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  1. While there are Kris supporters out there, the general reception is pretty bad regarding our first playable avatar and as someone who is super into Archanea's story I can't say I'm a fan of what Kris represents either. Instead of bashing him though, I want to focus on something I recently found interesting about his character, something that they could of expanded on to make him more interesting. In one of his supports it is revealed that Kris has a real flaw (No his bad cooking is not a real flaw), it is in the second convo between Marth and male Kris (Female Kris doesn't get this). Unfortunately this doesn't amount to anything and Kris is as we know him/her today, which is an incredibly boring character. Having Kris balance what he thinks is right, along side his deep personal desire for power could be interesting to dive into, though I'm not suggesting split personalities or insanity symptoms. I more suggest him having a contrast to the cast with his lust for battle and strength, given that there are many early joining members who are saddened by conflict and bloodshed like Ryan and the Marth of FE12 (bring back fe11 Marth pls). We could have some arguments, or maybe Kris puts others in danger because of his desire for battle, and some events that lead to Kris growing out of that desire and changing for the better would do leaps and bounds for his character and the perception of him/her. I would love to hear any thoughts and ideas about how you would go about expanding on this one support.
  2. After recently beating FE6, I can't find myself arguing against this. Perceval is really good, but he has some hit rate issues in the later chapters, making you pray for crits to one-round (Which is kind of FE6 in a nutshell). Meanwhile Niime has more staff range than all my healers that I have trained up to this point because their base magic is so low. Unless you get really lucky Niime just shows up with the highest magic, I have a newfound respect for her.
  3. I admit I have done that, and ya it's very cursed....
  4. Gunter won't grow much, but has workable stats for his join time. The best pat about him though is his level which lets him switch around his classes to get the best skills right away where other units have to wait for late game to get those skills. He is super fun to use and even when his stats start falling behind he can still contribute via access to effective weaponry because of his good ranks. He is one of my favorite units in all of CQ
  5. I agree, axes have their uses and they give you a couple of important axes early on that are very useful, especially because armor slayers are more rare and should be used on the bosses while hammers are better for the generics. Halberd is good as well. It definitely is about the users more, it's why Marcus has a great performance with axes in the early game where wade and lot struggle more.
  6. I'm pretty sure nothing beats what you got on Muarim here and no other games come even close to that. There is no convoy in RD during map right?
  7. A big part is his axe rank, being the only base hammer user until minerva shows up in ch10, but having base C has more advantages that make bord a pretty nice filler unit, as well as Bords own abilities. On H5 with his speed and the weight of the hammer Bord cant double the enemy armor knights but instead leaves them at low hp, which is better because his growths are not very good (even by FE11 standards with is 10% speed), and you don't want to invest in him because of that. this opens up options for other units to snag easy kills on the armor knights always come in 2's throughout the game and you have plenty of options to kill the other one with the existence of Merric and Wendell. Because of the way axe rank works in this game, Bord is also more accurate than cord and barst, and can chip down the non armored units with hand axe, and since half of the map charges you at the very beginning of every chapter he has no problem keeping up with the cavs and get a an attack in every turn until the most of the map is clear. The trick is to not give Bord kills but invest in his quality, being his axe rank. If he at least chucking a handaxe every turn he will hit B rank pretty rapidly even when playing at a decent pace and get access to the silver axe that the chapter 7 boss drops which gives him accurate chunks of damage he can hit lance cavs with, as well as trade very well with the ch9 pirates. ch10 there are some armor knights to fight before you get Minerva and even when you get her he can still contribute with the hammer hits and decent chunking with silver axe like in ch14 for example (gra) where there are armor knights split up throughout the entire map, letting you split up and kill the boss efficiently before you get drowned in Pegasus Knight reinforcements. Bord will probably never be my first promo but I have gotten him to level 10 playing decently fast without getting him a single kill, and then reclassing him to hero for the speed boosts ensures that while he will never double, he wont get doubled.
  8. Sadly no, but dark mage gives you 20% base so sounds like you get some good luck!
  9. FE11 Bord is one of the better filler units in the game. I have actual points to make if you take the bait. :^)
  10. It's a shame for sure, and with his stats the way they are I don't really know what do with his Iv's so I've kept him neutral haha. Also I'm glad he broke the dark mage curse of being slow given how fast he is in his own games.
  11. It's so much fun! although getting to turn 3 can be pretty annoying on some maps.
  12. +10 Gharnef and his Imhullu screw over OP Edelgard on turn 3 and I can one round her with said Dark Pontifex.
  13. Not sure if this even counts but I am really not a fan of characters like Jakob and Frederik, the comically overbearing and overprotective trope I find really just annoying. I thought I would feel the same about Dedue when 3H came out but it turns out that he became one of my favorite characters in that game, something I would of never expected considering in a way he does still fit that trope. It just has a lot more nuance.
  14. Hey this is super cool, I'll be sure to give this a try considering since I just finished the FE5 reverse boss recruitment.
  15. I think if we are talking clearly optimal play, removing any notion of aesthetic pleasure, I think Duessel is the only one you ever use. At the very least Gilliam is very easy to use so it is a great option for him. In my last sacred stones run I made Kyle a great knight and had him devil axe up to Garm axe rank and had a blast so I think there definitely is some value in a playthrough that isn't trying to be optimal, which is like.... every playthrough.. Seriously I feel like we talk about optimal play way more than we actually play that way.
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