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  1. Nobody yet. I just reached Chapter 19 so its time for kids recruitment. Tried Anna but loaded save because lets be honest - she loves money much, much more than Corrin.
  2. Just wanted to post modified list that I kinda consider the most happy solution for everyone, just in case anybody else would meet with same problem: Jakob + Azura (Jakob isnt very friendly or found of anyone outside Corrin or Azura and their support is kinda cute) Silas + Hinoka (Rather standard for Silas as he wish to "unite" both kingdoms and Hinoka dont seem to have better supports in fact) Kaze + Camilla (Kaze manages to see deeper into Camilla's personality and they two are really matching - rest of Camilla supports leaves her with husband unaware of her true character) Ryoma + Felicia (I admit, I just love the idea of "awawawawa" queen - but truth is that the two really fit each other) Takumi + Oboro (fated couple, just see Oboro death quote from Conquest) Saizo + Beruka (two assasins that decide to break the cycle of hatred and build their own little peace. Alternative is Mozu, whom Saizo takes to his village giving her new home and new family) Kaden + Charlotte (Kaden straightforward nature ultimately makes Charlottle rethink her sometimes shady tactics on bathering money for her parents) Hinata + Setsuna (two airheads, lovely couple) Azama + Effie (Effie selfless nature does wonders, while not being aTHE best of supports, I was trying to optimize everyone and this couple is cute enough) Subaki + Kagero (I cant really give more reasons than just good supports) Hayato + Orochi (rivaly turned love) Xander + Selena (Selena have, if I recall correctly, few "melt the tsun" supports concusions but since this is one of them and I needed to optimize others...) Benny + Rinkah (Flame Tribe loves strong partners it seems but Benny makes Rinkah rethinks her own world view, for good) Leo + Sakura (I was actually surprised to see Leo support in which he doesnt mock his love interest, in case of Sakura he speaks highly of her - I simply couldnt pair him with anybody else) Keaton + Hana (the two seems to get long right from the start of their support line, even if the supports themsleves doesnt make her improve as a person) Arthur + Nyx (Nyx taps into the future and predicts Arthur to be surprisingly good dad, plus she is not outright negative towards him like in her other supports) Odin + Elise (really funny support but Elise quickly gets used to theatrical behaviour of Odin overall) Laslow + Peri (very good support for improving Peri as a person, setting her away from psycho road and towards becoming more sane. One of more fitting supports, if you ask me) Niles + Mozu (who could guess that Niles would start a family? He only needed right gal. Alternative is Beruka - actually very solid support which cause Niles to grow gratly in character as Beruka convince him to visit his mother grave). Feel free to fix that even more but I believe that this is nearly perfect if you want everyone to be happy and not at the cost of somebody else.
  3. Actually, Corrin x Caeoldori seems nice and I dont exactly need her to have specific hair color. I was actually thinking about Corrin x Anna but he might end with somebody loving money more than him. But thanks for suggestion. Actually, somebody else suggested befor that Laslow is the only one who actually tame Peri - I saw translation of her support with Soleil (from japanese version) where translator pointed out that this was rare case of Peri actually talking in first person rather than her usual 3rd one (3rd person talk is in apan something childlish so this suggest rather major change in character). Niles and Mozu is actually promising, I hope it will turn out interesting and as for Ryo and Felicia - I did that pairing in previous, Birthright run and I still like the idea of "awawawawa" Hoshidan queen :)
  4. Dear forum. Recently I wanted to play Revelation route of Fates but I ran into problem of pairings. I know that unlike Awakening, parental influence is much lower in Fates but just like in my Awakening play, I really wanted to ensure that at least most of pairs will be happy. At the same time, I kinda wanted to make sure that my favorite second gen characters (Sophie, Caeldori, Soleil, Nina and Selkie) wont have absulutely ruined growths. After some planning I went with such setup: Kaze + Azura Jakob + Nyx Silas + Hinoka Ryoma + Felicia Takumi + Oboro Saizo + Beruka Kaden + Charlotte Hinata + Setsuna Azama + Effie Subaki + Kagero Hayato + Orochi Xander + Selena Leo + Sakura Benny + Rinkah Keaton + Hana Arthur + Camilla Odin + Elise Laslow + Peri Niles + Mozu I really dont like how my male Corrin cant marry, for example, Hinoka without blocking at least one kid from appearing. Or how Revelation deals with Scarlet. What do you think about such proposition? Will those pairs be happy from in-game perspective? Thank you for any replies or advices!
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