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  1. -You can see who created each custom animation in the credits, the thief I used was done by DerTheVaporeon. -1-F’s walls being breakable is only for aesthetics due to the story of the map. -Pirate thing is weird, I’ll have to check that out -The bows/Zanbato are there to punish players who rush into fog. They aren’t everywhere on the map, and can be spotted pretty easily using the Torch staff. If I make enemies more aggressive, I’ll probably cut down on them so its not overwhelming. -I have 20 chapters planned, could potentially change slightly.
  2. -During 1-4’s intro conversation, Pate mentions that Alyssa made him the carry the weapons. It’s not a glitch, although I can try and make that a bit more clear. -Hrm, yes, if only Alyssa could promote somehow ;p -Luca is female. -Due to 1-F’s fog I didn’t want to overdo it with enemy aggresiveness. Being able to accidentally trigger bosses, plus reinforcments or charging enemies could become frustrating quickly. I’ll keep this in mind though, and I’ll try to increase the danger and pace.
  3. -Mugs are probably the weakest part of the project currently, I need to take some time to improve on them or find an artist in the future. -Naming it 1-P is actually... a really good idea. Not sure why I never considered that. -Great Knights still have 6 mov, Vendrick uses a special GK class with 5 mov for 1-1 so he can’t outpace your units. -If moving efficiently, even with some unlucky enemy stat variation, you can clear the map with several turns to spare. -I won’t rule out adding an axe variant of knights in the future, but I didn’t find it necessary for enemy composition. The class changes were made in order to make classes more balanced, not to add a weapon triangle variant for every class. -Depending on how much you push or turtle, the flow of 1-2 can change. Most of the time the ai will be pushing in response to you coming closer. I may vary the ai more in the future to make more enemies charge instantly at certain points. -That’s what Bryce is there for ;)
  4. Current Release: v0.2.1 - 7 chapters complete, Part I finished Download the patch here (apply .ups to clean FE8 rom) Join the project's discord Foreword Hey everyone, Bloopy here. For those who don’t know me, I’ve been a Fire Emblem fan since I played Blazing Sword when I was younger. I’ve followed the hacking scene for a while, but I only started my own project last summer. I want to give a shoutout to everyone in the community who’s contributed to the hacking scene. It’s more accessible than ever, and I have you guys to thank for letting me use these tools to make my ideas into a game. Summary The continent of Vaelor has known peace for decades under the rule of Farna. After a bloody war remembered vividly by the aged, the young have grown up in a world ruled by religion. Farna governs from the Citadel, a grand castle at Vaelor’s center. The nations of Ilden, Rivale and Gerra are bound to their decisions by treaty, each adopting Farna’s beliefs and submitting to their will. Is freedom worth reliving the tragedy of long ago? Faith and Blood is a solo FEBuilder project that uses FE8 as a base for a new game. The gameplay is heavily influenced by Gba Emblem, but uses modern features such as skills to create a new set of challenges for the player to face. It was designed with lower numbers in mind to be a fun yet tight and decently challenging experience. Features Skill System- Each unit has a personal skill, and a class-based map skill Class Balancing- Adjustments to class stats and weapons to level out the playing field without taking away what makes them unique(ex: Cavaliers have one weapon type, Knights have two) Varied Objectives- Escape, Defend, Seize, Defeat boss(es) and Rout are all present Original Story and Cast- A new world to fight for, with fourteen characters to command No Route Split- Avoiding the hack killer from the start(Arc 2 when Zim ree) Screenshots Staff Bloopy- hey thats me Credits Intelligent Systems 7743- FEBuilder Circleseverywhere- Skill system, Growth Display, HP Bars Tequila- Enemy range display, Heal amount display Hypergammaspaces- Battle screen Lenh- Status screen MageKnight404- Fighter animation The Blind Archer- Knight animation Team SALVAGED- Cavalier animation DerTheVaporeon- Thief animation Blade- Clara mug, Ardane mug LaurentLacroix- Landon mug, Elias mug, Victoria mug, Ezekiel mug MrKarkino- Pate mug CapibaraInSpace- Luca mug, Roderick mug SmokeyGuy77- Ferrus mug, Vendrick mug, Sara mug Sme, Alusq, SaXor- music
  5. A working turnwheel would be amazing, keep up the good work
  6. Great to see an example of someone using Lex Talionis, really interesting engine and work.
  7. Just finished editing my first mug, pretty happy with how it came out. Honest feedback appreciated!
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