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  1. Blazer has a pretty decent write up in the OP of its thread here. The first release was in 2009, and the trailer for that release is still up (lol). and if you're interested in a fairly detailed explanation of the hack's early days, this suuuuper old (and unfinished) wiki page is a pretty nice read!
  2. Here you go! I think one of the main sources of this must've been deleted a while back, cause it' definitely seems harder to find now than it used to be.
  3. tbh I didn't notice the bishop was different lol Ah well, the FE6 one doesn't have the blocky face the other ones do so it can be the exception here. The hat lives on!
  4. Hey, you! Ever thought some of the FE6 battle sprites were a little wonky looking? Ever desperately wanted to play the game with the newer, prettier ones from FE7? No? Well I was bored this evening, so now you can anyway! For example: The male Sage from FE6 was a little..... plain, wasn't it Lugh? "Yeah! ..... Am I not wearing pants?" Have no fear, Lugh. There's a new look in town! "Perfect! I'm feeling less of a draft now! Thanks FE7!" There's more where that came from, folks. Let's take a look at Wolt. Well I'll be darned! Now his hair looks like..... Wolt's hair! Let's see how the revamp is treating Ogier. Pretty nicely if I do say so myself! In all seriousness, I have no life. For something you didn't already know, this is meant to be patched over a blank, JP ROM of FE6. I tried to set it up for a pre-translated ROM, but there were some complications I can't be bothered to find the cause of, so japanese ROM it is. That means that the translation is included in the patch, so credit goes to gringe and everyone else who worked on it! https://www.dropbox.com/s/er6ghzpo66mslkw/FE6 New Sprites.ups?dl=0 Have fun gawking at the pretty sprites! (I tested every new animation but knowing me there's probably some bug I didn't catch so come yell at me when you find one)
  5. TheArbiterK

    Unit Movement

    Surprised this hasn't been answered yet. That's what the 'Movement Cost' value in the class editor is for. Just enter the value the vanilla archer class (or similar unpromoted/non-mounted/non-armored class) has and you're all good! (FYI it's 880B849 for FE8) AFAIK the weather mechanic doesn't work in FE8, but you can do the same for the rain and snow movement cost values if you want.
  6. @This boi uses Nino Thanks for the response! It's true that the destroy event is on the middle tile, but the brigand stays on the bottom tile when it activates for some reason. I dunno why, it's a weird case that one. The event's activating just fine, though. It's just the tile change that's misbehaving. Thanks for the reference, I'll check out that tutorial. I've never used FeBuilder (I'm a hipster) but there could be something worth noting there. FYI for any future viewers to this topic: If I haven't labelled the topic as solved then I'm still having no luck.
  7. Hi folks. I've been having the hardest time getting village tile changes to work for approximately an eternity now. I'm using Tiled and Tiled Map Inserter, and I've been following Nintenlord's tutorial to a tee. Still, the game refuses to use a different tile change for visiting and destroying a village, as shown: Here's my tile setup: I know the destroyed tiles are supposed to be on top and have a lower ID, which I've done. I tried putting the closed layer on top, which results in the game using that one for both events instead: I've triple checked that neither of the IDs are already used in the chapter (I've tried different IDs too), I've tried shuffling the 3 layers around with every possible order, but no dice. At this point I'm well and truly out of ideas ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Edit: *Facepalm* A single hour after I post this and a random idea that ends up being the solution crosses my mind. I guess the game doesn't like that I used the entire 3x3 village for the closed tile change. Just the gate by itself is what it's looking for. The more you knoooooow
  8. You need to have a block of samples of all 16 colors used in the animation on the top right corner of each frame, otherwise Feditor won't take it. (8 on each row, with the top right one being the background color) Here's one of mine: As for the script, I'm pretty sure C04 has to come immediately before C1A and C1F. There's a file called "0x85 Command Usage" that comes with Feditor explaining what all those fancy commands are, if you're curious. It's in the Battle Animations folder, which is inside the 'doc' folder. Hope this helps!
  9. Might need a separate topic for that one. More people will see it that way.
  10. I can't guarantee this'll get you the final chapters. (idk whether or not the game specifically checks if you've visited the gaidens or not), but getting Armads back is a breeze. All you have to do is put it in the inventory of a unit who joins in the future. To do that, open up the Army Editor and pick the chapter where whatever unit you choose joins. The unlabeled list (0x00, 0x01, etc) you can scroll through is a list of each unit in the map. Scroll down until you find the new unit, then pop it into one of their inventory slots. No problem!
  11. @Baby Bonnie Hood Found these courtesy of Sephie on Feuniverse. They're edited to be helmetless, but that's a breeze to undo.
  12. The most likely answer would be that you accidentally overwrote something. I'm not sure if you've successfully inserted events before (in which case you probably already know this and you can ignore everything I'm about to say lol) but if you're new to this, you have to be careful with the offset you insert the events at. Maybe you made a typo when you put in the offset or something, but there's data already at 0x8B0890. Make sure there's free space wherever you insert custom things (A hex editor is your friend) or funky phenomena can happen.
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