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  1. Which axe unit is a better choice to +10? Hawkeye or Libra? Hawkeye has a nice prf that is a better option than any of Libra's builds but Libra has higher BST and an overall superior stat spread. I'm leaning towards Hawkeye because he can cripple units relying on bonus doubler or blade tomes. Libra requires dull range or a lull skill to do so but Hawkeye has a free B slot for another skill unlike Libra.
  2. Peony is a really amazing mythic hero. They actually managed to give us a mythic hero more useful than Eir. If only astra mythic heroes were as good as the light ones.
  3. I started getting burned out due to all the weekly events and ended up quitting for a month but came back to Heroes. Do you think people will just start quitting if they overwhelm us with events like this?
  4. How would you improve this build then? Brave Micaiah Weapon: Light of Dawn Special: Glimmer Assist: Reposition A slot: Close counter B slot: Vantage 3 C slot: panic smoke 3 S slot: Attack smoke 3
  5. On a team that doesn't use buffs, just don't use the team that uses panic smoke. Should I add speed smoke on my Brave Micaiah's seal so that she debuffs attack and speed by 7 thus gaining 7 attack and 7 speed making it hard to get doubled or get damaged?
  6. Okay people have tested it and came to the same conclusion. So any omega tank that can kill Thrasirs on enemy phase in one round of combat is ideal. I'm thinking of making a speedy Surtr considering I have two Peony's. They can increase his speed by 8 points from blessings and another 6 through their weapons if they are on the same column or row. Then add Corrin giving 1 from ally support, 4 from weapon and than two drive speeds. Then refine Surtr's weapon for an additional 3 speed and give him darting stance 3. My Surtr has 21 base speed so if you add all this (8+6+5+6+3+6+21 = 55) without visible buffs. With visible buffs, he can get 61. I have special fighter and DC on him. Is speedy Surtr still a meme or can he become reality? What are the best units for panic smoke IYO? I'm thinking Brave Micaiah is the best one but I might be biased so I want more objective takes.
  7. Does panic smoke activate if the user dies in combat? I'm getting conflicting responses so does anyone have proof of what happens?
  8. Isn't it ironic coming from a Three Houses fan. Not a bad thing though.
  9. FE4: Arvis/Brigid FE6: Zephiel/Cecilia FE7: Hector/Nino FE8: Lyon/Eirika FE9: Naesala/Jill FE10: Tauroneo/Micaiah
  10. Your FE6 bias has been exposed. XD
  11. Her stats are more or less on par with Soren. Sure her speed growth is much better but by the time you get access to Calill again, it will be in chapter 3-9. By that time, Soren will have far more levels over her so he'll also be much faster especially with the help of BEXP considering he caps mag, res and skill relatively early. But that's only relevant in the endgame. Also, Sanaki has a base mag of 33 which will quickly increase as she has more time and room to grow while Calill only gets to that level at lvl 14 tier 3. Most units aren't going to be that level at the start of endgame, let alone Calill who has less of an enemy phase than most physical units and less availability than them.
  12. Why is Calill often considered the best one considering her availability?
  13. Can we get Micaiah in more VG matches? If Ike can get in 7 times, it stands to reason Micaiah should be in one again.
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