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  1. No I'm pretty sure there's no reason to negate bond skills because they are intrinsic to the unit. They aren't getting it from the ally, they are getting it from their A slot if a condition is met.
  2. It basically means in Larcei's case, give me +5 to all stats 99% of the time. Same with Bramimond except he gets no speed but guaranteed follow up attack.
  3. If foe is debuffed, this guy gets +5 atk, def, res and guaranteed follow up attack. HIs condition is even easier to fulfill because if his opponent has 50+ atk and 35+ spd, which is any decent unit, he still gets those stats and guaranteed follow up attack. Yune needs the debuff on her opponent and can't use a stat check and she only gets +6 atk and a guaranteed follow up attack. What is the meaning of this? It's only been a year since Yune so I don't expect the power creep to be this insane.
  4. Why is Bramimond's C skill not a B skill? Nowadays it feels like skills that ought to be in the B slot like time pulse are becoming C skills. Is this the first instance where the C skill helps in combat?
  5. I have Idunn, Spring Catria and Loki. I will go for Idunn>Spring Catria>Loki.
  6. It seems like an overflow problem. But you can check on the website the actual score which makes sense.
  7. Micaiah>Edelgard>Dimitri>Hector overall. If you want me to choose one from each CYL then: Lyn, Hector, Micaiah and Edelgard.
  8. Micaiah wearing clothes from Embla because her new Queen outfit is black which would be a similar colour to Embla. Also, technically Micaiah was born as an Imperial Princess even though unrecognized.
  9. If that were true, specials like ignis, bonfire, etc. would never be used.
  10. Why should blue flame be ignored just because ruptured sky exists? Wrath can be found on Astram, so I don't see how that is the more valuable fodder than blue flame.
  11. It'd be more interesting to discuss how she compares with your previous favourite lords.
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