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  1. Got a neutral nature Deirdre for my free pull on the weekly banner! My current Deirdre was free too, so that’s hilarious XD Aaaaaall the way back on her debut banner when free pulls were still relatively new. Merged and thankfully got rid of that nasty Res bane.
  2. Beating the first iteration of Michalis’s hardest GHB map with a 4-star Bartre and Eliwood, as well as a 5-star OG Lyn and Male Robin through use of Smite and barely surviving hits. Was the first time a map was intense and I was able to overcome it with tactics (eventually) on my own. Summoning a 5-star Lucina, breaking a 2-year-long “curse” in which I summoned zero Lucinas in any form despite all attempts to do so (Masked Marth notwithstanding). Same with Kinshi!Hinoka and Valentines!Hector. I now have all but Bunny!Lucina, and all forms of Hinoka and Hector. Funny how things turn out sometimes! +10 Masked Marth, my first 5-star +10 unit followed closely by Black Knight. Summoning for Legendary Tiki, except before I even went to the summoning screen I (for fun) closed my eyes and poked a random orb I didn’t even know the color of (I hadn’t memorized the different sounds the various colors made). It was Legendary Tiki! Never before or since have I been that stupefyingly lucky with a single pull. Memorable and happy/sad, the first Hero Fest. I pulled Takumi on my first summon and Azura on my second (should have stopped there incidentally)! Proceeded to spend way more than was necessary trying to get OG!Hector... and did not get him for another year and a half or so. I did get another Takumi, Azura, Young Tiki and Ryoma however, which were all very useful for a long time, but it still remains my biggest spend in one sitting, and I’m not particularly proud of that, but live and learn! Finally, my first time getting to Tier 21 in Arena! I’ve got Legendary Tiki and the team to thank for that. It’s just one more Orb and some feathers, but seeing that crown on Feh... mm, felt good man.
  3. Cool banner! Though question about Leila's weapon: "If unit is within 2 of more than one support partner, swap does not occur." I just checked and units can only support one ally. Does this mean...?
  4. Free pull on last year’s Halloween banner is a -Atk +Def Juice!Kagero! Sad bane but new unit that completes the set 😄 On the other hand... been trying for literally any focus unit on the new Halloween banner and got up to 5.25% before being pity broken by a neutral Yarne... not a bad unit or fodder, but already have him and would have preferred a focus unit. Ah well, I’m still gonna keep chugging away on that one since I want any of them!
  5. Maybe something along the lines of an “undo” function. Like if a finger slips and you accidentally Move and End when you meant to Move and Attack with one unit. Unless a Divine Pulse mechanic is put into place, this would only work when you have units left to move, like items in AA. Also, perhaps a “zoom-out” feature when viewing the Heroes portraits so we can see the whole thing, like with Hardin or other huge Heroes! I play on a tiny screen so it’d be nice :3
  6. Well I HAD about 80 orbs saved up for the eventual CYL3 banner... Alas, I now have 14. Curse my lack of impulse control! But I’m getting better... I think Mythic Banners are my weakness though. Anyways! Good news: I got Caineghis (+Def/-Spd) yay perfect/close to perfect nature and new unit! Also fitting for the Lion King rerelease.
  7. Looks like a great banner! Though with the 4-unit, all-colors “curse.” Creator Sword looks awesome! Wary Fighter? Special Fighter? Whatcha talkin’ bout?
  8. A little bit late, but I finally got to Great Summoner Tier! 😄 All thanks to Legendary Tiki being a 180 BST and bonus unit for that week. I know it's not much, but that extra Orb and superfluous crown feel really nice ❤️
  9. Free pull was a +Atk/-Res Nah! Two tickets and 8 orbs later I got a +Res/-HP Yarne! 8 Orbs for the two units I wanted most? It’s gonna be a good day 😀 Done with the banner, enjoying Forging Bonds, maybe pulling for Charlotte a bit more soon.
  10. So! I finally got Naga after about 140 Orbs, huzzah! +Res/-Def, which is just fine! Didn't touch her Atk or Spd so we're good. Afterwards, I figured I was pretty much done with the Mythic Banner, but since it still has a few days left I thought if I got 20 orbs, why not pull? But I wouldn't go nuts and just accept whatever I got, whether or not it was a focus unit, good fodder, etc., just summon casually. However, I was still faintly hoping for Legendary Tiki, who I've been trying to get for every month she's appeared. My pity rate had been reset from Naga, so it's at 8.00%. For some extra fun, after I pushed the Summon button, I closed my eyes so not only would I not know the colors of the orbs nor their orientation on the screen. Once I was sure the orbs appeared by the music getting quiet, I poked around the screen waiting for the telltale *boop* noise that the orbs give off. I have not memorized the sounds they make, so I had no clue what color the orb I found was. So I hear the boop, and I tap around the lower portion of my screen until I hit the confirm button. But before I do I chuckle to myself and say "Come oooon Tiki!" as if that would ever happen, especially triple-randomly at base odds. I still didn't open my eyes. I hear the Smoke Poof of Hope (tm). I listened for the star count. *Ching, ching, ching, ching, ching* I open my eyes in shock. Sitting on my screen is freaking Legendary Tiki! I believe my reaction was thus: "Hu-WHAAAAT!? Pbthtbthtbtthbthbtt!" There was much arm flailing. Needless to say, I'm overjoyed at the result! She is +Atk/-Spd, which is just fantastic as she doesn't particularly need speed most of the time. I guess she really wanted to see her mom ❤️ So that's my story of completely insane random luck that will likely never reoccur! Perhaps Joshua would approve
  11. Up to 10.50% on the Legendary Banner, pulling for Naga and Tiki! Haven't gotten any focus units thus far... quite discouraging, but the banner is young. Also, got some nice fodder and this happened!
  12. Got myself a Sue (new!) and a Legendary Marth (new!) on the Legendary banner, both of which I wanted. Yay! Also got a Free-Ticket pull Brave Ephraim on the CYL2 banner, so that’s lovely! I have all of them already so I don’t need to fret that much over it. But now of course the question becomes “Who to give Special Fighter to?” All IVs were neither beneficial nor terrible
  13. Dropped 15 orbs and got a +Atk Laegjarn! That fixes up my current one's Defense bane, so +1 Laegjarn it is! Thanks, banner! Think I'll wait to pull on it more, if I do at all. Happy 777th pull topic page! :D
  14. They're all so adorable! Not sure how much I'll pull on this banner, so I certainly am tempted...
  15. Yup! Same for me. It’s probably a “beginning of the week/season” thing.
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