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  1. Check chapter 14 part that I wrote and then you modified it. You failed to give the final version of this chapter. Same goes for chapters 15 and chapter 16.
  2. He's my favourite villain not already in the game so eventually I think I might vote for him. I agree he probably won't get more than 200 votes.
  3. We can't even vote for Altina now that she is in Heroes. Not only that, but they still haven't corrected the issue of Lekain, the main villain in RD, not being on the poll when obscure villains from other games are included.
  4. I'm glad you enjoyed it. In that case, I'd like you to eventually read my Radiant Dawn character analysis as well once you have played the Tellius games. You might enjoy them as well.
  5. What about Greil? I think he should get the Urvan and powercreep Brave Ike with higher BST and better stats because at this point Ike hasn't reached his father's level. I think I'm going to throw a vote to Tauroneo, Kurthnaga and Pelleas.
  6. Do you mean the current (as of PoR) Riders of Daein or all time? OT: My votes are going to Eirika and Edelgard.
  7. But I thought Edelgard is good at choosing her subordinates and tasks that fit. Also, isn't her sparing her former allies going against her character. For example, she won't hesitate to cut Byleth down after the time-skip or the rest of the BE in Silver Snow.
  8. The Immaculate one also had a similar feat, albeit weaker than Kurthnaga's. Neither the IO or Kurth are that powerful compared to the top tier dragon in their own games let alone all of FE.
  9. How do we know for certain that Kurthnaga loses to Ike in a fight? Kurthnaga's presence alone caused the Laguz Allaince, including Ike to retreat despite having routed the Daein army. Even the BK's mere presence can't do that. Kurthnaga is on a higher power level than Tibarn, Black Knight and Ike.
  10. Hmm are we using FE4's staff accuracy calculation or FE10's. Tyrfing gives +20 res. Seliph at max level on average has 15.5 so in total he has 35.5 res. Micaiah has 40 mag at max level so she puts him to sleep if we use FE4's system. Though we can give Seliph a barrier ring to put him on par or above Micaiah's mag to make him immune completely. Sigurd has 4 res at max level on average and 24 res with Tyrfing. That is no where near enough res to not get sleeped even with barrier ring which puts him at 29 res. Let's use RD's system of calculating sleep. {30 + [(Magic – enemy’s Resistance) x 5] + Skill} – (Distance between units x 2) Assuming the best scenario for Sigurd, it returns 118 - Distance X 2. So Micaiah can easily put him to sleep if he is within 9 spaces of her.
  11. How many lords have the res to not get put to sleep by Micaiah?
  12. Metodey seemed like he was there for the purposes of killing so I'd like to know how Edelgard managed to reign in him as well as all those beasts from killing anyone. But Edelgard>>>Corrin as a character, would you agree?
  13. @Interdimensional Observer I remember you were one of the few who was excited for TMS characters in FEH, are you excited for this banner or have you outgrown FEH?
  14. IS wants to give all the main characters a duo alt so I wouldn't be surprised if the next PoR banner has a lord Ike duo unit or the next RD banner has a Micaiah duo unit. I don't think a DB banner alone would sell but Jill can make it sell, or a Micaiah alt. They could do a Crimean army banner with Lucia, Geoffrey, Kieran and Astrid with Bastian as the 3-4* demote and GHB Ludveck. If that happens before a DB banner with Edward, I wouldn't be upset. I do want a theme for a banner. So far, all the Tellius banners have a theme associated with it.
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