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  1. I haven't posted my summons in a while so here we go: In my quest to get S!Leagjarn I got her sister instead :L After I failed to get S!Lyn I managed to get Wolt. He's actually quite adorable so I haven't fodder him yet On the 3houses banner I got pity broken by a +spd/-res Yarne and he's a lot of fun to use. Was a bit bummed out though since I probably wouldn't get either Edel or F!Byleth Yolo summon with 5 orbs got me a +spd/-atk F!Byleth +atk/-spd Sothis came home on the free summon Tried summoning for L!Alm but I got Greil instead. He's gonna be fodder but for who I'm not sure I made a joke to myself that it would be amazing if Hilda came home on a summoning ticket. She actually came with +res/-hp. Yolo summons expecting nothing is a successful method~ +Atk/-def Tibarn came home after reaching a 6.58% pity rate, I was convinced I wasn't going to get anything but I finally got op bird man. Lots of luck involved because otherwise I wouldn't have gotten like half of these since I continuously used up my orbs for no reason. Was a bad time for me to be playing gacha's but luckily I didn't buy anything. Thankfully I'm all good now~
  2. Because of your play style here, you run into a sustain problem. Bector can take down Sothis as long as he has enough hp so I'm thinking maybe you can try reciprocal aid on angry butler. Not once do you use him for position so I think it's a cheap option to try out.
  3. The only thing she says is that she wasn't involved. Not once did she try to explain things but instead calls him a king of delusion and burns him alive in her own route. In the BL she only agreed to the meeting so she could try to kill him. Edelgard even used the dagger he gave her as a gift to show his affections. Edelgard's motives are understandable but so is Dimitri, he has survivors guilt and pstd. Not to mention when he thought Edelgard was behind the tragedy it completely broke him because he valued their childhood friendship. I don't know how you can defend this and give the Church crap for the exact same thing. Rhea doesn't kill based on dissatisfaction/disbelief in the goddess. The only times we see her order an execution for opposition is when someone takes up arms against the church. Rhea leaves you alone otherwise. Lanato's conflict was a known issue but he wasn't executed until he tried to start a rebellion. I wouldn't say it's a dream when the vast majority of it's members are decent people. It also depends on how they reform the Church, religion isn't evil when practised in good faith. Fodlan is united in all of the other routes as well, just with a different government put in place. The crests are where it's get muddied since it's shown how they effected people's lives in the worst way possible. What contributed the most though was the system around the crests and the lack of order. Terrible people abused these crests and the whole system encouraged an unhealthy obsession. They did contribute to some good since the crest's power were a huge reason why Fodlan was able to defend itself from invasions. So again, it comes back to how the system changes. I really don't understand why people say this, she's the furthest thing from shallow waifu bait. Edelgard is not only an interesting character but she generates a lot of good discussion because of her questionable morals and actions. I love the character because of her complexity.
  4. Meh, free pick and that's about it from me. A F!Tiki merge and Tibarn are far more interesting to me and the 5% makes it great for low orb stashes. Micky: I might pick her since I like her and she has a niche on flier teams. It comes down to her B skill. Alm: infantry sword + dong armour killed any hype for me. Anything that reminds of *that* is a big no no. It grosses me out. Eliwood: If I pick him he's gonna be fodder. I barely use cavs and he has no place on my teams due to his colour. He does look nice tho Camilla: No Bolverk + Garon's armour is a let down but I love her art and the design is alright in my books. Being a flier and a character I like means she's also a likely pick.
  5. Edelgard's route serves as an expansion of some sort. It dives into her character and motivations but that's about it. It's a shame it's shorter but that's probably a byproduct of having nothing left to tell, all of the mysteries are solved in the other routes. In BL you kill the ringleader so I guess that's a form of dealing with them. The pacing does tank towards the end and Edel is the biggest offender of this T-T. I personally didn't find it that jarring in the other three routes but Edel's was terrible. Anyways, about the topic. I personally don't expect my opinion to change anytime soon, the game hit all the right notes for me, but I'm expecting the cycle to be similar to Echoes. A lot of praise at the beginning because of it's differences from Fates but the criticism slowly arises. In the end Echoes became somewhat divisive between some fans so I'm wondering if the same will happen to 3Houses.
  6. Flayn since I really like her but I'm sort of regretting it. She's been a fantastic unit but aesthetically the dancer outfit doesn't suit her and the colours don't mesh well at all :L. It looks amazing on like 95% of the cast.
  7. I think they're all "canon" in some way or another. They deal with different aspects of the war and class system. Ultimately, I think Fodlan improves in one way or another but still has some lingering problems. The perfect utopia doesn't exist and I think having one canon/true ending would defeat this.
  8. So it turns out my setup was crazy similar to @Alexmender. The differences being some skills and L!Marth instead of Eirika. I also did some random clears with other teams. I wanted to do a support solo with H!Nowi and it worked out fine, speed is truly the only thing to worry about with Bladetomes. My dragon team also completed it :D. I was expecting a much more difficult map than this but the only real threat was Sothis.
  9. Oooh that makes more sense now. The reddit discord didn't clarify this at all
  10. I looked into the classes, unit growths, Byleth cgs, timeskip portraits and a specific story element related to Rhea. Those I purposely looked into and thankfully nothing else has been spoiled by accident. Rhea spoiler for those curious.
  11. How does Dorothea have an ending with Manuela if they don't even have a support? Edit: My bad, I just assumed the paste bin had all of the supports. Once I followed the link and downloaded them, I found Dorothea's support with Manuela
  12. I don't follow this person so maybe that's why I didn't see much discussion. I was using my experiences and some of my friends that are active fans of uta and none of us saw any of this. Plus I follow a lot of artists that are fan of otomes and the first thing they mentioned was uta prince. I'm familiar with her other works but the one that just screams Chinatsu to me is uta. help, I'm trying to make sense but serenes isn't letting me add/remove words without erasing the entire paragraph
  13. There is a lot of overall options this time and that's exactly what Nintendo said. They didn't say anything like "Byleth will have a lot same sex romance options" or "There are more m|m options" so they didn't lie at all. It was just an assumption on your part that there would be more m|m. The game could have had only w|w for Byleth and it still wouldn't have been a lie on Nintendo's part. Look, I think they handled m|m poorly this time around but it had nothing to with Nintendo's marketing. It was clickbaitey articles and getting the content leaked beforehand. Whenever someone mentions Chinatsu they automatically think of uta prince sama and her worldwide recognition comes from that series. There was zero mention of yaoi works when she was revealed, if anything it bothered people that the guys weren't hot enough despite having an otome artist.
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