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  1. My title has no spoiler unless the name of a character is a spoiler.
  2. He does have voice acting so I guess the quality of his interactions might be better. I'll have to play the game instead of LP. I think both of them are good characters for someone who is meant to die relatively early.
  3. Agreed with this. A lot of times people say they don't agree with certain characters including my fave so they claim bad writing even though it really isn't. Also going by your sig, it seems like you too are writing character analysis just like me.
  4. Fodland was originally split by force so Edelgard is just reversing what was done by force.
  5. She's quite tragic in the other routes. I agree that in her route, her relatively easy and quick success can make her inferior as a protagonist compared to other lords but that's just one facet. It all depends on how much emphasis you put in tragedy. The reason why I and many others rank Sigurd quite high is because of how well executed his tragedy was but without it, he'd be ranked quite low.
  6. That claim is even harder to make because all those characters are quite different from Edelgard. I know the answer to that is subjective which is why I asked IYO. I'd say she is because Arvis' betrayal is no surprise to the player as they already know what he's about to do long before it happens. Furthermore, she has a large number of supports whereas Arvis doesn't get as much dialogue to flesh out his ideals nor does he go through on screen character development other than off panel one during the time skip.
  7. So is she a better character than Arvis IYO? Or is Arvis still top dog?
  8. I haven't played the game but just reading about her made her my second favourite character in the series. Her worldview and philosophy is more deep compared to all the FE lords or villains IMO. I also love her blunt personality, charisma, ruthlessness and design.
  9. Okay so I was reading act 5 of Echoes and this doesn't make much sense to me.


    Celica: If Duma is gone, Rigel’s lands will turn as barren as Zofia’s have. Even more people will starve.

    Isn't the whole thing with Duma that he doesn't bless the land unlike Mila due to believing it will make mankind weaker so how will they become even more barren when he wants man to toil? 

    Celica later tells Alm that it is impossible to deal with Duma but this doesn't seem to be a problem with Alm who thinks it is wise to fight an immortal deity despite this being as smart as trying to destroy a tank with bare hands. 


    Celica: And even if you wanted to stop Duma, you can’t. Nothing can stop him now. Mila has chosen to seal Falchion away with her.

    But somehow he manages to convince them that they can do the impossible. 


    Alm: I’m not giving up on her. Every part of me—every fiber of my being—says this is wrong. So we’re going to take down Duma and bring Celica home safe!

    Tobin: Sure, that all sounds fine and well. But how do we do that, exactly?

    Mila's statue started glowing after they were all convinced that Duma would go down so that can't be used as an excuse. 

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    2. NekoKnight


      There are definitely toxic opinions no matter where you stand on the subjectivity debate. I think a more agreeable statement one could make would be "it's okay to like things that have writing flaws, but to deny any flaws just because you like the object as a whole is disingenuous." I mean, I know Blazing Sword isn't perfect but I still love it a lot.

      I definitely agree with specialness not necessarily being a detriment to a story. It's really only harmful when it reduces the threat in the story, makes characters overly sycophantic or, say, contradicts a theme about equality. Three Houses has an avatar which I think handles the "innately special" element rather well.


    3. Icelerate


      Yes but FE7 critics might think it has even more flaws that you don't agree with. Same with me and FE10. I agree it has its flaws but some of the "flaws" I disagree with being major issues or can be contextualized. Now FE7 does have some weird translation errors which are objectively bad writing but that doesn't necessarily mean the story overall objectively sucks because of that.

      Would Rudolf be objectively smart because that's what the narrative is trying to say even though subjectively he's dumb because according to real world logic his plan makes no sense?  

    4. NekoKnight


      Heh, I definitely disagree with a lot of the criticisms but that's the beauty of discussion, we can make our case and argue for how things fit when contextualized.

      I wouldn't say you could call Rudolf objectively smart, because smart sounds like a value judgement. You could objectively say that his plan works, because it does. But I would subjectively say he's dumb because his plan is far more complex than it needs to be and relies way too much on many unlikely things happening exactly as he hopes they will.

  10. What are your opinions on Edelgard? I've heard people who start with Blue Lions....
  11. Isn't it surprising that Micaiah's final outfit is a Brave Hero when final outfits are supposed to be legendary heroes? This means L!Micaiah is going to be wearing light sage clothes but Micaiah at this point in time isn't strong enough to be considered a legendary hero. She's on par with Ilyana and weaker than Lethe, neither characters that are powerful enough to be considered legendary.
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