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  1. 1. Jagen is a legend and I love him to death. 2. Palla is really fun to use and I made a fun strat where she can get a lot kills really early (after she joins) without slowing the game down to a crawl. 3. Wendell has got to be my favorite magic user in the series, hes just a blast to use with his amazing base speed, also he is a cool character.
  2. Chapter 3: 12/32 I was pretty slow and struggled a lot on this chapter, maybe I should not of drafted Navarre. I ended up rigging a crit on Hyman with the second save tile but the first one I got Ogma died after I gave him the killing edge and since it was the last chapter he could hit the boss since he is undrafted I just let him stay dead. Good thing you don't lose items in this game when the unit dies. Navarre gets his killing edge back.
  3. Chapter 2 9/20 I really struggled this chapter, darros castor, cord, barst, and draug all died meat shielding leaving me none remaining except ogma for the next boss. Not having ogma to fight the pirates was really difficult but I managed to get through at a decent pace only to have to burn a few turns on the boss. I probably should of just rigged a crit but I think I just don't have the patience. Ogma finished the boss off with the help of Jagen iron sword crit as well a silver lance, the crit was nice but it still took about 3 turns to kill this man. As you can see I pretty much cleared the map, im not proud of that... I really need to find away to distract enemies better.
  4. Chapter 1 11/11 Picked Draug for my free unit, eh maybe should of took abel or cain but I wanted someone I could mover forward to take hits. Got a level up on Jagen and Gordin with both getting a point of speed. Sadly that point wont be doing anything of Gordins base of 4 though. Cain and Abel both died eating hits for Gordin and Marth while Caeda drew away some other Pirates. By the way I am really excited for this draft, I don't even care if I get last place as my first draft I think it's gonna be really fun regardless.
  5. From the sound of it you seem to struggle with higher quality enemies(versus 3H and FE7 which have hordes and hordes of trash). Shadow Dragon and its sequel have the highest quality enemies in the series, they have really high stats and are stronger than most of your units. So for you until you figure out how the game works I would go no higher than hard 2. Normal is boringly easy but you could do just the prologue for the extra bit of story and to get a feel for how it plays. Long story short Hard 1 or 2 if you are feeling good.
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