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  1. I personally think you should move on to FE9 as I don't care about FE8's extra content. I'm interested to hear your take on Ike considering you dislike dumb lords and I've heard some people argue he's dumb.
  2. I see them as a necessary evil to have multiple routes or else how do you justify other routes without creating a plot hole? For example, Alastor on his recent play-through was perplexed how arbitrarily it is decided to make either Eirika or Ephraim the leader with the only thing justifying the difference being an outside force.
  3. Micaiah didn't interact with Elincia in the prologue, Micaiah only interacted with Xander and Elincia interacted with Ryouma. You can argue Elincia knows about Micaiah because she knew that Micaiah was acting strange during the TT but that's not evidence for her knowing Micaiah from RD because they can interact in Askr and Ryouma also seems to know about Micaiah even more than Elincia. Although you could argue that Xander says he only knew her briefly which Elincia didn't say which could imply that Elincia knows Micaiah far more than Xander which is only possible if this is truly Queen Elincia. But Elincia acts like she doesn't show much concern about Micaiah and doesn't really interact other than asking who are you when she's possessed? If Elincia knew it was Micaiah, she would have thought about Yune. Are you upset that Micaiah was chosen as a Queen? Wouldn't Edelgard be curious about Micaiah's hair colour?
  4. Do you think FE8 ended up removing the innovations of FE7's storytelling?
  5. Well just because a character is better than Corrin, doesn't mean they are good lol so that's going to be interesting. Were there any opinions that improved after playlogging?
  6. Let me guess that the reason you like Celica more than Eirika is because she expresses her emotions better than Eirika. Modern FE games tend to have great presentation. For example, Edelgard showing emotion in her final scene is more emotion than Eirika has shown despite Edelgard being a lot more stoic. Voice acting, more facial expressions, etc. will do a lot more for Eirika after reading your posts. I'm also going to guess you dislike Byleth more than Eirika because he's even less emotive.
  7. Now this was a great line actually lol. I think her character and actions make perfect sense but her presentation is lacking creating cognitive dissonance. Hopefully a remake of Sacred Stones fixes that and she'll express herself a lot more allowing you to connect with her.
  8. Dominance worked just fine. It was blizzard that didn't work properly.
  9. Are you shifting the goal post? She wants to become the rightful Queen of Renais and to rebuild the country. Furthermore, she wants to change to be able to accept sorrow. Ironic how you quoted the same thing in favour of Seliph but when I quote something more in depth for Eirika, you retort how it's not enough. Compare that to Eirika who says the same but with much more charisma. Apparently not. I haven't seen emotion expressed by a stone, do tell me where I can find such a stone. Does this stone express more emotion than Seliph too? Actions speak louder than words. The fact her father died and a similar fate awaited Ephraim made Eirika steel herself for her journey. If she didn't feel anything or was happy, why bother? Thanks master, I really needed your permission to find ways to build up Eirika's character. So finding Eirika's character more interesting than Roy and Seliph is being over the top bombastic? So what isn't over the top bombastic? I defended myself against your accusation of being over the top dramatic. When I said you are a nobody, I was being blunt. What I was saying is that compared to my family and IRL friends, you are a nobody to me so I don't really have any reason to allow you to disparage me by hurling false accusations.
  10. BTW, I also agree with many of your points such as it being a shame we don't see Renais in ruins before reaching the castle. Thracia does a much better job at showing just how much in ruins the country was in. I would add a chapter with a bunch of bandits and monsters in some village en route to the palace of Renais.
  11. If they are important to the story/lore of Heroes, than I don't mind them being made legendary or mythic. Legendary Fjorm was fine because she was the main character of book 2. Same goes for Eir and Peony especially because they do deserve mythic status. Lif, Thrasir, Hrid and Gunnthra, should have been regular units instead of being mythic/legendary. So I think it should be decided on a case by case basis.
  12. I didn't notice a disconnect, as soon as Eirika heard the news that Carcino had rebelled, she deduced that Innes is in danger before the message even came and urgently came to his aid. You can argue we don't see Eirika extensively plan and strategize to great detail, but that applies to all FE games other than Tellius and Three Houses and maybe a few others that I didn't play. When Seth tells her that Innes is about to be overrun, Eirika says that is obvious and proactively engages the enemy. I do agree that the FE7's story has better presentation than FE8's including the lords.
  13. Don't know, I think saving Innes and Klimt in the same chapter isn't the same as doing little in the story. Klimt fleeing to Frelia and requesting their aid forced the Carcino rebels out of the Carcino where Eirika could finish them off near Jehanna.
  14. Aspirations for the future? Self doubts? Emotion regarding the loss of loved ones? Eirika got herself captured because she did not want a repeat of what happened to her father to Ephraim. The irony sure is strong with this one. Where have I made any bombastic over the top disparagement of better characters in this thread? I hate it when someone IRL accuses me of something without evidence, let alone a nobody like you, so I want clear proof of what you accuse of me is true. If anything, you are projecting your own emotions onto me. I did a year ago. I did miss out on a few Seliph conversations though because he didn't talk to the old man to get Tyrfing and he didn't talk to Sigurd and Deirdre or even Arvis either. I did like his boss conversation with Manfroy though. You're right about them coming to the conclusion after Klimt's apologies. But Eirika phrased it in a better way instead of taking a more accusatory tone like Innes did.
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