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  1. But your post overlooks all the strengths that Zelgius had in RD, particularly in part 3 such as intelligence, charisma that he was kind of lacking in PoR. At least he was strong and badass in both games. Sure if we only look at the negatives of RD and positives of PoR, your argument holds. I found Zelgius to be a more competent enemy, in non strength areas in RD, than in PoR. For example, we see how he is able to take advantage of Skrimir's hot headedness to foil Soren's plan in chapter 3-5 and was also part of the reason why the laguz alliance's initial plan in attacking the supply depot failed. In PoR, he just waited until Ike was strong enough and didn't really command the army and lacked pro activeness. Zelgius not being consistent in both games is a mark against both games writing. It's certainly not just a mark against just RD while PoR doesn't get criticized for it.
  2. Since effectiveness is a valid effect on top of DC, I'd like to see Fjorm get armour effectiveness so that she can have her revenge against Surtr.
  3. I ended up with a free Genny. +def -res. That's fine by me!
  4. I finally made it to tier 21. I'm at 11200 lift. The new defense team with rally traps was great.
  5. I have Delthea and Celica so I'll instead go for Genny.
  6. Make sure you have a couple of cancel affinity sword units or else a blue TA unit can potentially ruin your run. Yet people complain about too many armours. Ironic isn't it?
  7. Pokemon Battle Revolution. For some reason when I was a kid, I thought Pokemon Battle Revolution would be a better game than Twilight Princess or Radiant Dawn and wasted 50 bucks on that pile of crap.
  8. Black Knight has more of a personality, backstory and character traits in RD than PoR.
  9. What is the maximum number of options on the poll possible? The fact that there are so many options on the poll just goes to show that there are still many characters that people are looking forward to being in the game even prior to Three Houses.
  10. What content do you do? Do you do any of the PvP modes?
  11. Would you get upset if Micaiah steals Sephiran's tome or staff? I recall you getting upset when Ephraim and Eirika stole their respective weapons, correct me if I'm wrong. So, are you going to use divine dew on Oscar?
  12. If I'm using a rally trap to circumvent panic, will the rallier still rally the target even though the target will get a negative debuff?
  13. Hel is most likely going to be a mythic hero due to her daughter being one. The main series games prior to Awakening had twice as many male on average IIRC. Do you find that ridiculous? Personally, I don't really care. What do you want Brave Micaiah to be based on? Sephiran?
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