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  1. Askr: Matthew, Virion, Nanna Embla: Xander, Nephenee, Ursula Nifl: Tailtiu, Klein, and while it won't happen for a while Forrest Muspell: Leo, Lilina, and Alvis Hel: Berkut, Navarre , Julius Fairy: Young tiki, Sakura, Cynthia NiĆ°avellir: Sheena, Leif, Seth Any: Adult Tiki, Ishtar, Ayra
  2. A good point Felix brings up to his dad is in his Paralouge where his dad seems more worried about a dead man's opinion of him over actually protecting his subjects. Also my favorites not including the dlc characters not in any order 1. Caspar 2. Bernie 3. Edelgard 4. Hubert 5. Felix 6. Flayn 7. Seteth 8. Claude 9. Dimitri 10. dedue
  3. For me: Men Forrest: Heirs of fates with Brynhild or a unique tome Marth: Warriors promotion. Women Brigid Lilina: Armads lilina from cipher
  4. Guessing for accessories Edelgard's crown Dimitri's eyepatch Lysithea will give the gremory hat Claude maybe the bandana from his alt hairstyle?
  5. Not a bad Feh channel hoping pirate Xander will lead to us getting the other characters from the festival dlcs to get their costumes as well.
  6. This actually does exist in the form of a mini game in one of the mortal Kombat games. Gear of war x God of war crossover
  7. As someone who actually is working on building a +10 Forrest no he's not screwed over unless you count him just being a healer being bad. His performance is still good enough to take out most enemies outside of super res heavy units. Heck I've been soloing GHB with mostly just Forrest.
  8. I've been playing for a while so I have some good servants figured since I just lurk here may as post my ID 371,337,722.
  9. Any Forrest alt but since he just came out not to long ago I can wait on this. (Personally hoping for either a Heirs of fate banner with him having brynhildr or bridal Forrest though.) Legendary Seliph or Sigurd Summer Igrene
  10. Forrest's hat is an accessory I wanted to get so I'm good with that.
  11. Welp Forrest is going to be my 2nd +10 unit and will be getting all non unique staves in the game.
  12. Super excited for Bramimoud as I was hoping we would get the heroes of the scouring as mystics. My only complaint is he doesn't have apocalypse as his weapon. So I guess Niime or like a legendary Lilina will get it or something.
  13. Thank you Slade is one of my favorite characters in Shining force 2. Another game I wouldn't mind getting a remake would be Legend of the dragoon or at the very least an HD remaster.
  14. Shining force 2 is my biggest want for a remake. Shining force 3 is another I want simply for the fact the west never got the full game. Also wouldn't mind something like bahamut lagoon to be remade.
  15. So with Est I'm kinda hoping for a bunny Minerva next year. Idunn is my favorite unit on this banner so will probably try for her.
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