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  1. Thanks. I might use this information for an analysis. Is that okay?
  2. I think Rhea and Dimitri could use more screen time to flesh them out in CF. There are some theories that suggest Dimitri gets a child from Rhea.
  3. We already have a vengeful protagonist to follow on AM. Having Rhea there as well would just detract from the story unless you want to overdo the craziness. SS should be where Rhea is active, not AM which is supposed to focus on the Kingdom.
  4. Yes but in order to do that, you'd have to be able to argue that the choices Micaiah makes are contrived or that the only choices she makes are those associated with the constraints of the blood pact. None of the two arguments are true hence not an effective way of arguing against the worth of her character.
  5. No it is not. You'd have to make a link between the blood pact being contrived to Micaiah's writing in the scenario being contrived first.
  6. I think I've seen Conquest forever, which LP was the longest you've done?
  7. In other words, someone getting captured or assassinated would imply they are bad parents?
  8. I'm really enjoying book 5 unlike the other books I am completely apathetic to. Eitri's sassy personality is fun to see playout in her conversations with the Askr trio+Reginn as well as with her own pawn ally Otr. If it wasn't for Otr being found in her forest, the Askr trio would have been completely fooled by her which goes to show how cunning she is.
  9. I would like a side story type of deal, maybe a bonus chapter where the lord you control is a literal villain. But not an evil protagonist in the main game.
  10. Micaiah shouldn't be foddered IMO because OG doesn't have good fodder anymore. I like joint drive atk on her. Lull atk/res 3 is also nice. DB4 makes her player phase only and there are many better skills than DB4. I don't see how you can make Micaiah speedy with those skills you mentioned nor do I think spd Micaiah is the way to go, at least with no merges. Delthea nor V!Mist make good use of DD3 especially unmerged. DD3 is a decent budget option on Fallen Tiki but it can be found in the grail shop too.
  11. CF is the least deserving route of being removed IMO.
  12. I once made a thread about this on Reddit and agree with you. Some of these paralogues are logistically impossible unlike the monthly chapters which give extensive details on why they happen. Also, they sometimes contradict the actual story.
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