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  1. 1000 troops, which the US had in Syria, is not enough to prevent a Turkish invasion. Turkey would just go around the US troops much like the Syrian troops went around the Turkish observation post near Morek in Northern Hama when they captured Khan Sheikhoun and surrounding areas. Wasn't arguing about whether Turkey is justified or not but whether it makes sense for Trump to withdraw or not. I remember him campaigning on ending US involvement in various wars so is Trump supposed to break his promises now? Haven't read up on their history but I know that the two have a bad blood as some Kurds want an independent state within Turkey. But what does that have to do with the US?
  2. I know that. Why are you repeating what I just quoted? Why is it so shocking that the US decided not to intervene in a fight between Turkey and the YPG? Well the US did arm the Kurds with a lot of weaponry so it's not like they are totally defenseless. I think it is totally understandable that Trump doesn't want to risk a military confrontation with Turkey. Turkey being way more powerful doesn't necessarily mean the SDF can't defend itself. The Houthis have been able to defend against the Saudis and the Taliban are doing just fine despite massive airstrikes.
  3. You do realize Turkey has helped the US with military operations in Afghanistan?
  4. I agree with you. A similar case happens in Naruto. What do you think of this video?
  5. That sounds dirty. In all seriousness, try to use Ephraim if you are going to play his route. Otherwise, it doesn't really matter.
  6. In order to improve their product. I never said you can't critique a story, that's why reviews exist. I'm just saying the reason why review scores for movies and video games are different is because the quality they are measuring is based on their opinions which by definition makes them subjective. And there is nothing wrong with having opinions and arguing the validity of them. I'm just saying you can't say FE9 has objectively the best story, for example, because it implies that people who think differently are clearly wrong. Conversely, you can't say that Fates having the worst story is an objective fact because it means that anyone who thinks otherwise is objectively wrong. That stance basically implies, "I am right and you are wrong". Are you suggesting that my stance is worthless and I'm trying to kill meaningful discussion for stories despite discussing them quite a bit on this site? FE10 and FE16 spoilers inbound.
  7. Give everything to Orson, he's by far the strongest unit on that chapter. Basically Seth 2.0.
  8. For someone incredibly smart, he was dumb to choose a knife over a staff.
  9. Whether a reader is immersed depends on person to person as well as the mood. Whether the story was successful in telling its plot is subjective. What the story says in its plot is objective. For example, the blood pact was used to black mail Daein into fighting for Lekain is an objective truth. The blood pact being dumb is subjective as its an opinion, not a fact. For example, this guy made a post on his blog criticizing the blood pact but a few years later he defended it. Does this mean the blood pact's writing quality suddenly went up? No it doesn't, it means his opinion on the blood pact's writing changed, which of course is subjective by definition. The problem with your example is that you've used words like jarring which is subjective. If the new rule makes sense to the reader, it can be considered good writing, otherwise the reader would consider it bad writing. Because it depends on what the reader thinks is good writing, it is of course subjective. If the point of the story is to have plot holes, inconsistencies and random events that don't make sense, can it be said that the story is objectively poorly written? Of course not. Who has the right to define objective truth from subjective ones? Certainly not me, you or anyone else for that matter. Whether you see the hand of the author depends on the person. Not everyone sees things the same way hence that particular point is subjective, not objective.
  10. I think Manfroy kidnapping Deirdre makes sense unlike Julia though. Deirdre was dumb enough to go out on her own thereby exposing herself to the Loptyr cult whereas Julia was hidden away in the castle yet Manfroy miraculously teleported to her location despite the game establishing that you can't teleport into enemy castles. Also, why didn't Julius rescue Ishtar by teleporting her out of harm's way in the final chapter? He had no issue teleporting her away the first time she fought Seliph's army or teleporting Travant's son. Yeah, I also questioned why he needed to manipulate people when his mind control can effect the likes of Julia who has extremely high res. Even after he dies, she's still affected until Seliph comes up and tells her to snap out of it.
  11. So there isn't any proof that Anankos can spare his minions if he executes the curse because Gunter not getting killed is because he never even activated it in the first place.
  12. But did anyone else die from it? How do you measure it if it can be broken down? Is it some physical quantity that you can actually measure? If not, then it is subjective, not objective.
  13. Because that would kill his minions too? Wouldn't that make gen 1 Geneology a bad story as well? The events fall into place the way they do because the various assassinations, framing, wars and manipulation of various politicians all go exactly as planned by Manfroy without any hiccups. Seems too convenient, no?
  14. If you upgrade a 4* merged to 5*, the merge disappears and you get your bane back.
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