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  1. Nice to hear Cecilia get far more votes than any other character. Cecilia gang!
  2. Dimitri is also more compelling than Ike IMO. For Ike, his revenge quest is just a means to make him relevant while for Dimitri, it is an important part of his growth as a character.
  3. This is going to be a shocking take but FEH Aether Raids is more fun gameplay than any FE game. Tackling those teams requires a lot more skill, thinking and strategy than most FE chapters. There are more stakes in AR as well.
  4. Becoming a damsel isn't really something that is inherently good or bad from a writing perspective. If that's the case, Faye is the best written female character from Echoes. Doesn't Ike in PoR also get damseled quite a few times? Except for the fact Marth came first so arguing that future characters take from him, therefore saying he's unoriginal is dumb. He is the original.
  5. Yet I'd argue the female lords are better written than the male lords. Also, Micaiah is a much better character than Ike is my unpopular opinion. I haven't seen any type of analysis that convinces me otherwise.
  6. None because Thani wasn't added to the game, just updated.
  7. I thought so too and that tome is probably better anyway. Effective damage against armour/cavs is better than against mages. Furthermore, while Aureola gets +5 spd compared to Thani, Thani gets guaranteed follow up attacks. But Guinevere's mystic boost + granting healing to allies within two spaces is better than 30% DR against only ranged units IMO.
  8. What other blue tomes were released this month?
  9. It really isn't. Effective against mages isn't even that impressive considering most mages are not known for being too durable to take out due to having low def. She'll still likely struggle to take out someone like Micaiah or L!Julia unless she's fast.
  10. Merlinus is literally the most exciting part about the banner though.
  11. Hope they increase the number of teams you can have to 20 instead of 15. More brigades would be nice as well. More permanent divine code paths too. More AR maps would be nice. Introduce guarantee summon system for special heroes too.
  12. I would expect 5* exclusive staff units to get refines first. BTW, how much divine dew do you usually save? I almost always have less than 200 because whenever I get more, I end up spending it.
  13. What do you think of Katarina being one of 8 people in the Heroes tactician voting gauntlet?
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