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  1. Given you listed Nanna and Caeda, what about Sothe? Isn't he a Caeda archetype like Lilina?
  2. You forgot Bramimond for Elibe. Also, I'd say Athos is a notable omission given his popularity and being a counterpart to Bramimond. Maybe Nergal too. I'd say Elincia is a notable omission and Sanaki is potential.
  3. Okay here is an unpopular opinion, IS should write a story so bad that it is entertaining because of that. Something like the Avatar the Last Airbender movie that makes you laugh whenever you see an important scene.
  4. That's an example of Fates doing something right which people often overlook. Speaking of the world breaking its rules, what about a retcon?
  5. Doesn't change the fact that Tellius having one legendary is odd considering every other game has multiple legendaries and the fact RD in particular has a lot of candidates for legendary hero (Micaiah, Elincia, Sanaki, Soren, etc.). At least it has two mythic heroes which is above average considering most continents have zero or one.
  6. I want to feed Dedue to Brave Edelgard. Imagine B!Edelgard with sturdy stance 3 and close save 3 supporting Micaiah in AR offense. Those annoying melee units that she can't counter are no longer a problem. Although bow and dagger units still are but they aren't too common.
  7. I want Lynja now that Micaiah lost. She's a really unique unit unlike the other three.
  8. Is it just Kurthnaga or all dragons? If it is just him, it is probably to show his inexperience in dragon form.
  9. You act like her supporters are more toxic than haters. These are the type of people that Edelgard fans have to deal with so of course they'll be agitated very easily.
  10. I don't know about Yune's whispers being a busted skill when Temari can do almost the same thing and that is available for everyone.
  11. If unit initiates combat, grants atk/spd +5 and if unit's HP>=25% of max, makes a guaranteed follow-up atk before enemy can counter attack. Not exactly NFU but it counters wary fighter esque units like B!Lysithea. Could allow Nino to become a powerful sweeper.
  12. If Eirika and Byleth retain their positions, F!Corrin and F!Robin will be contenders for CYL6 because they are the last female lords who haven't won.
  13. So who is the greatest mercenary of them all? I'm guessing Ike.
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