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  1. I'm so glad that my mom had pursuit
  2. I guess Eyvel would be close, but not hit the criteria, even though it's the very end of the game. In Revelation you could probably count Scarlet for that. Can't really think of anyone else, so would that be it?
  3. I guess in a way it does given that fe6, like you said, is generally more combat heavy than FE5. I know awakening can get pretty bloated as well, especially with some of the later maps. For Fates, Birthright can have an immense amount of reinforcements, but the other 2 routes are a lot more tame, with exceptions of course. Look at how many enemies are going to be in warriors 2 this theory confirmed correct
  4. Roses are red Violets are blue I've been baited So have you
  5. All right I'll give you this one. I died laughing.
  6. Discourse about Leif is actually pretty high in some FE communities, it just depends on where you go. I'm not going to be specific because I don't want to spoil anything for you, but he gets quite a bit of content for a side character in FE4, and then of course he ended up getting an entire game about him. He feels more relatable because you get to see many of the events in both those games that put him in the position he is in, a lot of lords who are only in one game don't have that luxury. Furthermore, he makes mistakes in Thracia and gets in over his head, and pays the price for it. He's a classic style lord with some real baggage and understandable hatred towards those who wronged him and his family. In short, he just feels like a real person which is different to me then a "well written fictional character", I don't think he is incredibly ground breaking, I don't think he was designed to be, but he is one of my favorites solely on how easy it is to relate to his feelings. Easily the most grounded Lord in this series imo, the closest person I can think of to him is FE11 Marth.
  7. @JimmyBeans Some sick individual (whom I love dearest) requested FE12 Bantu a while ago. Maybe this is where I finally break.
  8. They're gonna pop you right off, for real though those mages are mean.
  9. Shoutout to the SM skill cap going to 30, it hurts my eyes so much to see it cap at 29
  10. He's finally here, someone hold me. I'm shaking rn.
  11. A timeline where Cord managed to get above E axes at base is truly a blessed one
  12. My second pick will be Sheema since I don't know who else.
  13. Fighter Bord demands a spot, though you can re class him to hero once he promotes.
  14. Looks like Barst and Darros had a good time this playthrough, did Darros stay in an axe class? Also rip Bord, at least he made it to ch7.
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