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  1. Marth!! I'm really excited for him and I didn't expect Elice. I figured it'd be Caeda if Marth got a duo unit. I ain't complaining though, give me some wholesome family moments. Sothis looks amazing here and it's pretty funny that she's dressed as a tree. Some say she's an odd pick but my guesses were either Byleth or Sothis to start off our seasonal 3H units. Neutral units are a good starting point. Nino + Jaffar is sweet and I don't care about Zephiel. I'm guessing Christmas is the armor event lol.
  2. Ah well as a fe8 enthusiast, I'm morally obligated to try and summon on this banner. This banner will be perfect if either Cormag or Knoll is the ghb, especially Knoll~ -Tethys is finally in -Ephraim and a LYON alt -Eph is using his fe8 design~ -And of course.... Firesweep Axe is a thing now Gerik, I'm sorry.
  3. I'm gonna be miffed if this turns out to be real and it's FE6 :L. The GBA games have amazing sprites and they have a nice feel to them, none of them need a remake for now. Genealogy on the other hand needs it bad. Give me Azelle in HD
  4. Oh dear, they've finally added in my favorite Echoes character, Forsyth. The urge to summon for him is strong but I'll wait and see who's the new legendary hero. Sol lance is gonna be fun to use, +10 hp per attack. I'm also excited for Silque but I don't really use infantry healers all that much. Her art is gorgeous~ and witchy wand has made it into the regular pool. Python! He's a great character and surprisingly ended up being crazy good in my SoV run. I'm really hoping he'll be the demote. I love Catria so I'm fine with her new alt. Ignoring my bias, I think "canon" alts are fine. I'm just miffed she's a swordie, I have too many red fliers 😅. Art is 100/10. Conrad deserved a prf >:L. Hopefully his stats will be nice with some decent skills. I ain't holding my breath though, free lance cavs tend to disappoint. All we need is Kamui for the trio now that Valbar is in. I don't have any feathers to spare but he's gonna be a nice merge project in the future. I haven't pulled Bantu yet so who knows if I'll even get him.
  5. I can understand why you'd dismiss it but the whole support chain shows just how much Catherine cared for her friend. They were in the same house and his death nearly broke her. Yes, she believes Rhea was right, but even in the present Catherine carries Chirstophe's death with her.
  6. Christophe is a terrible example, he's simply gullible. Catherine's c-support with Ashe: Christophe was a good man—maybe too good. It wasn't in his nature to mistrust people. So when the Western Church told him that Lady Rhea had to die for the goddess's sake, or the world's, he went along with it. Honestly, he'd probably kill his father for you if the reason was convincing enough.
  7. I just realized something, it doesn't say anything about the free update in Wave 4 :L
  8. Whoops, I didn't read that part lol. Yeah, I have no idea how they would implement Xane in :<
  9. @Etheus @Gregster101 He's my favourite FE character so I'll still hope for him but yeah, his unique mechanics don't translate well into Heroes. They could go the lazy route and make him a dragon but that would be so boring.
  10. After 3 pity breakers I managed to get Dancing Ishtar. - +def/-hp B!Celica - +spd/-atk Leif. My son finally came home so I'm not mad. - neutral Shiro..... - +hp/-spd Dancing Ishtar. Terrible ivs but I can push her spd to 50 so I'll definitely use her. I'm a little disappointed that I didn't get Berkut but I don't feel spending anymore orbs. I only have 10 after all :'D
  11. Finally! It's been too long since Archanea got a banner~ I'm a little disappointed there's no Xane but Bantu and Feena is here so it's all good. I don't need another dancer, let alone a red one, but I like Feena :D. I've accepted my fate when it comes to swords, there's never too many. There's still a few sword units I'd like to see in FEH. If the mythic/legendary hero doesn't interest me, I'll definitely pull on this banner.
  12. Great write up but the problem is that we don't know what happened during those 1000 years. Was society suffering as a whole? When did crest experimentation become rampant? Was the crests a huge factor since the beginning? Because of the uncertainty, I can't comment on that time period other than the fact Rhea managed to avoid all out war for a millennium. Also, I didn't notice the how accurate that particular conversation ended up being. That's really neat. I find the goal itself admirable, peace for everyone, but that doesn't mean I agree with the methodology. Rhea's lack of action against certain things is one of her glaring flaws. Tunnel vision basically.
  13. That's pretty much my thoughts as well. I just chose to focus on Rhea since she tends to get a lot of flak for her goal. Ultimately, I think her goal is admirable and understandable, but her lack of attention towards the present is problematic. It's honestly hard for me to say which one is more humane though. War is a horrific experience so I can't really get behind Edelgard because of that.
  14. After reading through the replies, I wanna comment on Rhea's goal vs. Edelgard's. The general consensus is that Rhea's goal is selfish and disregards everyone else but I want to challenge that. According to Rhea, Sothis ruling = true peace. Rhea believes with all her heart that Fodlan can achieve true peace after Sothis returns because she experienced what it's like. So in a way, she's been dedicated to her ideal version of peace. I think it's a bit unfair to completely dismiss her goal for being selfish.
  15. My tastes tend to change except for like 3 series but here we go. Series: -Pokemon -Xenoblade -Persona -Final Fantasy Standalone games: -Radiant Historia -Splatoon 2 -Battlefield 4 -Octopath I'm probably missing something but it really does depend on what I've been playing and my current mood. Being indecisive just means you have new favourites every month lol
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