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  1. Man I'm a sucker for these kind of LP's, super excited for this. Also @The Roger The Paladin I see you here. BACK TO YOUR CAGE! you have an LP to finish. :^)
  2. Tiki at base can 2 shot Medeus on H5 the only issue is she has shaky accuracy, the thing is Nagi can do the same thing and is more reliable at doing it than an untrained Tiki. 24x only get's you, aside from a little more EXP, another Excalibur and Aura which you probably won't need so I usually skip the Gaiden and keep Tiki alive so I get Gotoh instead of Nagi because I like having the extra fortify for the final map if I'm not warp skipping it.
  3. This. On the note of Star Wars I also was really looking forward to Star Wars Battlefront 3.
  4. In one of my old playthroughs I sold boots because I thought it was a worthless stat booster. Those were the good old days before we knew MOV was so important.
  5. 1. Conquest is more so than the other routes. You aren't required to do either, but you will find that especially in the early you don't want to have all your units paired up because you won't have enough damage to kill all the enemies. Defensive stance also blocks enemy attack stances so you will want to use that a lot as well. 2. You pretty much got it, the adjacent person attacks at half damage and can activate skills and crits. Say 3 pegs fly at you and are next to each other and you kill one with an archer you can have someone stand next to the archer and and use his bow to kill another one. Using a partner with an effective weapon is very good for this game in particular and you should plan around using it a lot. 3. For CQ I recommend using master seals at level 15 or higher. This is one of the few games where you can see multiple units hit 20/20 in level ups by the end of the game so it's up to you to decide how to best make use of them. This page https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/other-classes/class-skills/ shows you what skills each class gets and at what level so you can plan ahead on what you want. Heart seals let someone promote into a different class that's unique for each person, usually tied to their personality. The class you pick in character creation dictates what you can heart seal into. This page https://serenesforest.net/fire-emblem-fates/nohrian-characters/class-sets/ shows you what everyone can class into with a heart seal. Use them if you A/ want the skills from that class (you can always heart seal back into your starting class later and you can buy a few heart seals from shops) or B/ think that unit would better perform in that class. 4. I don't remember a calculations tab for fates being in there, but I can tell you it is 5 AS to double. There is no weight technically, but you can see some weapons make you slower if you read steel weapons/javelins/handaxe description. So ya it is just speed make sure to check enemy skills as well, you will see a skill called darting blow that adds a bunch of speed if they initiate. 5. WTA is +1 MT and +10 HIT, WTD is the same but reverse. There are hidden bonuses from weapon ranks that might make things complicated if you want all the information. I can't seem to find it on the fates page so let me quote someone who made a list before from here 6. I'm not sure what difficulty you are on, but CQ is a game where most people are going to have to take it slow, so you get plenty of time to build up whoever you want and everyone has a respective niche in this game. So i'm sorry if you want real tier list advice but I think on your first play through you should whoever you want. Just don't get caught in the "prepromote bad" mindset because Camilla and Xander can be extremely helpful and are almost essential for completing the game on lunatic with your sanity intact. Other than that use whoever you want, one of the funnest parts of this game is experimenting with different units and different classes. Also don't let other games deter you from Armor Knights in this game. When they promote they get a really good skill at level 5.
  6. Celica is the only reason Alm was able to get Falchion, so probably no. Mila let Alm draw it from her skull because, not only could he wield it because of his bloodline, but also Mila's heart was softened by Celica's selflessness. If you remember, After being defeated by Rudolf, Mila wanted to protect Duma by keeping the Falchion sealed in her skull, and wasn't going to let anyone have it to defeat Duma. Celica sacrificing herself is what made Mila decide to give humans the chance to rule. The game may at times make her look really dumb. but she was essential to allowing Alm to do what he needed to do.
  7. I got around to playing it and man it's really interesting to me the level of presentation they put into it for it's time. What an old gem.
  8. Well it had to happen sooner or later. This is the only FE I have not played (unless you count TMS) I will definitely give this a shot thanks for your work.
  9. I had a few minor ones as a kid like Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon, and the like. But what really hooked me was Fate/Zero. It was so cool and the story scratched that political/ideology itch that I really like, especially considering the characters weren't blank slate kids and already renowned and experienced adults. While Fate/Stay night was good it didn't scratch that same itch at all and I found anime to be much more akin to the latter than the former and I lost interest. I haven't watched an anime in years but I still rank Fate/Zero as one of my favorite shows of all time.
  10. Fan art. NOW. Also 10 strength on Caeda before promotion what world is this and why am I not in it.
  11. Bord. He doesn't have much of a character, but he is fun to use.
  12. FE11 Endgame is the pinnacle of final levels in the series for me (or would be if you couldn't warpskip it so easily) It's amazing how a level designed in 1990 still manages to be very interesting with the doors and such. And a great way to make levels more difficult is to split up your army and that's exactly what this level does to an extreme extent. It has it all if you play on H5, really brutally equipped enemies, loads of reinforcements, and one of, if not the most busted final boss ever seen in a fire emblem game. How exactly does Medeus have the same speed as a capped swordmaster? something we will never know. I recently finished my first successful H5 ironman of fe11 (after many failed attempts) and the amount of planning and careful use of statboosters and math it took to be prepared for this chapter was staggering. It is by far the hardest chapter in the game if you don't warp skip, and there are very few FE's that can claim that the final chapter is their hardest.
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