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  1. You're supposed to give all your support to Elincia because she has the highest multiplier. Sure a high multiplier means the chances of success are low but people are spamming shields which guarantee success.
  2. My Norne has DD4, NFU and pulse smoke now. The last thing she needs is spendthrift bow which I attempted to get but have too few orbs. Man these banners for the last few months have had insane value for me.
  3. Elincia says at the end of chapter 3-13 that she ordered Geoffrey to watch over Crimea.
  4. I think Geoffrey desperately defending Crimea from a Begnion invasion would be great.
  5. Yet he'd rather have Edelgard take Derdriu in CF and enjoy the spoils of war from the hard work of others. You can make the argument that Edelgard had been injured so I guess it makes sense for him to do such a thing but I think him convincing Bergliez to do so would be both more interesting and in character. Bergliez could be motivated to do so because he's the ruler of Gronder Fields so his land was trampled by the Alliance and Faergus. I don't think restoring the status quo as a plot point makes the route inferior to a route where the status quo is destroyed. Especially when it is the point of CF to change the status quo and not the point of AM or SS to do such. If SS actually made you feel something, that's actually a good thing.
  6. I gave Itsuki a spd boon. With support From B!Lucina, he can avoid getting doubled by most threats.
  7. I think they thought that Daein is a weaker threat so they wanted to subdue Daein quickly and then move on to the stronger Begnion army. But I would have liked a strategy meeting to explain this. What happened to Soren? He barely speaks after the Apostle's Army is formed and I think some of these details that we're speculating would have been better told in the story. For some reason, they do a good job in the first half of part 3 but for some reason start being lazy in the last third of part 3. It's like an inverse of part one where they did a lazy job of explaining the plans in the beginning of part one but improved in the second half.
  8. I also thought it contrived how the Apostle's Army marches through Daein but a couple of weeks ago, I was looking deeper at the Tellius map and it seems like the distance from Oribes Bridge to central Begnion would be a lot closer when cutting through Daein than going all the way back to the Crimean-Begnion border. The Allaince would have to retake Flaguerre and Mugil, then go through Serenes Forest and risk its destruction without the element of surprise. Then they have to retake Telgam. From Telgam, they have to cross Ribahn River and take Seliora. On the other hand, if they go through Daein, they can cut right to central Begnion and can skip having to retake three forts prior to crossing the river and they don't have to cross the river either if they go through Daein to reach central Begnion. However, the game didn't bother explaining this so I'm not going to give credit to the game's writing when it usually does a good job in explaining what the army is doing and why.
  9. I found Arundel suddenly leading the army on the front-line to be out of character. He's always shown to be a behind the scenes kind of guy who doesn't want to put his life in danger. I think Count Bergliez would have made a better opponent in that battle considering his military prowess is hyped up a lot but we never see it. It could allow Caspar to have an interesting conversation with his father if he's recruited in Blue Lions too.
  10. Your theory makes perfect sense. No, unfortunately you started skimping on details due to taking a break in the middle of chapter 3-7 so your commentary was incomplete in both instances.
  11. The localization made an error unfortunately. Not sure what happened with the translators but the extended script makes more sense.
  12. People complain about BK and Oliver surviving even though I see no reason to. But if he was brought back, it risks making the loss that Daein went through look less than what it was. Technically he can survive if you don't kill him. Same with Bryce so it won't cause a plot hole.
  13. I agree. Even though Ashnard himself didn't care about Daein personally, there is no reason to think Petrine and others fighting under his command didn't think Ashnard wanted to retake Daein. True, people worship Ashera across Tellius. While the average Daein citizen may be less religious traditionally, it's quite clear that when Micaiah came and liberated them, they saw her as a direct intervention from the goddess which would make the average Daein citizen far more religious than before due to seeing her as a miracle from the goddess, perhaps more so than Begnion. So the idea that Sanaki was a false Apostle would be extremely blasphemous especially since she's allied to the laguz and it is a fact Daein is more racist than Begnion, many of whom were supporting the Senate.
  14. I agree that's what they were going for but do you think having him as a sub boss would be a good compromise? For example, Kasatai is a sub boss defending Daein Keep along with Ena.
  15. I also felt it odd this random guy is on the front-line. Micaiah showing up at the end of the battle is also odd. If she were near the battlefield, why was she not commanding the army in the first place? Maybe she was feeling to ill to be on the battlefield? Anyway, I like the Tauroneo idea as well. He is the highest ranking general in the army other than Micaiah. If Micaiah was feeling to ill to lead the battle, the level headed Tauroneo would make more sense than a delusional fanatic. Though in terms of gameplay, Goron would actually be a better leader than Tauroneo and Micaiah due to authority stars. Yeah this game is dumb. I agree with your last point as well. If this guy is such a capable leader despite being simpleminded and delusional, why was he not the one commanding the army in part one even at least once? Maybe the writers didn't want the boss to survive but this doesn't make much sense because they have no qualms allowing the playable bosses of other chapters to retreat.
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