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  1. Haha oh man. I tried getting Lyn but I got pity broken twice by Shiro. He doesn't have any worthwhile fodder so I'm gonna merge and hope for a refine T-T I'll try again after getting the TT and monthly orbs.
  2. I'm gonna summon for Wolt, well I'm summoning for his a-skill. I want to give that new shiny powercrept skill to B!Caeda. I might summon for Lyn too since she looks nice and I'm weak against fliers. I wanted to save for 3H but it's not like their limited and oddly enough Byleth is my favourite so far and he'll be in my barracks soon anyways.
  3. I've been house Blue Kitty since the start because of the students. I'll probably bribe recruit Linhardt and/or Marianne since I like what we've seen of them. All three of the lords are interesting though so I'm definitely playing all three, I'm just not sure if Birdies will be my second playthrough or not.
  4. Well I managed to get Summer Cordi with +spd/-res. Once again the girls are blocking me from Innes but I can't complain, I love Cordi and she has nice ivs unlike Summer Tana.
  5. Oh this is neato, some of my favourite games were quite long. The longer the game the better for me.
  6. When I'm feeling really lazy I resort to Nino spam 😄. Abyssal took about 3 tries since I needed to change up some skills on my dancers.
  7. I was fucking kidding when I said Swift sparrow was getting powercrept because of the brides. There's really no need for Swift Sparrow 3 but here we are. I'm gonna skip since I'm trying to get Fjorm, I said I would skip but I'm impulsive :L. Leagjarn is amazing here, if Fjorm is kind I might drop a few orbs for her.
  8. So far I'm actually enjoying this. It's fun and the big numbers are quite satisfying to see. The map is decent and it isn't too difficult, obviously stronger units make this easier but I have had no problem getting 80'000-100'000 points with 0 merges. All in all a great mode until IS inevitably ruins it.
  9. Ya know, when I first heard the Flame Emperor speak I immediately thought of Adam Howden. I'm not very good at recognizing voices but the voice is really similar.
  10. I'm bummed as well but apparently they announced it earlier then they honestly should have. In an interview they mentioned that they were still trying to get used to the new hardware.
  11. I lost my mind when I saw this lmao. FF8 is my favourite of the series I may or may not have shit tastes so this was incredibly exciting. Lots of fond memories playing this as a little kid. Day one for me. Also the graphics are nice once you start comparing it to the original, it's quite the glow up for a remaster. I'm gonna miss Squall's meme face
  12. If I'm looking at the right image, this was already translated by Satsuma.
  13. I was able to the L!Marth support solo and it only cost a Hector ? I wasn't getting anywhere without DC and I was so close to sacking my Adrift Corn as well. There's another solution where I one-shot Naga with exactly 77 dmg but I wasn't recording and I forgot :L. I never attempted a support solo before so this fun. I'll probably try some of the harder ones later as well.
  14. I'm so jealous of the awesome one turn clears. I hate reinforcements This one was on the easier side of things for my team thanks to L!Marth. I might try a support solo with L!Marth, I'm just not sure if he'll be able to do it without DC.
  15. "Dumplings of the Egil duke." That's it, this is my official nickname for Ferdinand. Never change google translate never change.
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