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  1. From what I can tell most people seem to have enjoyed your hack quite a bit, and while I've been enjoying it for the most part I have a complaint that doesn't seem keen to go away. I just finished chapter 10. My main complaint is that enemies are too fast. While enemies at roughly the speed of my army certainly increases the challenge of the game, it does it in a way that feels incredibly inconsistent with other FE games. I'm used to my Axe fighter not doubling. But my Pegasus Knight (at level 18 with 17 speed) not being able to hit an Archer twice severely lowers my Pegasus knights ability to function. It makes my Peg Knight significantly more countered by archers, which is not a good feeling. This is my biggest complaint in FE Fates. I could accept that if my other units weren't also feeling very weak as a result of almost never doubling. Occasionally Vance would double, but even when level 18/2 He still wasn't doubling most enemies. While on the subject of Vance, I apologize if this comes across as heated or mean, Vance's promoted class looks bad. I very quickly reached a point where I had his animations (and only his) turned off. I would rather he be a hero without access to axes, then the godawful mess he is in practice. I do have alot of good notes so far! getting ahold of items is at a good balance. I feel like gold access is fine and there's a consistent Vendor and Armory in most chapters so far. The interactions have been fun and the story has been engaging..I'll probably get on and try to continue tomorrow, but today I'm off to fix my freshly broken keyboard.
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