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  1. Here's my Tiki Abyssal clear. I thought I would share it, even though it may not be that helpful. This was the most finicky Abyssal LHB so far. The supports on the units are actually only Level B for a reason. If any of them were to go up to Level A, the AI would have reacted differently and I would have failed. The Defense Tile was crucial for my clear, without it, this team would have had no chance of killing Tiki. I actually gave Effie DC for this battle and she ended up not needing it so, rest in piece Hector.
  2. This is really looking like a Fates seasonal banner, which is good for me, because it gives me a banner to skip so I can save for something else. Please don't blindside me with something I want IS
  3. I agree completely with the op about not being convinced by the "connecting the stories together" reasoning. I just feel that either they wouldn't change enough, and the plot wouldn't feel sufficiently connected, and they failed at what they set out to accomplish, or they would change so much that the games would feel vastly different from their originals. I don't feel there's a good middle ground between the two either. Honestly I would just like to see two stand alone Echoes remakes of FE6 and FE7.
  4. After playing through Blazing Sword, I really want to see more units from that game, especially Fiora, Erk and Pent, some of my favorites from that game. I also wouldn't mind more units from Sacred Stones, I think Duessel should have been added a long time ago and they should try to add him as soon as possible. Also please add Caeldori IS
  5. I will definitely use Vanessa again, I love Pegasus Knights too much to just not use them. And noted, maybe I will experience a better Vanessa with the Wyvern Knight route.
  6. I did also use Tana, I used all three pegasus knights, however, I tried super hard to make Vanessa work just because I like Pegasus Knights that much, and I wanted to see her be a good unit for me.
  7. I first played Sacred Stones last summer, and it was my first time playing a Fire Emblem game on a mode other than Casual. I was told by quite a few people that this was a good choice of game for beginners, as this game was quite easy and somewhat similar to Awakening. Well, if only it was as easy as they said it was, the game actually felt pretty hard. I started playing Blazing Blade a few weeks ago, and frankly I was surprised at how easy the game felt compared to Sacred Stones. For reference, I played both game on Normal, so it's not as if I stepped down in difficulty from FE8 to FE7. I then noticed that, my Pegasus Knights in FE7, were actually killing things early on in the game, something that just didn't happen for me when I played FE8. This then prompted me to go and check my FE8 save file, and this is what I found: My Vanessa only has 9 Strength as a Level 2 Falcoknight!!! Now at the time, I never bothered to look up what her growths and bases were, and I never really realized exactly how bad I was getting screwed over, so I just assumed that she was a really bad character. Well, after seeing only 9 Str, and comparing that to my current Florina in FE7 who has 17 Str, I knew something was up. So I decided to check on Vanessa's growths and bases. She has a strength base of 7, and a Strength Growth of 35%, meaning on an average playthrough, at this level, she should have 14-15 Strength. This prompted me to calculate exactly how unlikely it was for me to experience this bad of a strength growth. Well, here's what I got: (0.35^2)*(0.65^19)*210 = 0.00717 = 0.717% A 0.717% chance of getting a strength growth this bad. Now, I recognize that we all experience bad luck, and this is really nothing in the grand scheme of all games of Sacred Stones that have ever been played, but I just thought it was rather interesting. After seeing this, and realizing that this might be why I was struggling so much in my playthrough of Sacred Stones, I think I will replay through the game again after I finish FE7. I did enjoy the game the first time, and I love many of the characters, but I hope that next time around, I won't get this bad of luck.
  8. Lute: Prodigy "I'm Lute, genius mage extraordinaire. You've probably heard of me." -Lute Stats: HP: 30/33/36 Attack: 33/36/39 Speed: 29/32/35 Defense: 12/16/19 Resistance: 31/34/37 Lute is a rather, oddball mage, much like her personality. Her personal tome isn't the most conventional, Weirding Tome grants +3 Speed and has the ability Speed Ploy built into it. This Tome can help her quite a bit, her Speed is somewhat low for a mage, and if the ploy is enacted, that a total speed gain of 8, allowing a neutral Lute to go all the way from a paltry 32 speed, to a rather speedy 40 effective speed. She comes with the Assist Rally Atk/Res, a rather high scoring assist skill. Her default A skill is HP/Res 2, and her default C skill is Res Ploy, a skill that she can really take advantage of with her 34 res. Overall, she's one of the best Infantry Blue Mages in the game, comparable to Ishtar, Linde and Delthea, however, unlike the others, you might want to think twice before giving her a Blarblade, her lacking speed making her somewhat of an iffy blade mage. The build below offers an effective alternative: The Prodigy: IVs: +Atk, -Def/-HP Weapon: Weirding Tome Assist: Flexible Special: Iceberg, Glimmer. A Skill: Fury 3 B Skill: Desperation 3 C Skill: Res Ploy 3 Seal: Spd+3 The main idea with this build is to get Lute to ploy her opponents and then sweep them away with their lowered defenses. Weirding Tome with a +Atk IV and Fury 3 allows her to reach an Attack stat of 56, which can effectively be boosted even higher with Res Ploy. Her Speed also rises a considerable amount, going from a base of 32, all the way up to 41, with the help of Speed+3, Weirding Tome, and Fury 3, with Weirding Tome allowing her to boost this even higher with the Speed Ploy effect. Taking all of her skills into account, she has base offenses of 56 Attack and 41 Speed, which can be effectively boosted to 61 Attack and 46 Speed if she is able to ploy her opponent, something that she is often able to do with her 37 Resistance. Fury is the skill that really binds this whole build together, it boosts both her Attack and Speed, while also allowing her to safely take damage to get into Desperation range, which allows her to demolish Archers, Mages and DC Swords. In addition, Fury boosts her Resistance, allowing her to ploy even more enemies. She has two options for Specials, with Iceberg being very effective with her high resistance, however, the cooldown might be too high for some, making Glimmer a nice alternative with its much lower cooldown and her high attack. All-in-all, this is a rather effective build for one of the game's more rare and quirky characters.
  9. Firesweep Lance build: IVs +Atk/-Def -Res (+Spd is also an acceptable boon, however, +Atk helps her out quite a bit more than +Spd) Weapon: Firesweep Lance+ Assist: Flexible Special: Flexible; Moonbow, Glimmer, and Galeforce are all good options. A Skill: Life and Death; Swift Sparrow is also acceptable, and Death Blow can work in a pinch B Skill: Drag Back: Hit and Run is acceptable, Chill Def or Chill Spd are two other option to consider if you can spare it, however the build works fine without them, Breakers are fine if you just want to fill the slot and don't have Drag Back or Hit and Run. C Skill: Hone/Fortify Cavalry if she is on a Cavalry team, Odd Atk Wave if you really want to power her up and can spare it, otherwise, just use the C skill of your choice Seal: Heavy Blade, Quickened Pulse, Atk+3 and Spd+3 are all acceptable seals that help out her offensive power. Overall, this is a rather solid build for her, with +Atk she achieves Base Offenses of 35 Atk and 38 Speed which is identical to a +spd normal Cordelia, and blows away any other Lance Cav that normally uses Firesweep. With +atk, the Firesweep Lance equipped and her preferred A Skill of Life and Death, she reaches offenses of 56 Atk and 43 Spd, a very solid statline. Drag Back/Hit and Run allow her to escape her foes after attacking, something very useful for a Firesweep build as she wants to avoid taking hits at all costs. Chill Def and Chill Spd both can boost her offensive potential even higher, however they're not exactly the cheapest option, and aren't necessary for this build to work. The C skill is truly flexible, and really depends on the makeup of her team; a Horse buff if she's on a Horse team, or just the C skill of your choice. Odd Atk Wave can boost her power even higher, however, like Chill Def and Chill Spd, it is not necessary to make this build work. As for Seal options, Heavy Blade is most useful when Galeforce is her special, however it can help no matter what her special is. Quickened Pulse is a good substitute for Heavy Blade. Atk+3 and Spd+3 are fine if neither of the other two seals are free.
  10. 1 Tempest Trial: The Grind feels just right, and the reward is rather fulfilling. It doesn't feel like you're grinding for nothing, and I actually have grinded well past the top rewards just because I find it enjoyable to do over and over again, and it's a decent place to grind for Hero Merit 2 Forging Bonds: I also find this grind to be enjoyable, and the rewards, a little over 16,000 feathers and support conversations with new characters, to be great. My only hope is that they will have Forging Bond events for characters that are already in the game, and not just new characters added to the game. 3 Grand Conquest: While I really do enjoy using friends' units and trying to make a working brigade out of my friends units and my own, I find that this mode is a bit unfriendly to me. I find it hard to reach max level. 4 Voting Gauntlet: I just dislike this mode. An individual player can control very little, and I find the actual "gameplay" of the mode to be very boring
  11. This chart has been updated to reflect the changes on new banners. I must state that from my comparisons, 5☆ focus rates in general were affected by less than .1% up or down depending on the focus units. Most of the time the effect was less than .05%, but for green sometimes it would exceed that. Essentially, the drops had a near insignificant affect on focus rates. The biggest thing to note here is that old 3-4☆s are now harder to summon.
  12. Here's my +10 Corrin, made because of a lack of Nowis
  13. I found this one to be quite easy compared to the others, i was able to beat it on the second attempt compared to the 10th attempt on some of the other maps. I think its becuase of my love of fliers and the fact tgat fliers are the bonus this week. Didnt get to use too many friend units though, not many of my friends had fliers as their lead :(
  14. You should really only grind HM during Tempest Trials. Its the most efficient use of stamina. I've made a Google Sheet to calculate the different strategies you can take in TT: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DpnwGgspCRcAGY2VB4U_fCvwHITRK86KzISDKDRjrfY/edit?usp=drivesdk These were very general calculations but i think they give a good idea. All of these approximations were done using a team consisting of 4, level 40 5☆s.
  15. Best thing about this TT and this new group of characters in general is Gerome. I can't wait to start building him. (even if he can't be merged that high and lacks IVs)
  16. After 6 months... Also, Congrats @Arcanite ! We can reach perma-tier 20 together :eyes:
  17. Might have already been said earlier, but I think we will probably see an Awakening Children banner sooner rather than later, with Owain, Inigo, and Morgan being the most likely candidates for that banner imo. I dunno tho, it's hard to predict these things lol.
  18. This Infernal BHB took longer than I care to admit, I had to switch out Cherche and Cordelia on my main team for Tana and Minerva. I ended up finally beating it with Minerva, Elincia, Tana and NY!Azura. I'm really not proud of how long it took :(
  19. After burning 40 Arena Crests in an attempt to get a perfect Arena run, (So many misclicks, so many 5 win runs ended), I ended last week with a score of 5,036, which is a new high score for me (Thanks Fjorm!) I'll probably barely get past 5,000 this week, Soren is my bonus unit and I haven't exactly built him up too well.
  20. I've still yet to play this game with the sound on, guess I'll have to try it out since I didn't know that the characters that you picked said things whenever they attacked. It's an okay minigame, not really into rhythm games tbqh.
  21. As for who I think is going to appear, I think we are finally going to start seeing seasonals from non 3DS games on a regular basis, and I think Tellius will get the next batch of seasonals. But really, I just want a seasonal Cherche
  22. As a math nerd, Vector is truly the best name for Hector
  23. Do they normally put VG banners on the calendars? Because if so they didn't put a VG banner on this one, which makes me think that this VG will involve the Valentine's units and idk who else. Maybe not though.
  24. Wada always does great artwork. I wish she did more in Heroes. I do also like Lyn's dress, she looks nice in it.
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