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  1. If they added Kris, Katarina and Legion it would be good., but I doubt it happens because this game tilts too much on fate characters.
  2. without penalty or glory a very regular product, a game made by Awakening / Fate fans for Awakenig / Fate fans, but for taste there is everything.
  3. Is it me or does he look like Hulk?
  4. I think unofficially it's Mark X Lyn. the winks on this are at the end of the story of Lyn, if defeated she says the name of mark, in awakening dlc Japanese version Lyn rejoices to tears for having met with her strategist, Bride Lyn mentions how important the strategist is for her. I'm still in the belief that Lyn and Mark in a non-official canon.
  5. More fate characters? Well I guess I'll skip this banner, azura and possibly your son are not worth it.
  6. so to complete the set of characters in new mystery I would like to add Ryan, Cecil, Kris (version M and F) of the other series I would like Path of Radiance: Ilyana, Mia, Shino, Gatrie, Haar, Volke Sacred Stone: Marisa, Joshua, l'arachel, Cormag and Lute Blazin Sword: Karla, Harken, Kent, Sain and why not add to mark, I know it is not a unit but it would not be a good idea to add all the avatars (good to dream does not cost anything) Awakening: Nah, Cynthia, Owain, Inigo, Gerome
  7. I would not know how to say but kiran could be the only one to use a firearm,at least it is what it seems to be, in addition its sprite shows that it attacks. always consider those who use crossbow with an early version of the firearms, in addition that in fire emblem 7 the old woman gives you the explosive mine, in short the idea seems interesting.
  8. I suppose I owe the reason to people who complain about the complaints, but it's just a point of view and one that many share is not only mine. in order to love or hate the game or its team of characters time will tell if the decisions of the developers were correct,
  9. although complaining may be useless even so leaves as a precedent that both awakening and fate damaged the series and their overexploitation already tired, although that depends on the point of view of each fan since they are the old and those who started in awakening or fate. the most concise question would be, to which fan group is this game directed? heh I think the answer is in sight.
  10. it is not better to call this game fire emblem marketing? I'm tired of the same characters, is that the developers do not know that there are characters more interesting and charismatic than those of fate?
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