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  1. Salgood

    Fire Emblem D20?

    Thank you all I will search up this information for future reference. You guys rock!
  2. Well thinking I thought of an interesting game to make. Not a ROM or anything like that. But a Fire Emblem D20 system, similar to D&D. Could pull from the Fire Emblem Fates Boons/ Banes, for character creation. As well as make characters start out as a villager class, similar to Echoes. This is still in the early stages of creation and drawing board. However, once completed the roleplay essence of D&D should mix with the the fast paced action of the Fire Emblem series. Things that I can make work in theory: Class percentile for level up, (HP, Atk, Mag, Skl, Spd, Lck, Def, Res). Boon/ Bane Effects per person at a ±10% Base Weapon and Spell Accuracy Rolling to hit with a fixed damage. Things that I can see making to work as of right now: Changes in accuracy based upon character skill, and enemy speed Starting stats Movement (With and without the use of miniatures). How EXP is earned. How certain character or weapon skills would work. Would players have access to the classes that are reserved for the protagonists in the games, (Lord, Princess, etc.). Would players be perma-dead or would any campaign be run on the equivalent of "Casual?" How would fights come to pass, like who would move first? So more hurdles than clear fields right now. Which is to be expected in a game that is still a fledgling. However any insight would be most appreciated. I will attempt to write things down in a formal document as a "Handbook." Thanks
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