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  1. I had a few minor ones as a kid like Naruto, Pokemon, Digimon, and the like. But what really hooked me was Fate/Zero. It was so cool and the story scratched that political/ideology itch that I really like, especially considering the characters weren't blank slate kids and already renowned and experienced adults. While Fate/Stay night was good it didn't scratch that same itch at all and I found anime to be much more akin to the latter than the former and I lost interest. I haven't watched an anime in years but I still rank Fate/Zero as one of my favorite shows of all time.
  2. Fan art. NOW. Also 10 strength on Caeda before promotion what world is this and why am I not in it.
  3. Bord. He doesn't have much of a character, but he is fun to use.
  4. FE11 Endgame is the pinnacle of final levels in the series for me (or would be if you couldn't warpskip it so easily) It's amazing how a level designed in 1990 still manages to be very interesting with the doors and such. And a great way to make levels more difficult is to split up your army and that's exactly what this level does to an extreme extent. It has it all if you play on H5, really brutally equipped enemies, loads of reinforcements, and one of, if not the most busted final boss ever seen in a fire emblem game. How exactly does Medeus have the same speed as a capped swordmaster? something we will never know. I recently finished my first successful H5 ironman of fe11 (after many failed attempts) and the amount of planning and careful use of statboosters and math it took to be prepared for this chapter was staggering. It is by far the hardest chapter in the game if you don't warp skip, and there are very few FE's that can claim that the final chapter is their hardest.
  5. This is one of the best changes IMO in this remake. Is not making Marth look like he knows nothing about the world he lives in. Though it is funny that he lets Malledus finish all that before telling him.
  6. I've never set such a challenge for myself, It sounds really tedious but also fun. I love finding out how to efficiently use even the really bad units. For the Wolfguard scrub squad/Matthis I have them chuck javelins until they get C rank lances so they can kill with the ridersbane. It makes training them so much faster.
  7. We are a dying breed. Well.... that's me implying there has ever been a lot of us which we know is not true. Awesome! I only expect you to pick up the torch because I lost my data for that PMU at chapter 23.
  8. Man this is great! FE11 content is hard to come by these days but it is always awesome when it comes around.
  9. A characters actions should reflect their upbringing, which should reflect where they grew up. The way a character acts can feed you information about a country. See Jill. She makes Daein interesting just by herself, not including some other characters. My vote is also Thracia, something to add is that I was surprised to see that many of the bosses. outside of bandits and Loptous cultists, displayed different traits and personalities (despite mostly reusing the big nose portrait guy). The differences between Thracian and Empire people were very distinct, even for non player characters and bosses, though I don't know how much project Exile is responsible for that.
  10. Your completely missing the point though. Barth is bad, no one is disagreeing with that. The point is you need to safely bait enemies toward you in FE6, and when you are running out of options you may need to get creative, such as promoting Barth.... It's an extreme example because you would need to screw up bad to not have anyone else for the job, but it's an option that can be available if you need it, which is what Mangs took in that situation. The example wasn't about Mangs skill at all, I mean he ran promoted Barth into an armor slayer merc instantly and got him killed. The point was watching him do that showed me that it you could make a use out of a unit that is even that bad.
  11. Well many of us tried turning this topic into an intelligent discussion about preferences and why people don't think it is a mess. I've had a lot of really fun discussions with people here on SF, which is one of the reason I prefer it over r/fireemblem. No one here is really trying their heart out to make you think FE6 is the best game ever and that you should like it. But we like to share a different perspective so you can see why so many people like it. We can agree to disagree.
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