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  1. Super excited for Bramimoud as I was hoping we would get the heroes of the scouring as mystics. My only complaint is he doesn't have apocalypse as his weapon. So I guess Niime or like a legendary Lilina will get it or something.
  2. Thank you Slade is one of my favorite characters in Shining force 2. Another game I wouldn't mind getting a remake would be Legend of the dragoon or at the very least an HD remaster.
  3. Shining force 2 is my biggest want for a remake. Shining force 3 is another I want simply for the fact the west never got the full game. Also wouldn't mind something like bahamut lagoon to be remade.
  4. So with Est I'm kinda hoping for a bunny Minerva next year. Idunn is my favorite unit on this banner so will probably try for her.
  5. I wouldn't mind a new Gundam warriors personally. For new properties a final fantasy warriors is long overdue.
  6. 1) Forrest 2) Leila 3) Dew 4)Azel 5)Tine 6) Dorothea 7) Edward 8)Nolan 9) Bernedetta 10) Lorenz (3 Houses) 11) Niime 12) Athos 13) Garcia 14) Saleh 15) Vika 16) Midori 17) Atlus 18) Mitama 19) Kiragi 20) Hugh
  7. I'm voting for Naga but most of the mystics wouldn't be bad to get. Same with say duo Hector so something.
  8. could see them giving the lords their alt timeskip hairstyle
  9. Voting for Forrest and Edelgard switching between the two until we get the results of who's leading during the middle then switching to voting for a favorite that's in the lead.
  10. You can count me as someone who's super excited for TMS as well. The banner I feel is good my only complaint would be i dislike the art Mamori got but it's not the worst thing in the world. Hoping for a banner with Touma and Yashiro in the future maybe include TMS Tiki or the Warriors OCs on said banner as well.
  11. Some I want Heirs of fates versions of Siegbert, Shiro, Forrest and Kiragi with improved versions of their fathers weapons. Bride Forrest Naga and Tiki duo unit Sigurd with either young Oifey or baby Seliph. Anything with Gonzalez And Finally the one I probably want the most Matthew and Leila duo unit dressed as a bride and groom.
  12. Get over it alot of people have to deal with their favorite characters being trash.
  13. This is up there for me and it's still one of the best animated moments from the anime in my opinion. My favorite moment is probably Simon's My bro is dead speech from Gurren Lagann though. Other good ones for me will always be the majority of the dark tournament from Yu Yu Hakusho.
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