is Uther. Only this character. Although he has a decent personality, I don't understand why he's so bad in the late chapters of the demo. Compared to Tristan and Eliza, he's a weak unit, so slow that he gets doubled by everyone, he kills nobody due to his low strength, and his claymore isn't even sufficient to eliminate the armored/mounted mobs. Perhaps he's intended to have bad growths (which is quite disappointing), or perhaps he was only RNG-screwed in my game. Despite Uther, the majority of the cast were good units, I personally like Harken. Between, is it possible to have the list of the growth rates for the demo characters (maybe I just missed it) ?
  3. Actually, this is not a bad idea, for the realism. Now that I think about it, the only difference between the realistic and the manga style is the face (eyes, mouth, nose, hair), but the rest of the body could be drawn in the exact same way, for both styles. I have a lot of issues with the propotions, but I guess that the resources you published could be a great help. I never started the chara-design seriously (I only used to draw random characters, just to practice), but now that you mentioned it, there are many ways to proceed, so this should not be a big trouble. For know, the most important are the propotions. Anyway, thanks for the advices and the tutorials ! You helped me a lot, I always lack at founding good and accurate websites on tutorials.
  4. I always asked myself, if it's possible to improve without studying in artistic schools. But as you said, I'm sure that online references (I guess you're talking about tutorials and video demonstrations, isn't it ?) can be a lot of help. Although, the body proportions (especially with the stick figure) look really difficult to apply. I wonder how long it took for you to master it. I'm looking forward to try them. Even if you're accustomed with a complete different style, thank you for the tips. ^^ (Between, I really like the priestess outfit in your Micaiah's fanart.)
  5. So, practice is the key of improving. I'm okay with that. I kinda draw everyday. But there's just one thing. Even if I draw everyday, I take only half an hour in practicing, and suddenly after, I kinda feel tired about that, just as if the motivation disappeared. And the day after, it's the same story. Do you think it's normal ? Or do I need to extend it in a single day ? You also mentioned the "plain paper without lines". Why that ? Why not lines ? I guess you have more experience than I, and I'm sure that the reasons are relevant. By the way, I'm sorry for the bad English. And thanks for the advices. ^^' I don't know what you exactly mean by "absolute realism". If you mean it by the style (realistic, anime, cartoon, chibi, etc...), I don't really aim for the realistic style (just the japanese-anime one, like Fire Emblem, or the girl in your profile picture). If you mean it by the technique (which means the good propotions, the good dimensions between different parts of the body, the good shadings and all that stuff), yes, I'm willing to master it, even if the chances of success are pretty low (because they are a lot more stuffs that I didn't even try). So, yeah, I'm still a beginner. An "under-trainee" of the "Super Chara-Designer" class. Anyway, thanks for the review. Even if you're not familiar with drawing, you really suggested nice advices. ^^' (Yeah, I like the " ^^' " one)
  6. A lot of people like Lyon ? That's a good thing, I'm pretty surprised. I thought that the only characters that people (especially the "new generation" of Fire Emblem) love were Camilla, Cordelia and Tharja. Or, at least, Hector and Sigurd. ^^' Pretty horrifying ? Does that mean that they are worse than the one I just publish ? Oh, and also. Do you know someone among your family or your friends how's pretty good at drawing ?
  7. Well, there is not a specific place where I post my sketches, but I can publish some of them here. Are you perhaps interested in cheking the sketches before giving advices ? For example, I tried today to make a fanart of Lyon. That forgotten character in The Sacred Stones, you know : As you can see, I have difficulty with the hairs and the jaw. But not just that. I also lack drawing the clothing, the armor pieces, and the lower parts of the body (the legs, the hands, the torso, the feet, and all of that). That's why I try to focus on the face, the eyes, the nose, the mouth, the hairs, and possibly the emotions (such as blushing, tears, surprised face...). As I'm used to the propotions of the face, I never really tried the stick figures, but I can assume that they are quite complicated. And you, eclipse, do you have a place where to post your arts ?
  8. Greetings, everyone. I am a new member in Serenes Forest, and also a beginner in drawing. Like everyone, I was drawing since I learned to handle a pencil, although I tried to draw "seriously" since last year. I wonder if there are some members who have relatively good skills in drawing (especially the chara-design), but if it's the case, it would be nice if we could debate about means and methods that allow us to improve in many aspects of the chara-design and the drawing in general. There are such questions that come in mind : do we only improve by practice, or do we need to learn new methods ? Do we only focus in one aspect, or do we have to diversify the style and the part of the body we're drawing ? And others, as well. Everyone is welcome to share his experiences, thoughts, tutorials and advices about how to improve in drawing stuffs and characters. Thanks for reading. Oh, and last thing, I'm especially talking about drawing in paper, not the digital art. But anyway, every advice would be appreciated.
  9. Very coherent support conversation. I think it would be exactly that, if Lyon was planned to be playable. I wonder if they can also make a fan-made support between Lyon and Knoll, or between him and Natasha.
  10. Thanks everyone ! I may join the Discord, if I don't have problems with my account. And thank you Ycine, for reassuring me about my English.
  11. Thanks. Serenes Forest's forum system is really accurate. There's indeed a lot of characters in the badge selection list, but can we add more ? Or at least, ask the moderators to add some characters ?
  12. Good morning, beriuu ! I'm a new member too, I just joined this day. And I'm really happy to see that Fire Emblem is really apprecitated by its fans. It makes me feel less strange. Unfortunately, I do not own Fates, so I can't make a real oppinion on this game. But I'm familiar with the GBA and the DS series. I'm not very good in strategy, you can't imagine the number of epic fails I had, but I think that makes it pretty interesting (and funny, sometimes). I also like Fire Emblem for its lore, its stories, its unique dialogues, its OST, and also for the universe, the chara-design and the cool community. Between, how do you do to change the banner just above the Gender and the Favorite FE ?
  13. Good morning, everyone ! I am a new member of the Serenes Forest, the man with no name. I like drawing and playing RPs. I started cheking this forum some months ago, and seeing that we can talk about projects, RPs, strategy, games, and many other domains, I just wanted to join it. I'm a newbie fan of the Fire Emblem franchise. Althrough I knew it with the Super Smash Bros. series, I only started playing this year, with Heroes and Shadow Dragon. I don't have a real favorite game, since I like pretty much all of them. But I still prefer The Sacred Stones. I think that its lore and its support conversations are really cool. I do not own the 3DS or home console titles, I'm only familiar with the GBA and the DS era. And I also discovered some good hacked ROMs (like The Last Promise, Staff of Ages and Bloodlines), but I only saw them in videos. So, I hope I'll discuss with many members and discover a lot of funny and interesting stuffs here. Is there a chat in Serenes Forest ? Or do we use Discord ? Oh, and my english is not really fluent, so feel free to correct me if I make a big error. And thank you, everyone, for reading my presentation !
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